Shipping to Kenya from the UK 2023



If you are considering shipping goods from the UK to Kenya for personal or for business purposes, you must understand the process and its requirements. International shipping can seem daunting, but you can be ensured of a smooth and hassle-free experience with the correct information and advice.

 -This article will provide comprehensive guidance for shipping to Kenya from the UK, including key considerations, documentation requirements, and tips for a successful shipment.

1. Research and design

Before starting any shipping business, thorough research and planning are crucial. Here are some essential things to consider:

a) Shipping method:

 Then when you choose the shipping method that suits your needs, To consider the factors such as your budget, urgency, and the nature of the shipped items. Standard options are air freight and sea freight.

b) Customs Regulations: 

Familiarize yourself with UK and Kenyan customs regulations and their requirements. It will help you understand any kind of restrictions, duties, and taxes that may be applied to your shipment.

c) Packing and Insurance: 

Ensure your goods are well-packed to survive the journey. Consider purchasing shipping insurance to protect your items in case of damage or any loss in transit.

2. Documents required

Accurate and complete documentation is essential for a successful shipment. Here are the primary documents you need:

a) Commercial Invoice:

 This document contains the details of the shipped goods, including description, quantity, value and origin.

b) Bill of Lading/Air Waybill: 

A bill of lading is issued for sea shipments, while an air waybill is used for air.

 c) Packing list: 

A detailed packing list containing the contents of each package is required for customs clearance.

d) Import/Export licenses: 

Some goods may require specific licenses or permits for import or export. Check if your items fall into this category and provide the necessary documentation.

e) Certificate of origin: 

Some products can benefit from preferential tariffs according to the trade agreements.

 A Certificate of Origin proves the origin of the goods and unto which can help to determine your eligibility for these preferential rates.

3. Customs clearance

Customs clearance is an integral part of international shipping. It must comply with Kenyan customs regulations when shipping to Kenya from the UK. Here are some key points:

a) HS Codes:

 Assign your goods the correct Harmonized System (HS) codes. HS codes classify products and determine applicable customs duties and taxes.

b) Duties and Taxes: 

Understand the customs duties and taxes levied on your goods. See if it exemptions or preferential rates that you can apply based on the specific trade of the agreements or categories of goods.

c) Customs Broker:

 Consider the services that are licensed for the customs broker to navigate the complex customs clearance process which is efficient.

4. Shipping Tips

To ensure there is a smooth shipping experience, here are some additional tips:

a) Choose a reputable carrier:

 Select a reputable page experienced in handling shipments to Kenya. They can walk you through the process and can provide and then support your need.

b) Track your shipment:

 Choose a shipping service with tracking functionality like UK Kenya shipping. Here it a way you can follow the progress of your shipment and stay informed of any delays or problems with Shipments.

  c) Please allow enough time: 

International shipping may take some time due to various factors, such as customs clearance and transportation. Plan your shipment well in advance to avoid unexpected delays.

d) Communication:

 Keep lines of communication open with your carrier and all other parties involved in your shipment. Regular updates and timely responses to questions can help resolve any issues effectively.


Shipping goods to Kenya from the UK requires careful planning and compliance with customs regulations and local laws. 


Do you ship to Kenya from the UK? 

At UK Kenya Shipping, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, offering international shipping and removals to Kenya from the UK for students, international travelers, families, and individuals.

We provide cost-effective freight services for shipping to Kenya from the UK. With over 30 years of experience transporting goods to destinations worldwide, your goods are in good hands with us.

UK Kenya shipping provides and tailors and for the made service for people to ship parcels, belongings, excess baggage, luggage or cargo of any size to Kenya safely and reliably.

Request a quote from now by using the selection from the form/link at the top of this page, and if you would like to discuss your specific requirements the shipping to Kenya, contact our friendly team today at our mail or call +447487554202.


I have used this company many times to send things to Kenya and can 100% recommend them. They are all pleasant to deal with, and my goods arrive on time without me having to chase them! My appointment at work is to send things home. 

I used UK Kenya shipping to ship some of my belongings to Kenya. They are always up to date on communications and have no hidden costs. I would 100% recommend it.

