If you have the intentions to ship items to Kenya, you may be interested in its knowing the shipping regulations. Whether you’re sending items for personal or professional reasons, there are a few things to consider before packaging. First, the importation of products into Kenya is governed by its customs laws

Shipping procedures must be followed when sending items to the country. First of all, ensure that you have all the required documentation. The process needs to include a commercial invoice, a packaging list, and any other certificates or permits that may be required. In addition, you must have the recipient’s full name, mailing address, and phone number. 

There are a variety of shipping methods available which you may use to ship your Things and this can be offered by UK Kenya Shipping Ltd. You have the option of shipping your products via air or Sea. When it comes to all the choices, air shipping is faster but more expensive, whereas shipping by Sea is delayed but cheaper. Your budget and timetable will influence your decision. Noting that there are restrictions on the categories of items that can be shipped to Kenya is crucial.

 Certain items are prohibited and restricted for safety, security, and health-related reasons. These include firearms, explosives, controlled substances, edibles, and plants. Check the country’s customs regulations before shipping anything to Kenya. In addition to these restrictions, your shipment may be concerned with customs duties and taxes upon delivery in Kenya. 

The quantity you will be required to pay will depend on the characteristics and value of your shipment. Employing a shipping company with a reputation like UK Kenya shipping company with experience shipping to Kenya is recommended to ensure a smooth shipment. In addition, they can assist you in navigating customs regulations, recommend the best shipping method for your requirements, and handle all required paperwork. 

In conclusion

Shipping items to Kenya is possible, but specific regulations and procedures must be followed. Ensure that your items reach safely and on time by conducting sufficient research, obtaining all required documentation, and collaborating with a reputable UK Kenya shipping company. It boosts the shipping concern to Kenya, and several additional factors must be considered. These include shipping costs, delivery schedules, and packaging specifications. 

The shipping costs can be different substantially based on the size, weight, and destination. As previously stated, air freight typically costs more than sea freight. However, the additional cost may be justified if you require the items faster. Therefore, it is essential to obtain accurate shipping estimates from the shipping company to budget appropriately. 

In addition, delivery times can vary depending on the selected mode of transport and potential customs clearance delays. Therefore, accounting for possible delays when transporting items for a specific event or deadline is prudent. Furthermore, packaging requirements are an additional crucial factor when shipping to Kenya. Therefore, you must ensure that your products are appropriately packaged for shipping.

 It may involve utilizing robust and resilient packaging materials, securing items with bubble wrap or packing peanuts, and clearly labeling the container with the recipient’s address and any other pertinent shipping information. In addition, you must conform to Kenya’s import regulations if you are shipping commercial goods to the country. It may necessitate obtaining import permits, following labeling principles and paying applicable duties and taxes. This regulation violation may result in shipment delays or even seizure. 

In conclusion

Transporting goods to Kenya requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Ensure that you research the applicable regulations and procedures, employ a reputable UK-Kenya shipping company, and package your items appropriately for transport. With careful planning, you can with no stress ship your products to Kenya and ensure they arrive on time and in excellent condition.

 The distribution of containers to Kenya has always been a popular shipping destination because it is home to the most stunning nature reserves in the world, which fascinate many tourists throughout the year. The community and cultural diversity also contribute to the splendor and attractiveness of Kenya. In addition, Kenya, located in Eastern Africa, has its port in Mombasa and CFS store in Nairobi, making the export of UK Kenya shipping to Kenya by Sea straightforward. 

UK Kenya shipping Ltd enhances and arranges shipments of your luggages door-to-door. Our specialised shipping line has been working for many years, so you can be confident that we will ensure you the highest quality UK Kenya shipping delivery service possible. To avoid any UK-Kenya shipping delays, we will keep you in touch with our Customs agent and request the necessary documentation to conclude the shipping process. 

If your shipment is urgent, we can advise you to use air freight delivery to any part of Kenya. From the area with few populated to the most remote location, local specialists collaborate with our carriers to ensure on-time delivery of packages. These services are trackable and signed during arrival at the final destination. 

Please you can fill in your information on our website to make a reservation or receive an online estimate. If the pricing needs to be added to the list, please submit a quote of request, and our sales staff will contact you. 

Transportation from the U.K. to Kenya. UK Kenya shipping ensures the following services for UK Kenya shipping in Kenya: 

By Air 

• Express door-to-door services from UK Kenya shipping delivery. 

Door-to-door expedited shipping

By Sea 

• Transport the UK Kenya shipping things to Port 

UK Kenya shipping delivers a Door  [exclusively for business addresses].


