what is shipping?

It is the physical change of goods from one point to another, such as moving goods from warehouse to customer.

The shipping process follows the production and packaging of the goods and is monitored and controlled by a transport or logistics company.

Shipping types require different documentation, handling, arrival times, and means of transportation. There are many different ship types, and the differences are primarily based on the cargo carried.

Modern seagoing commercial vessels come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to carry various cargo.

Load types

To begin with, we will define the main types of cargo. For this article, shipments are divided into:

• Dry

• liquid

• specialized

Each of them can be divided into subcategories.

The dry cargo includes bulk, general and general cargo, container, reefer and roro.

Liquid cargoes are primarily petroleum-based but can also contain chemicals and liquefied gases.

Historically, dry cargo ships have been the mainstay of the world’s merchant fleet. Known as general cargo vessels, they would be manned, meaning they come with their cargo gear, usually derricks.

Cargo would be stowed in different holds, and the speed and efficiency of the loading and unloading process would depend on the skill of the vessel’s crew and longshoremen, or “doctors”.

These vessels sometimes operated a liner service between two or more ports as “ships of the line” but could also work in the “tramp trade”, where vessels went where needed.

Shipping from Europe to Kenya

Depending on the type of items you wish to ship to Kenya, you have several options listed below. However, we can constantly tailor an offer to meet your shipping needs if you have definitive requirements.

Send a package from UK to Kenya.

Shipping a package from UK to Kenya has always been challenging. UK Kenya shipping we aim to provide easy shipping to Kenya from Ghana.

You can instantly get a price for sending a package from UK to Kenya and choose the suitable courier for your shipping needs. Through UK Kenya shipping, you will also receive specialized packaging instructions and expert advice to model you through the process.

Shipping luggage from UK to Kenya

If you need to learn how to ship your luggage from UK to Kenya, UK Kenya shipping will make it easy. You can pre-ship your suitcase to any destination in the world through UK Kenya shipping which guides you shipping to Kenya from India.

UK Kenya shipping strongly recommend that you pack your belongings in a cardboard box to provide extra protection for your belongings during shipping and to ensure your bags arrive in one piece.

Pallet shipping from UK to Kenya

Are you seeking the right solution to send multiple parcels from UK to Kenya? Get a tailor-made quote for your shipment through our easy-to-use platform! View our guidelines for preparing a pallet for shipping; our trusted logistics carriers will do the rest.

Account holders who regularly ship pallets from UK to Kenya can also leverage the benefits of a digital control tower to optimize logistics.

FAQs about shipping from UK to Kenya

How much does it cost to send a package from UK to Kenya?

The cost of sending a package from UK to Kenya mostly depends on the shipment size. On worldwide routes, the best shipping option is UK Kenya shipping. Check the price to send your item from UK to Kenya directly on our booking tool.

How much are the customs duties for a shipment from UK to Kenya?

The amount of customs duties you pay for shipping from UK to Kenya depends on the items you send, their declared value and the regulations in each country.

Upon arrival at its destination, the shipment must clear customs, where the authorities will verify the contents and the accompanying documentation to determine the cost of any customs duties. The recipient must pay Customs fees directly to the selected logistics service provider.

How long does it take to ship from UK to Kenya?

Shipping transit time from UK to Kenya is usually 24-72 hours for parcels through Air freight Most deliveries are made with our express service, but please note that the estimated time does not include time for customs clearance.

 Other services might have different delivery times, but we will always inform you how long your shipment from UK to Kenya will take.


When you need to send a package to Kenya, take advantage of our many years of delivery experience by sending it with DHL Parcel U.K., We have some of the best people in the business to move our shipments. With a worldwide 2- 3 day air service from collection or delivery, you can rest assured it will arrive quickly and safely, in the same condition it was sent in.

Looking for courier services to Kenya from the U.K.? Look no further than UK Kenya shipping for the best value and convenience from booking to delivery.

All you have to do is register with us, which takes just a few minutes, and then you are free to book your package via our user-friendly website it is so easy to use and allows you to collect it at home or work. And delivery within a few days.