• By plane from door to door.

• Near the road

• from the sea

• by plane

Air transport services for Kenya.

Air freight charges to airports in Kenya.


Lowest price)

Less than 100kg

More than 100kg.

Mombasa (MBA)

£8.50 per kilo

Nairobi (NBO)

£8.50 a kilo

All air shipments are subject to an £8.50 handling and security charge in addition to the carriage cost. Documents serve as proof of the contract between the shipper and the carrier.

 The above surcharges apply only upon arrival at the airport. 

They DO NOT include ANY costs that may be incurred in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, investigations, quarantine or inspection fees, import duties, taxes, or warehousing fees.

The recipient must pay for any costs at the destination upon the collection. These costs that are determined locally, and we have no financial influence or interest in them.

UK Kenya shipping has been shipping to Kenya for many years. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want further advice.

Air transport in Kenya – important information.

• All quotations are subjected to the final weight and the dimensions of the packages.

• All parcels must be packed securely for transportation before collection.

• Your packages must not contain all the prohibited items, hazardous or dangerous goods, or valuables.

• The above quotation is exclusive to the insurance.

• Our prices are reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice.

• All matters are subject to the UK Kenya shipping standard terms of business (latest edition). Copies are available upon request.

Air transport in Kenya – country-specific requirements

• A full UK postal inventory is required for shipping to Kenya from the UK.

Marine transport services in Kenya

Please note that all sea shipments have a minimum charge of one cubic meter.

The above charges are for arrival port/depot only. They do not include any costs that may be incurred in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, investigations, quarantine or inspection fees, import duties, taxes, or warehousing fees.

The recipient must pay for any costs at the destination upon collection. These costs are determined locally, and we have no financial influence or interest in them.

UK Kenya shipping has been shipping to Kenya for many years. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want further advice.

Shipping to Kenya – Important information

• All the quotations are subject to the final weight and dimensions of the packages.

• All parcels must be packed securely for transportation before collection.

• Your packages must not contain prohibited items, hazardous or dangerous goods, or valuables.

• The above quotation is exclusive to the insurance.

• Our prices are reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice.

• All matters are subject to the UK Kenya shipping standard terms of business (latest edition). Copies are available upon request.

Marine transport in Kenya – country-specific requirements

• A full UK postal inventory is required for shipping to Kenya from the UK.

We are unable to offer road freight to this destination.

Select a different freight service.

We cannot serve this destination door to door.


UK Kenya shipping regularly ship goods to Kenya by air. Air freight charges and other necessary shipping information are in our “Air Freight Services”. 


 We can ship goods of any size safely and reliably from or to Kenya.

Visit our quote that request for a page to receive a quote tailored to your business. You can find more information about the range of freight services we offer companies on our logistics businesses on the page.


The cost of shipping to Kenya from the UK depends on the shipping method and the size and weight of the packages.

Postage to Kenya from the UK

All shipments by air are subject to an £8.50 handling and security charge in addition to carriage costs.

Please read the ‘Important Information’ and ‘Country Specific Requirements’ sections under Air Transport.

The above charges DO NOT include ANY costs that you may incur in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) import duties, taxes, search, quarantine, or inspection fees. 

Such costs, if any, must be paid by the recipient before delivery.


It takes about a week to ship from the UK to Kenya by air.


• Personalized service.

• Competitive prices.

• Fast transit times, with deliveries taking days instead of weeks.

• All parcels are wrapped in plastic for added security.


You must know local import restrictions when shipping to Kenya from the UK. For more information on import restrictions for Kenya, visit the Kenyan Revenue Agency website.

Stringent rules govern which goods can and cannot be shipped across international borders. Before shipping, please check that your items are not classified as “dangerous” or “valuable” goods.

 Many everyday items are classified as ‘dangerous’ cargo for air transport, such as cell phone and laptop batteries, perfume, and deodorant boxes.


How long it takes to ship goods from the UK to Kenya?

When shipping by air, it usually takes about a week.

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Kenya from the UK?

For most people who only have a few boxes or suitcases to ship, air freight is the cheapest option.

How much does it cost to send a package to Kenya?