Bellow are some of the things which you need to know about our services for UK Kenya shipping to Kenya:

 • We accept shipments of every size and weight 

• We provide deliveries ranging from small parcels to whole containers in Small and large or awkward packages

  1.  Single & multiple pallets
  2.  Customized/extra-large pallets
  3. Partial and total container cargo

 • UK Kenya Shipping Ltd offers access to optional insurance coverage is available through the website.

• The preponderance of services to and from Kenya is completely trackable. 

• Renowned Individuals and businesses have used, UK Kenya shipping to ship their cargo to any location in Kenya

• We collaborate exclusively with the largest and most reputable international freight companies.

 How much does it cost to send a cargo to Kenya? 

Export to Kenya* from £850 


1. DHL Parcel U.K. 

2. International 


When you send cargo to Kenya with DHL Parcel U.K., 

You can use our many years of experience in the delivery industry. With a 3-day intercontinental air service from delivery, you can be assured that our shipments will reach promptly, safely, and in the same condition as when they were shipped. 

To all the towns such as Nairobi and Mombasa and others within Kenya and which you may need your luggage to be shipped but if they are remote there will be an additional Time of delivery.

 Looking for a courier service from the U.K. to Kenya?

DHL Parcel U.K.

By Providing the best prices and the most convenience from booking to delivery, after registering with us, which takes only a few minutes of your time, you can book your parcel through our user-friendly website – it’s so simple to use. Furthermore, it provides the collection from your home to your office for delivery and that is an added advantage of our UK Kenya Shipping Ltd services.

 If you book before midnight, one of our courteous couriers will collect your parcel for the next day of your choosing – and we’ll deliver it to your preferred destination in three days using our expedited worldwide air service. In addition, UK Kenya Shipping Ltd provides free insurance up to its value of £50 on all international shipments and free online tracking, which we are confident to be the affordable delivery rates to Kenya. 

When it comes to Sending goods from the United Kingdom to Kenya, it is essential to determine which service best suits your requirements and to confirm that the item is permitted in the destination country. You will also find additional information to ensure your shipment arrives promptly and securely. 

Transportation from the U.K. to Kenya

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• Shipping > Africa as a continent

 •UK Kenya shipping offers transport between the United Kingdom and Kenya.

 Do you ship to Kenya from the U.K.? 

UK Kenya shipping provides shipping and international removals to Kenya from the United Kingdom for students, international travelers, families, and individuals. 

We provide cost-effective shipping services to Kenya from the United Kingdom

We have more than decades of experience transporting products to international destinations, so your belongings are in excellent hands with us.

 Individuals delivering parcels, personal effects, excess baggage, luggage, or any shipping quantity to Kenya can rely on our individualized service.

 If you want to discuss your specific shipping needs to Kenya, please get in touch with our team at or +447487554202 for a free, no-obligation quote.

 Customer viewpoints used UK Kenya shipping to ship some of my belongings to Kenya

We do not include ANY fees incurred in Kenya, such as terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, examination, inspection fees, customs duties, taxation, or storage costs. Any expenses incurred at the destination must be paid for upon retrieval by the recipient.

 These fees are determined locally, which may influence any financial interest. UK Kenya shipping has shipped to Kenya for many years. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any specific queries or additional information.

Air Freight to Kenya:

Crucial Specifics 

• The final weight and dimensions of your shipments will determine the final price. 

• All shipments must be packaged safely to secure the transport before collection. 

• You should not include restricted items, harmful or hazardous products, or valuable items in your shipments. 

• The quoted price excludes insurance coverage. 

• The prices are subject to change at any time and are periodically reviewed. 

• All transactions are governed by the Standard Trading Conditions of the UK Kenya shipping Air Freight to Kenya.

 • If shipping from the United kingdom to Kenya, a Shippers Inventory must be filled out entirely in English. Transportation Services to Kenya Costs for Sea Transportation to Kenya. 

The prices indicated above do not include port or depot arrival. In addition, it consists of ANY fees that may be incurred in Kenya, such as terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, examination, inspection fees, customs duties, taxation, or storage costs. Any expenses incurred at the destination must be paid for upon retrieval by the recipient. 

These fees are determined locally, with no influence on financial interest. UK Kenya shipping has shipped to Kenya for many years so you can bank on them when it comes to effective and safe delivery of your Goods.

 If you have any specific additional information, please get in touch with us. 

Sea Freight to Kenya – Vital Information 

• The final weight and dimensions of your shipments will determine the final price. 

• All shipments must be packaged safely and secured for transport before collection. 

• You should not include restricted items, harmful or hazardous products, or valuable items in your shipments. 

• The quoted price excludes insurance coverage. 

• The prices are subject to change at any time and are periodically reviewed. 

• All transactions are governed by the Standard Trading Conditions of the UK Kenya shipping.

• If shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya, a Shippers Inventory must be filled out entirely in English.