If you book online before midnight, UK Kenya shipping will collect your package the next day – or any other day you prefer – and deliver it to your destination within three days using our fast worldwide air service.

We offer free content coverage  on all international deliveries as standard, free online tracking, and what we think are some of the best prices for delivery to Kenya.


UK Kenya shipping we are proud of our prices for international parcel delivery and keep our shipping costs to Kenya as low as possible. You can drop off your package at one of our depots nationwide and save extra money on package delivery costs and also UK Kenya shipping like shipping to Kenya from Kansas.


Not only do we offer some of the cheapest couriers from the U.K. to Kenya, but they’re also fast – even to the east coast of Africa, you can still expect delivery to take just three days. Within these times, sometimes your parcel may take longer to arrive, especially in more remote areas of the country.

Remember, to ensure the fastest possible delivery, you also need to know what you can and cannot ship – all items must clear customs, so make sure you label everything clearly and correctly to avoid delays and unnecessary costs.


You must complete a customs form for any parcel destined for outside the U.K. This ensures that customs officials in the destination country are aware of the contents of the package so they can process it correctly.

As with most international shipments, when sending a package to Kenya from the U.K., You need to pay, depending on the contents. When preparing your package, include an inventory detailing the contents to comply with these regulations.

Sending personal effects to Kenya requires additional declaration using a proforma invoice with a detailed summary of individual values.

This invoice must be written in English. It has the exact requirements as the commercial invoice but doesn’t have to be on letterhead. Please note that all new items declared as personal effects are subject to import duties, and the recipient’s passport is required for customs clearance.

If that sounds like a challenge, don’t worry – when you book delivery with DHL Parcel U.K., we’ll provide you with all the necessary forms to help you get your parcel through U.K. and Kenyan customs.

H.M. Revenue & Customs has more information on tax and customs considerations for Kenya.


Before booking your courier to Kenya, check that all the items you want to ship are permitted; sometimes, ordinary and everyday products for us in the U.K. are restricted or banned from exporting to other countries.

Kenya has several items that fall into this category, so we recommend that you check the regulations every time you ship a package, as the rules are subject to change.

For more information on restricted and prohibited items in Kenya, visit the Kenya Revenue Authority website.

Goods such as alcohol, fresh (perishable) food and drugs can not only be shipped to Kenya but are also on DHL Parcel U.K.’s Prohibited List – please check the complete list before preparing to send your package. In the meantime, here are some examples of items you cannot post in Kenya:

What is the meaning of restricted goods?


Illegal and dangerous foods Other

Meat, poultry and fish Drugs and chemicals Most bones, horns, teeth and other animal by-products

Eggs and dairy products Hazardous waste Soaps or cosmetics containing mercury

Perishable goods, Weapons, and explosives Counterfeit money; banknotes and coins

Please note that we also have our list of prohibited items and country-specific restrictions.


Depending on where you are from in the U.K., your pack’s journey to Kenya is around 5,000 miles which is quite a distance! This is also why we advise you to take extra care when preparing your packages for transport.

All parcels pass through a series of manual handling depots, automated sorting machines, not to mention road and air freight routes an route to East Africa.

We carry parcels up to unlimited weight and with a maximum size of 70x70x70cm, but regardless of size or weight, always use a sturdy outer box to ship your items and do not overfill. Also, remember to use light padding to prevent the contents from moving too much in transit and getting damaged.


UK Kenya shipping are proud of our excellent courier services worldwide, from the initial quote to when the parcel reaches the recipient’s hands. UK Kenya shipping also take the responsibility of delivering packages very seriously, so don’t worry; your package will arrive safely in Kenya; it is in good hands.

You have complete visibility of your parcel whilst it’s in transit, free of charge, as UK Kenya shipping with our online tracking service – and we offer £50 extended content coverage for free on all international items, with the option to upgrade to cover extra if the value of your package exceeds it. UK Kenya shipping also offer shipping to Kenya from London

U.K. to Kenya Shipping – If you are an aspiring e-commerce retailer looking to grow your business and international shipping, shipping from the U.K. to Kenya offers excellent opportunities.