The final cost depends on the number of packages, their weight, and the size of the shipping method. You can view our rates and our services in the tabbed section above.

Which companies ship to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping offers convenient freight services for shipments to Kenya from the UK.

 With over 30 years of experience transporting goods to its destinations worldwide, your goods are in good hands with us.

We provide a tailor-made service for people to ship parcels, belongings, excess baggage, luggage, or cargo of any size to Kenya safely and reliably.



1. UK Kenya shipping

2. International

3. Kenya.


When you need to send a package to Kenya, take advantage of our many years of delivery experience by sending it with UK Kenya shipping Parcel in the UK.

 We have some of the best people in the business to move our shipments, and with a worldwide 3-day air service from collection or delivery, you can rest assured it will arrive quickly and safely, in the same condition it was sent in.

To all cities and towns, including; Nairobi, Bungoma County, Mombasa, Kwale County, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Ruiru, Nyeri, Malindi, and more.

Looking for courier services to Kenya from the UK? 

Look no further than UK Kenya shipping Parcel UK for the best value and convenience from booking to delivery.

 All you have to do is to register with us, which takes just a few minutes, and then you are free to book your package via our user-friendly website – it is so easy to use and allows you to collect it at home or work And delivery within a few days.

If you book online before midnight, one of our friendly drivers will collect your package the next day – or any other day you prefer – and deliver it to your destination within three days using our fast worldwide air service

UK Kenya shipping offers free content coverage worth £8.50 on all international deliveries as standard, free online tracking, and what we think are some of the best prices for delivery to Kenya.

 Holidays in Kenya may affect our estimated transit times.


UK Kenya shipping is proud of our prices for international parcel delivery and keeps our shipping costs to Kenya as low as possible, with collection and delivery from just £8.50.

 You can now drop off your package at one of our depots nationwide and save extra money on package delivery costs. See below for an overview of current courier costs for small to medium-sized parcels.

Package weight delivered to Kenya Global Air prices.


Not only do we offer some of the cheapest couriers to Kenya from the UK, but they’re fast – even to the east coast of Africa, you can still expect delivery to take just three days.

 Please note that we always aim to deliver your items within these times; sometimes, your parcel may take longer to arrive, especially in more remote areas of the country.

Remember, to ensure the fastest and possible delivery, and you must know what you can and cannot ship.

 All items must clear customs, so label everything clearly and correctly to avoid delays and unnecessary costs. See below for more information on Kenyan businesses.


You must complete a customs form for any parcel destined for outside the UK. It ensures that customs officials in the destination country are aware of the contents of the package so they can process it correctly.

As with most international shipments, when sending a package to Kenya from the UK, there are sometimes additional customs duties and import taxes you need to pay, depending on the contents.

 When preparing your package, include an inventory detailing the contents to comply with these regulations. Sending personal effects to Kenya requires additional declaration using a proforma invoice with a detailed summary of individual values. This invoice must be written in English. 

It has the exact requirements as the commercial invoice but doesn’t have to be on letterhead. Please note that all new items declared as personal effects are subject to import duties, and the recipient’s passport is required for customs clearance.

If that sounds like a challenge, don’t worry – when you book for the delivery with UK Kenya shipping Parcel UK, we’ll provide you with all the necessary forms to help you get your parcel through customs in the UK and Kenya. Customs has more information on tax and customs considerations for Kenya.


Before booking your courier service to Kenya, please check the items which are Illegal and dangerous foods and Others. Meat, poultry, and fish Drugs and chemicals Most bones, horns, teeth, and other animal by-products.

Eggs and dairy products Hazardous waste Soaps or cosmetics containing mercury.Perishable goods, Weapons, and explosives. Counterfeit money; banknotes and coins.

Please note that we also have our list of prohibited items and country-specific restrictions.


Depending on where you are from in the UK, your pack’s journey to Kenya is around 5,000 miles which is quite a distance! It is also why we advise you to take extra care when preparing your packages for transport. 

All parcels pass through a series of manual handling depots, and automated sorting machines, not to mention road and air transit routes en route to East Africa.