Frequent shipments are made to Kenya via air freight. In our website’s ‘Air freight Services‘ section, you’ll find air freight pricing and other vital shipping information. 



Please visit our request of quotation page to receive a bespoke estimate for your business. In addition, our business logistics page offers additional information about the variety of freight services we provide to businesses.


The cost to ship from the United Kingdom to Kenya will depend on the shipping method, dimensions, and weight of the parcel. Cost of shipping from the U.K. to Kenya Cost of shipping to a destination (minimum): £23.49 kilograms while handling and securing the fee as applied to the cost of all air freight shipments in the United Kingdom.


Air freight transports from the United Kingdom to Kenya take approximately one week. 


• Bespoke solution.

 • Competitive pricing.

 • Fast transit periods with deliveries taking days, not weeks.

 • All shipments are plastic-wrapped for added protection. Restricted commodities for shipment from the United Kingdom to Kenya You must be aware of all local import restrictions when shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya

 Here you will find information about Kenya’s import restrictions. Stringent regulations govern which products can be shipped across international borders and which cannot. 

Please provide the options of either if your items are neither “dangerous” nor “valuable” before shipment. Many items, including batteries for mobile phones and laptops, fragrances, and deodorant cans, are considered “dangerous” for air freight. For more information, please visit our page about hazardous materials. 


 How long does shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya take?

Typically, air freight delivery takes approximately within a timeframe one week.

So how can cargo be sent from the United Kingdom to Kenya at the lowest cost?

Most individuals shipping a few boxes or suitcases will find air freight the most economical option.

 How much does it cost to dispatch a package to Kenya?

 The final price will depend on the number of shipments, weight and dimensions, and the selected shipping method. Our prices and our various services can be viewed in the above section.

 What enterprises distribute to Kenya? 

UK KENYA SHIPPING provides cost-effective freight services when transporting goods to Kenya from the United Kingdom. We have more than decades of experience transporting products to international destinations, so your belongings are in excellent hands with us.

 Individuals delivering parcels, personal effects, excess baggage, luggage, or any quantity of freight to Kenya can rely on our individualized service. Shipping to Kenya From £ 23.49 Utilizes our freight calculator From the UK to Kenya.

Kenya can Get Quote Interested in scheduling multiple shipments?

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2. International Shipping of Packages 

3. Africa from UK Kenya shipping

4. Kenya’s lowest costs for shipping to Kenya Service Delivery period Price.

Detailed pricing Estimate shipping costs. Send a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya. UK Kenya shipping can ship a parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenya. Our free shipping calculator will help you find couriers that ship to Kenya from the United Kingdom, compare prices, and book discount services.

 Please ensure the package’s weight and dimensions when requesting a quote. In a matter of moments, UK Kenya shipping Ltd will ensure you with a selection of couriers to deliver your parcel to Kenya, including major cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. So whether you’re looking for the quickest and most affordable shipping method to Kenya, we’ll ensure you find the appropriate courier service

You should also acquire an estimate to if you have any plans to get started shipping with UK Kenya Shipping Ltd. Then, get a quote Best method of shipping to Kenya. UK KENYA SHIPPING can help you determine the shipping method to Kenya from the United Kingdom. 

Whether searching for the fastest and most affordable way to ship to Kenya, our shipping calculator will ensure you compare prices, delivery times, and tracking information for several courier services.

What should be conveyed to Kenya? 

When you schedule online, send a parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenya with UK-Kenya shipping, costs as little as $23.49. 

Utilize our shipping calculator to evaluate the prices of numerous shipping companies. 

How long does shipping to Kenya take? 

Standard and express delivery times from the United Kingdom to Kenya range from 2 to 3 business days to 4 to 5 business days for economy services. In general, services with extended delivery times are cheaper. Estimate shipping costs. 

Customs details for shipments destined for Kenya Customs requirements Kenya publishes a straightforward and uncomplicated inventory of import restrictions and prohibitions. The Kenya Revenue Authority provides access to this list. 

Among the prohibited items are counterfeit currency, pornographic materials, specific types of matches, essential oils, narcotics, specific industrial and agricultural chemicals, hazardous waste, and fake products. In addition, Kenya restricts the import of several additional products and those that are prohibited.

For example, shipments containing game animal traps, unrefined precious metals or stones, weapons, ammunition, bones, antlers, ivory from various game animals, coral, natural corals, endangered plants, genetically modified products, and artifacts are subject to these restrictions. 


• Delivery and collection service provided 

• Included coverage for parcels up to £23.49

 • Protect your shipment with supplementary insurance of up to £5,000 

• You can ship up to $23.49. kilograms with certain services. Provide U.K. to k.e. Delivery Sending From Send To Measurement in centimeters Inches and millimeters Height in centimeters Weight kg Quote & Book Kenya Top Values Significant to know Prohibited Objects Help Compare Prices Kenya UK Kenya shipping is the finest expedited shipping service to Kenya. 