UK has an established and sophisticated e-commerce market and one of the largest and most commercially engaged customer bases. Kenya  consumers spend a year on goods and services from the U.K.

Who wouldn’t if you want to expand your business in the Kenya .? – there are several essential things to consider. One of the most critical is preparing it for shipping from the U.K. to Kenya.

This guide tells you everything you need to know. U.K. to Kenya  shipping costs, U.K. to Kenya shipping times, customs considerations, essential import duties, packing tips and more – we’ve got you covered. Prepare your notepad and pen. You are about to learn about shipping from the U.K. to Kenya Here’s what we’ll cover:

Before you begin, download our International Shipping Checklist. With this document, you select everything you need for a smooth international shipment.

UK Kenya Shipping also offers shipping to Kenya from Minnesota.

what are the most important thing when shipping from UK to Kenya?

Shipping from the U.K. to Kenya – the most important things

As mentioned, this guide covers all the shipping information you need in the following sections. But to give you a rough idea of cost and time, here are some examples of the more popular shipping providers.

• What are the shipping costs for sending a small package to Kenya ? UK Kenya Shipping a courier service and takes 3-7 working days. 

• What are the shipping times from the U.K. to Kenya ? It takes three business days to ship a package to Kenya with UK Kenya Shipping door-to-door (arrive before the end of the day).

UK Kenya Shipping offers Shipping to Kenya from New jersey.

• What is the cheapest delivery from the U.K. to  Kenya? The most inexpensive service depends on your needs; how fast you need the package to arrive, the weight, dimensions and any tracking you need. So there’s no easy answer, to be honest. But don’t worry; we cover all of that and more.

Learn more about finding the exemplary Kenya shipping service for your business.

Shipping from the U.K. to Kenya will benefit your e-commerce business.

We mentioned it above – but it certainly bears repeating – Kenya consumers spend £12.5bn every year on goods and services from the U.K. In addition to this significant opportunity, buyers in the Kenya rely on U.K. companies to supply quality products at competitive prices.

E-commerce is as seamlessly integrated into consumer behavior as in the U.K., so there shouldn’t be any surprises when tackling this lucrative new market. And, of course, Kenya consumers use some of the same e-commerce platforms as U.K. sellers, including Etsy, eBay and Amazon.

Shipping from U.K. to Kenya: The Breakdown

Now we come to the crux of the matter. Choosing the exemplary shipping service for your e-commerce business from the U.K. to Kenya. The costs and benefits offered are essential to your growth strategy in the UK. Your U.K.

customers demand excellent customer service, good value for money, a choice of shipping options and, of course, for their parcels to arrive on time and in top condition. Your Kenya customers expect the same.

When doing your research, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to choose just one shipping provider. One carrier is better for fast deliveries and another for non-urgent packages.

Why not give your customers a choice and take advantage of the wide rates for you? It’s up to you to decide what works best for your business now and in the future.

Now proceed with your search. In this section, we’ll discuss how much it costs to ship from the U.K. to Kenya. We’ll also reveal how long it takes to ship from the U.K. to Kenya with some of the best-known and most popular couriers.

UK Kenya Shipping offers shipping to Kenya from Seattle.

Which couriers ship from the U.K. to Kenya?

E-commerce retailers can choose from a variety of carriers when shipping goods from the U.K. to Kenya. These include:

1.UK Kenya Shipping.

2. Hermes


4. Royal mail

5. UPS

As mentioned above, you don’t have to be tied to a single carrier. If you choose one service from one and another shipping service from another, that’s up to you.

Or better yet, why not have the complete flexibility to choose from the best carriers as your business and needs change and grow? With UK Kenya Shipping, you can easily combine the shipping methods of the leading shipping service providers via your account and send your parcels flexibly and reliably!

Shipping from the U.K. to Kenya with UK Kenya Shipping.