We carry the parcels with a maximum size, but regardless of size or weight, always use a sturdy outer box to ship your items and do not overfill. Also, remember to use light padding to prevent the contents from moving too much in transit and getting damaged.

For more tips on preparing your parcels for international delivery, check out our handy guide to global packaging.


UK Kenya shipping can pick it up at home or work.

Shipping with the worldwide trusted courier to over 160 countries worldwide

Online tracking and delivery notifications for you and your recipient

Content coverage (up to £8.50  for UK / £8.50 for international shipping)

Integrated with e-commerce platforms for easy package shipping.

Offer your customers easy returns with our “reverse order” feature.


Deliver and save money at one of our 3,500 Service Points or over 50 UK Kenya shipping Parcel UK depots.

”My UK Kenya shipping Rewards” – exclusively for our customers

Refund of the money to your prepay account when you add cash (conditions apply) Multi-pack discounts are available on selected UK services (conditions apply)


We are proud of our excellent courier services worldwide, from the initial quote to when the package reaches the recipient.

UK Kenya shipping also takes the responsibility of delivering the packages very seriously, so don’t worry; your package will arrive safely in Kenya; it is in good hands.

 You have complete visibility of your parcel while it’s in transit, free of charge, as standard with our online tracking service – and we offer £8.50 extended content coverage for free on all the international items, with the option to upgrade to cover extra if the value of your package exceeds it.

Shipping to Kenya:

 The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce.

This will guide and help you with everything you need to know about setting up your shipping strategy in Kenya. Unleash your growth using our tools and experience, serving millions of shipments in Kenya and beyond.

Shipping rates and couriers in Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping offers a wide range of couriers and services that ship to Kenya. Link your courier account or use our pre-negotiated rates to view customers’ fastest, cheapest, and most convenient delivery options.

Tips and information on shipping to Kenya.

Get valuable tips and information about shipping to Kenya. Learn more about public holidays and non-working days for shipping. We are experts in Kenya. The UK-Kenya shipping platform makes shipping seamless.

Get started today with our pre-negotiated rates.


The best couriers for shipping to Kenya are UK Kenya shipping, FedEx – International Priority, Aramex – Parcel, and Hong Kong Post – AirMail Tracking. When shipping to Kenya, be sure to package shipments securely. Check out our guide.

Popular e-commerce platforms in Kenya are UK Kenya shipping,eBay, Shopify, and Magento. The payment methods used by Kenya are credit card and cash on delivery Consumers generally don’t expect free delivery in Kenya.

Saturday and Sunday are considered non-working days. Your shipments may be delayed these days. Holidays are also considered non-working days. Please refer to your country’s official holiday page for specific holiday dates.

Import taxes and customs duties in Kenya country. 

Duties-taxes intro-paragraph-one Kenya charges according to the CIF method, which means that import duties and taxes are calculated based on the value of the imported goods and the shipping costs.

 Click here for more information on calculating your customs fees, or use our calculator to view your payments. 



Currency: Kenyan Shilling (KES)

Taxes and duties are calculated on the price of the products and the shipping costs. Product categories import duties. At this rate, relevant import duties will be charged for shipping the items in one order.

We do our best to keep this information as accurate as possible, but this information is subject to change at any time.

Shipping documents in Kenya.

International shipping requires a lot of documentation which can be confusing and time-consuming. UK Kenya shipping automatically generates these documents based on your shipping information, simplifying the process.

Commercial invoice

Battery statement.

Tax documents and shipping labels.

Kenya Customs:

 Shipping Restrictions and Prohibited Items

Need help with Kenyan customs and regulations? 

Before shipping to Kenya (or any country), it is essential to know if there are any special arrangements to make during shipping or even if they are legal. Get shipping rules for Kenya and other countries on International shipping.

Prohibited items.

• Alcohol

• Animals

• Chemical products

• Cash

• Drugs

• Explosives

• Weapons

• Fresh food

• Installations

• Seeds

• Tobacco

The list of restricted items changes regularly, so it’s always best to check the official customs page before sending your goods.

Pallet delivery and shipping to Kenya has always been in a popular destination for expeditions; it has some of the most beautiful natural areas that attract many people throughout the year.