Our reputable postal partners, such as DPD, TNT,  and UPS, can organize a dependable courier to Kenya. Our years of international experience allow us to ship products to Kenya with minimal and maximum security. 

We will ensure you comply with Kenya’s Customs regulations so that your shipment reaches on time and in good condition. However, it would be best if you consider all the national holidays and non-working days (Saturday and Sunday)can cause delivery delays while shipping. 

When making reservations, please keep in mind to avoid disappointment. The mission of UK Kenya shipping is to ensure the postal service to comparable prices. 

Additional information regarding potential delivery fees, laws to schedule your delivery, and other relevant customs information. Alternatively, click the icon below for a price estimate. 

Our least expensive fares to Kenya UK Kenya shipping Express (1-3 Day Delivery) FedEx Global Priority® Today’s departure if booked within the next hour.

Do I need to clear customs when shipping to Kenya from the U.K.? 

 It would be best if you prepared the deal with international customs, but we are here to guide you. When you place your order, we will inform you by labels and all required declaration forms. It is our way to ease UK-Kenya shipping.

 How much would UK Kenya shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya cost? 

TNT Express offers shipping to Kenya for as little as £34.29 when you book through us. In addition, we provide a vast array of options for all bookings that allow you to send economical shipments.

How should I package for dispatch?

 Unfortunately, transporting packages to Kenya is straightforward. The Universal Postal Union compiled to use. 

Which things can be shipped? 

Regarding any conveyance, there are a few restrictions on what can and cannot be sent to Kenya.


These include: 

• Fraudulent money

 • Pornographic material 

• Substances illicit under international control

 • Specific agricultural and industrial chemicals 

• Phosphorus-containing matches are hazardous. You can find the complete list on this page and products our couriers cannot transport on our prohibited items page.

UK Kenya Shipping

 We are the leading logistics company with offices in the United Kingdom and Kenya. In addition, there are regional offices in major economies, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and China. 

UK Kenya Shipping is one of the most unconventional Air freight, Sea freight, same as Customs Clearance to Road freight agencies, and provides end-to-end logistics services.

UK Kenya Shipping Ltd Offers and simplifies logistics administration by handling essential tasks, allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies. 

The exceptional experience enjoyed by ship owners, charterers, customers, and carrier partners stems from UK Kenya Shipping’s commitment to superior service.

 • Air Transport Services Our Services are a global provider of premium air freight from the U.K. to Kenya. 

• Shipping Companies This service provides Sea Shipment clients with a selection of singular products.

 • Collection Businesses To arrange a collection in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, China, Dubai, India, Turkey, or South Africa, please get in touch with us. 

Customs Clearance We will clear customs for your shipment entering Kenya

• Transport within Kenya When your shipment arrives in Kenya we can either deliver it to your Doorstep, or you can choose to collect it.

 • Vehicle Shipping, We can facilitate shipping any vehicle from the United Kingdom to the port of Mombasa. Those in our company were established to manage and reduce the increasing trade between the United Kingdom and East Africa.

 We simplify logistics administration by handling essential tasks to allow our clients to focus on their core competencies. As a result, ship owners, charterers, customers, and carrier partners enjoy an exceptional experience due to the UK Kenya shipping mission to provide excellent service that enables our customers to become market leaders in their respective industries.

We offer a web-based portal that enables Kenyan consumers to shop on any U.K. website and have them purchased and delivered to their Doorstep. In addition, it is now easier to ship your preferred products from international online stores in the United Kingdom to your residence. 

In addition, we dispatch the products by air and by Sea. As a result, we offer the most secure and reliable purchasing services in Kenya. Amazon and eBay are prominent international online retailers that deliver to your Door and take Mpesa as a payment method.

 How It Functions 

 • Shop online for the desired products

 • Develop and distribute a list of product URLs. Send the manifest to orders via email.

 • receive an invoice via email 

• Pay with MPESA or a bank deposit 

• We purchase the properties. 

• Deliveries are made to our London warehouse.

 • We send you the invoice for shipping 

• You can collect it at our Nairobi office. REQUEST IT

 • Shop with confidence and have your purchases delivered to our safe warehouse. Send your packages to: or even contact +447487554202, and you will be assured of the best services and all your answers tackled within the shortest period of time.

• (Please indicate your identity and our company’s name when placing an order so we can identify you as the client.) SHIP IT

 • Deliver packages to our London address, or we will pick them up from your location. 

• Utilise UK Kenya shipping to transport packages from your address to ours.

• We send you a bill and coordinate your payment in the United Kingdom or Kenya.

 • We deliver your shipments safely to Nairobi.

Don‘t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international shipping services. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.

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