UK Kenya shipping offers several fully tracked international delivery services from the U.K. to Kenya. Customers can choose between the Preferred Delivery Signature, Required Signature, and Required Adult Signature. 

UK Kenya shipping also offers shipping to Kenya from Shein.

Available shipping methods from the U.K. to  Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

UK Kenya shipping Parcel shipping: This delivery service offers proof of delivery and online tracking. Customers can request pre-delivery notices and up to £500 in comprehensive insurance coverage.

The maximum dimensions of the package are 120 x 60 x 60 cm. Parcels can weigh, unlimited weight. Delivery times depend on the origin and destination of the box. Please get in touch with UK Kenya shipping for more information.

UK Kenya shipping Air Delivery: This is the preferred service for urgent parcels. End-to-end tracking and proof of delivery are included. 

The maximum package dimensions are 120 x 60 x 60 or 100 x 80 x 80cm. The total package weight is unlimited. Delivery takes between 1 and 3 days, depending on the exact destination.

Shipping time from U.K. to Kenya by UK Kenya shipping

The shipping time from the U.K. to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping usually takes 1-3 days when you choose UK Kenya shipping Air Delivery.

Shipping from U.K. to Kenya with Royal Mail

Royal mail works with its sister company Parcel force for international shipments, including shipments to the United Kingdom. All international delivery services are fully tracked. Coverage ranges from £200 for priority and express services to £100 for economy services. You can choose between the following urgent and non-urgent services.

UK Kenya shipping offer shipping to Kenya from UK Royal mail 

Shipping times from U.K. to Kenya with Parcel force

International shipments with Parcel force are casually delivered between 1 and 8 days. Exact transit times depend on the benefit you choose and the same destination as your package. And remember, the UK is large, so more remote locations may take longer.

Shipping from the U.K. to  Kenya with DPD

DPD offers two shipping options from the U.K. to Kenya Express and Economy. Both services are fully traceable, in real-time, with DPD Predict.

Customers can drop off their shipments at any of DPD’s 2,500 delivery points and receive proof of delivery for added peace of mind. Packages are protected up to a value of £50. Additional insurance is available up to a value of €5,000. DPD also offers multilingual customer service.

Shipping methods available from the U.K. to  Kenya with DPD

• DPD Express: This is the DPD service you can use if you want your parcels to arrive quickly. Deliveries take 2 to 3 days by Air transport.

UK Kenya shipping also offer shipping to Kenya from Texas

DPD Air Classic: This option is economical if your parcels are not urgent. Deliveries take between 4 and 7 days, depending on the day you send them and the exact origin and destination.

Shipping times from the U.K. to  Kenya with DPD

Shipping time from the U.K. to the Kenya with DPD Express takes 3-5 working days. For the DPD Air Classic service, deliveries should arrive within 4-7 working days.

Shipping from the U.K. to  Kenya with FedEx

customers can choose from 3 great options when shipping from the U.K. to the Kenya various delivery signature options: no, indirect, direct, and adult.

FedEx does not provide liability or comprehensive insurance, but the shipper may pay additional charges for the declared value for carriage. Refer to the FedEx website for more information.

Shipping methods available from the U.K. to  Kenya with FedEx

FedEx International First: This premium FedEx service gets your shipments to their destination within two days. Deliveries must arrive before 8 am or 8.30 am.

FedEx International Priority: As the name suggests, this is the fastest shipping service from the U.K. to the Kenya with FedEx. Shipments are delivered the next day to businesses in the United States and at noon to most residential addresses. Deliveries may take longer to more distant locations.

• FedEx International Economy: This economical service from FedEx is ideal for less urgent shipments. UK Kenya shipping also offers shipping to Kenya from Toronto

Shipping time from U.K. to Kenya with FedEx

Shipping times from the U.K. to the Kenya with FedEx vary from next-day delivery for FedEx Priority service to 2-5 days for Economy service.

Shipping from the U.K. to the Kenya with Hermes

Hermes offers one shipping method from the U.K. to the Kenya: Hermes International Economy. Your shipments will arrive in 3-7 days and be fully tracked.