 Wandering people and cultures also contribute to bringing wonder and beauty to KenyaLocated in East Africa, shipping pallets to Kenya by sea is simple and convenient as it has its port in Mombasa and CFS warehouses in Nairobi.

UK Kenya shipping can arrange door-to-door and, in some cases, door-to-door shipments. Our dedicated transport company has been in business for many years, so you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best pallet delivery service. 

We will put you in touch with our customs agent, and at the end of the pallet reservation, you will be asked for the necessary documentation so there are no shipment delays.

If your shipment is urgent or in a hurry, we can ship door-to-door air freight anywhere in Kenya. From the bustling capital to remote villages, local experts work with our major courier companies to deliver your packages on time. Both services are trackable and require signatures on delivery.

When you are ready to complete your booking or need an online quote, enter your details on our website, and if the price is not visible, join a particular section, and a sales team member will contact you.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK

UK Kenya shipping offers the following pallet services in Kenya:

By Air freight

• Urgent door-to-door pallet delivery

• Door-to-door parcel delivery

From the sea

• Delivery of pallets to the port

• Home delivery of pallets [business addresses only]

What you need to know about our pallet services in Kenya:

• We accept shipments of any weight and size

• Shipping from small parcels to container loads, we can take care of the following:

  1.  Small and large or bulky parcels.
  2.  Single and multiple palettes.
  3.  Extra oversized/adapted pallets.
  4.  Partial and complete container loads.

• Optional insurance is available on the website.

• Most services are fully traceable for services to and from Kenya.

• Businesses and individuals can ship a pallet to any address in Kenya.

• We only work with the largest and most reputable international cargo suppliers.

How much does it cost to ship a pallet to Kenya?

Pallet type Export to Kenya*

 Air Freight Service from £8.50

 Ocean Freight Service from £1.99 a kilo.

Nine tips for cheap shipping from the UK to Kenya.

 Shipping Tips

The first step in successful shipping to Kenya from the UK is by determining the lowest cost for shipping. The cheapest shipping method sometimes needs to be clarified. Finding a good and reliable freight forwarder like UK Kenya shipping is essential, as performance in Africa can be erratic at times.

The following nine tips will help you ship to Kenya in the most economical, convenient, and successful way to warn about fragile items.

Be sure to notify the shipper of any fragile products before transportation. It may increase shipping costs, but it’s best if the damaged goods arrive at the customer’s door.

Offer shipping options.

It’s important to provide customers with accurate shipping alternatives during checkout. Customers can decide whether to save money or pay more for faster delivery or insurance. Indicate your return policy. Make it easy for customers to read and apply your return policy if they are unsatisfied with the delivery.

Describe your return procedure.

Make it easy for customers to read and use your returns policy if they are unsatisfied with the delivery.

Compare prices:

Finding the cheapest shipping method from Kenya can be challenging. Compare the prices and delivery times in different shippers offer to find the best deal for you and your customers.

Determine taxes and duties.

To calculate the total shipping costs for you and your customers, please refer to UK Kenya shipping. It allows you to offer flexible and convenient delivery options to satisfy potential customers.

Simplify shipping.

 You can quickly find the lowest prices in Kenya with the help of an all-in-one freight forwarding company like UK Kenya Shipping. Plus, it automatically displays these accurate real-time prices at checkout to drive more sales.


Finding the cheapest shipping method to Kenya can be challenging. Please compare the carriers. Considerations such as package size, import taxes, and customer delivery expectations must be considered. We recognize the volume. UK Kenya shipping is here to help you.

Shipping to   Kenya from the UK.

Services / International Online Shopping / Shipping to  Kenya from the UK.

UK Kenya Shipping is the best shipping company from the UK to Kenya.

UK Kenya Shipping is an end-to-end freight service provider that delivers all your items to specific destinations. If you let us know what items you need, we’ll ensure they reach your door as soon as possible. We provide customized one-stop freight services by land, air, and sea.

 These freight services are available for individuals, small and large companies. As one of the British leading shipping companies, UK Kenya Shipping prides itself on providing fast, safe, and reliable freight services. We are a highly skilled and meticulous team to offer you all cargo services competently.

 It happens thanks to their excellent work experience and genuine reliability. Our customer service representatives respond quickly to your cargo emergency. Shipping to Kenya from the UK.

UK Kenya shipping provides accurate and consistent pickup service in the United Kingdom for all packages and delivers them right to your doorYou can also get quick support for buying from us and shipping simultaneously. Shipments from the USA to Kenya and USA to Ghana are large with UK-Kenya shipping.

With UK Kenya shipping, you pay only a fraction of what you would pay for the competition, especially those that are compared to what you typically pay for freight services to companies like UK Kenya shipping, FedEx, DHL, USPS/Kenya Post/Posta Kenya and UPS, etc.

 If you are shipping to Kenya from the UK, we are here to help. We confirm each package received or collected, check that they are in good condition, and repackage for shipment if necessary.

 We also keep you updated every step of the way through timely notifications and our tracking system. Deleting all of your articles is our responsibility. At UK Kenya shipping, we ensure you get the best low-cost shipping services.

How do we work?

Our process is straightforward. Let’s see how we work.

Online shopping

You can shop online anytime from your favorite stores and then, at checkout, choose to have these items shipped to your unique UK Kenya shipping address, listed under your profile when you register on our platform.

 YES! You can get a free UK address to shop with us. You can then log into your UK Kenya shipping account online or in the app to let us know what items to expect on your behalf.

We will arrange prompt delivery to your desired location once we have received your items and paid the shipping charges. Overall, online shopping with us will be an excellent experience for you.

Shop for me / Concierge.

UK Kenya shipping purchase the items for you and on your behalf when you provide us with the URL and specific details. You pay only after confirming the product you wish to purchase.

Once we have received your item after your purchase, we will deliver it to your home as soon as possible. This service allows you to focus on other essential aspects of your life while we shop for you.

 In the meantime, we have covered you for the shipping to Kenya from the UK or airfreight from Kenya to the UK or anywhere else. If you are in the UK and want to save on shipping from your state to our location, but the store still needs to ship the products, please provide us with your shopping list.

 We also offer this convenient service to our international customers.

Send a package

UK Kenya Shipping Parcel Delivery Services, UK, sends/receives parcels from family, friends, and other businesses.

 With this, you provide us with the address to pick up your package and where we have to send it. 

Only then will we organize and collect your parcel at your address.

 To schedule a pickup from a location in the UK, we also need the weight and dimensions of each package to be picked up.

The convenience of this door-to-door service from the UK to Kenya is matched with the ideal for busy individuals or businesses who prefer to focus on other priorities.

Prepare for picking and packing.

You can contact UK Kenya shipping to benefit from the best selection and packaging services. We are a reputable pick and pack company in the UK and Kenya.

 You can then store your goods in our warehouses for shipment. And then, you can fulfill your customers’ online orders through our shipping services. So, if you’re outside the UK and want to sell your products from the international market, tell us about your fulfillment needs.

During picking and packing, UK Kenya shipping store your packages in our warehouse, and whether your orders arrive through our built-in software or through a medium that works for you, we have pickers work on your orders.

 They then pick, pack and seal the goods for shipment to customers, with timely updates on the status of those orders for you and the quality of your stock with us. It helps you keep track of the vital aspects of your life and allows you to contact us quickly to request a freight service

We will get back to you immediately to respond to your freight service request. This app helps you track your shipments wherever you are. The latest updates and notifications from the customer service team are also available on the UK Kenya shipping app.

Contact us to find out more about our services.

Why UK Kenya shipping?

UK Kenya shipping ships by land, sea, and air. So the distance doesn’t count because we focus on the quality of the service. Shipping costs to Kenya from the UK are the bare minimum.

 We will ship by air within 2 to 3 working days, by sea take 6 to 7 weeks, or get local delivery, depending on the address. Some of our services for shipping to Kenya from the UK or return are:

Consolidated shipping

Cargo transport

Sea transport and air transport.


Prepare for picking and packing and more

UK Kenya Shipping even has a free mobile app. You don’t need a system or browser to do this. Then Download an app from Google Play Store from your phone and the Apple Store and access our excellent services.

You will find many door-to-door shipping companies from the UK to Kenya. But no one can provide you with an established range of services that we can.

International shipping to Kenya.

Kenya is an East African country with the best coastline along the Indian Ocean.

The capital and largest city of Kenya is Nairobi. Kenya covers an area of about 580,000 km2 and has about 48 million inhabitants. The UK is one of Kenya’s best and largest foreign investors. Some of the UK’s top exports to Kenya include; Tea and vegetables.

We work hard to be different from the larger UK forwarders by giving all our customers more time and personal attention and helping them with all their overseas shipping and paperwork requirements. 

Take the pressure off our customers, and let them focus on what they do best, make and sell their products. UK Kenya Shipping provides a comprehensive international shipping service to Kenya from the UK, via air and ocean freight to major airports and seaports in Kenya, for UK exporters, Kenyan trading companies, and private shippers.

 With the cooperation of experienced and reliable Kenyan customs brokers, we can provide complete door-to-door logistics services to Kenya from the UK. 

UK Kenya shipping Logistics staff have vast experience in global logistics. They can provide full international air and sea freight services across Kenya from the UK, serving critical commercial and remote areas of Kenya. We ship all types of retail goods and personal effects International removals.

We can offer the following types of international shipping services to major cities in Kenya: Mombasa and Nairobi.

Ocean Freight to Kenya from the UK.

• FCL – Full Container Load by Sea to Mombasa, Kenya, from the UK

• LCL: Fewer container loads by sea to the UK to Mombasa and Nairobi

• Ro-Ro – Wagons and trucks for sea transport from the UK to Mombasa, Kenya.

• Do it yourself. International family relocation from the UK to Nairobi, LCL, and FCL

• Temperature-controlled FCL containers by sea to Kenya from the UK

• Exhibition stands and equipment by sea to Nairobi from England

Air Freight to Kenya from the UK

• Priority low-cost direct air travel from the UK to Nairobi, Kenya

• Logistics and packaging of air transport of artworks to Kenya from the UK.

• Temperature-controlled air freight from the UK to Nairobi, Kenya

UK Kenya shipping Express carries parts by air to Nairobi Airport from the UK

Outsize Freight Forwarder Project and Marine Transport Specialist in Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping shipments by UK sea to Mombasa Kenya

Sea Freight UK live event logistics in Nairobi, Kenya

• Sea transport of construction and agricultural equipment from the UK to Kenya.

• Temporary export of academic science materials for field trips to Nairobi

• Shipping of used factory equipment from the UK to Mombasa, Kenya

Specialized additional services.

• UK Sourcing Services for Kenyan Buyers (UK VAT Zero Rate)

• Export packing services as per Kenyan requirements.

• Temporary export from the UK to Kenya.

• Transport insurance for well-packed new goods

• Collections from various UK suppliers and mergers.

Project Cargo Specialists Sea Freight from the UK to Kenya

 Instead of knowing the best passenger airlines, resorts, hotels, or cruise lines for your Kenya vacation, a project shipper will experience the best seas in the United Kingdom.

 Freight Forwarders and Air Freight Forwarders are among the many carriers claiming to offer Oversize/OOG or Heavy/Oversize Cargo Shipping to Kenya from the UK.

Most United Kingdom. logistics companies such as UK Kenya shipping are experienced in standard/easy handling commercial sea freight as FCL/LCL in standard sea containers to Kenya.

 Only a small number of United Kingdom. freight forwarders who specialize in the project will have the necessary analytical experience with shipping cargo by sea to Kenya, those oversized loads ready to go. 

Shipping OOG/large or/heavy cargo by sea to Kenya from the United Kingdom requires many years of hands-on experience shipping project cargo to find suitable or hard-to-find couriers, of which EON Logistics has an abundance.

Whatever your need for sea freight to Kenya from the United Kingdom., depending on your delivery time.

 We offer a wide variety of sea or air freight options from the UK to Kenya for you to choose from; where we take care of everything UK road haulage, port security, VGM, UK customs, country-specific documentation requirements, and all standard shipping documentation required to send goods from the UK to Mombasa, Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping recommends a reputable Kenyan customs broker who will happily quote your buyers directly for local customs clearance, handling, and delivery requirements.

Information about shipping service from the UK to Kenya.

Below are the current details of the UK to Kenya Sea and Air Freight service to meet buyers’ different scheduling requirements to ship to Kenya from the UK.

• FCL container service to Mombasa, sailings weekly from the UK. With the transit of about 30 days in Mombasa

• FCL container transport to Nairobi, weekly crossings from Southampton or Felixstowe with a transit of approximately 37 days to Nairobi via Mombasa.

• LCL Sea Freight Small bi-weekly sea freight shipments from the United Kingdom to Mombasa with a transit time of approximately 30 days.

• Small shipments by sea LCL by sea every two weeks from the UK to Nairobi with a transit time of approximately 37 days via Mombasa

Air transport from the UK to Nairobi airport. 

Requirements and Prohibited Items.

• Used cars, trucks, caravans, and farm equipment should always be steam cleaned before being shipped from the UK to Kenya to remove all debris and vermin.

• As in most countries, you should check with your Kenyan customs broker that the goods you are shipping can be imported into Kenya. 

The Kenyan customs broker must confirm before the goods are shipped from the UK to Kenya if they can be imported without any restrictions.

 Normally prohibited items include but are not limited to, the following: cash, diamonds and precious metals, precious metals, live animals, drugs, firearms, and ammunition.

• ISPM15, Requirements for packing and marking wood. 

Most countries in the world, including the UK, require all wooden packaging used for shipping to be heated and treated and have the appropriate stamp visible on the rigid packaging to ensure insect prevention or pests that move and affect agriculture or forests in the country of destination.

Export Cargo Insurance Transit Goods for Kenya.

• It is essential to take out Cargo In Transit insurance in case of damage or theft during sea or air transport to Kenya from the UK.

• Your cargo is not insured unless you arrange for the insurance brokers through your companies or ask your freight forwarder such as UK Kenya Shipping to offer you cargo insurance and accept their offer in writing.

• Do not rely on carriers for Kenyan liability insurance coverage; under the terms of the carrier’s air waybill, sea bill, or bill of lading

It does not amount to comprehensive insurance cover for goods in transit for the value of the goods. It may be based on evidence of negligence by the carrier or carriers, which is understandably difficult to prove.

• We advise that you export your goods in such a way that they can withstand the normal handling, handling, or multiple stacking they will undergo during the normal international road, sea, or air transport from the UK to Kenya, which can take more than ten times processed in transit to Kenya.

• Insurance companies and carriers may deny any claim if the shipment is not properly packaged for export.

Customs Import Tips

• It is the responsibility of overseas buyers to check that they can import the goods that they can buy from UK exporters. 

UK Kenya Shipping recommends checking with your Kenyan buyers that they have a local import customs broker who can advise buyers on the current customs documentation requirements for importing products you are shipping to Kenya from the UK.

• Importers’ customs brokers can advise on Kenya import duties and taxes, HS customs classifications, prohibited or restricted goods, and complete documentation required from UK shippers.

 It avoids the hassle of importing goods that Kenya customs are not authorized to import and avoids unnecessary storage or other shipping costs back to the UK.

 • The Kenyan importer should check with the local Bureau Veritas office if the goods require pre-inspection before being exported to Kenya from the UK.

The Regional Center requests from the seller the technical data of the goods, a copy of the proforma invoice, and the place and the date on which the goods are available for inspection.

 An inspector physically checks the goods to ensure that the quality/quantity matches the details on the PIP and Proforma Invoice prepared in the seller’s presence. 

In the event of discrepancies, the seller will be invited to correct them before submitting a formal report of findings; experts determine the customs value following customs regulations for imports into Kenya from the UK.

• Please note that our information advice above on special requirements for shipping from the UK to Kenya is up to date and may change from time to time. 

It is recommended to double-check with the Kenyan buyer’s customs brokers before shipment in case of any changes to the unique special Kenyan import requirements or new regulations/document requirements in effect at the time of ordering.

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