Shipping methods available from the U.K. to  Kenya with Hermes

There are two options for the submission portion of the job; via a courier service or by delivering your parcel to one of the 4,500 Hermes parcel shops across the U.K. The latter method costs less than using a courier.

It is important to note that Hermes Parcel Shops can only accept parcels with a maximum length of 115cm and a maximum weight of 15kg. If you use the Hermes Parcel Shop service, you cannot agree on a delivery signature.

The package can be left unattended upon delivery. Hermes is not an international service, so they work with local couriers and parcels are passed on to third-party services for delivery.

Shipping times from U.K. to Kenya with Hermes

Delivery takes between 3 and 7 days, whether you choose courier collection or delivery to a Hermes Parcel Shop.

Shipping from the U.K. to Kenya with UPS

UPS is a reputable American company with a great network and an excellent reputation there. The carrier offers a good range of shipping methods from the U.K. to the Kenya. Also UK Kenya shipping offers shipping to Kenya from UK

Available shipping methods from the U.K. to  Kenya with UPS

All services are fully tracked, and you can choose between confirmed delivery, signature required or adult signature required. UPS also offers several pickup options, including Saturday and regular pickups for e-commerce retailers who deliver regularly and want to plan. Here are the UPS  shipping services you can choose from:

Shipping time from U.K. to Kenya with UPS

Depending on your chosen service, shipping from the U.K. to Kenya with UPS takes 1-3 working days. See the previous section for more details.

What to consider when shipping from UK to Kenya?

Things to consider when shipping from the U.K. to Kenya.

Now that we’ve completed the full list of offerings from the various carriers, we thought it would be helpful to include some FAQs for e-commerce retailers shipping from the U.K. to Kenya We’ve included information about factors that can affect your shipment, packing tips to help you avoid delays and damage and save you money, and an overview of your import and customs duties.

If you can’t find what you need below, visit UK Kenya shipping, where you’ll find a wealth of information, including how to choose a suitable shipping provider.

What factors affect shipping costs from the U.K. to Kenya?

As with deliveries to other international destinations, shipping costs to the United Kingdom depend on the following:

• The weight of the package.

• When you want the package to be delivered.

• Your delivery signature requirements.

• The type of monitoring needed.

• Any other additional services such as insurance.

On the other hand UK Kenya shipping offer shipping to Kenya from UK cost

What factors affect how long it takes to sail a package from the U.K. to Kenya?

Delivery times for your package shipped to Kenya  depend on the following factors:

• The chosen shipping service provider.

• Your chosen shipping method, such as standard, express, premium, etc.

• If you want to collect or deliver the parcel.

• The exact destination of the goods (as you can imagine, distant destinations may take longer).

• Settlement time.

Possible delays in shipping to Kenya due to holidays

As with the U.K., transit times for Kenya shipments may be affected by public holidays. If you need to determine how this will affect your services, adding a disclaimer or note to your website and receipts is a good idea.UK Kenya shipping offers shipping to Kenya from US.

What is the best way to ship packages to Kenya?
Six best packing tips for shipping to the Kenya.

It is essential to ensure that the goods arrive on time and in good condition after the long journey to the Kenya. Therefore, proper packing and packaging techniques should be critical to your shipping strategy. Not only does it ensure your goods are safe and secure, but it also helps you cut costs, as larger packages usually incur higher prices, and overhangs can add unnecessary costs to your shipments.

Here are some tips for packing your parcels safely:

1. When booking your shipment, check the pricing tables for package dimensions (dimensions) and weight.

2. Use safe, lightweight filler materials such as bubble wrap, Styrofoam or eco-friendly materials such as FSC-approved recycled cardboard and paper and biodegradable packaging.

3. Use sturdy packaging and reinforce the corners with tape for additional protection.

4. Respect the maximum dimensions of 120 x 60 x 60 cm (external measurement) and 360 cm (belt measurement) to avoid additional costs.

5. Securely attach all important customs documents to the outside of the package.

6. Address the package correctly. It brings us neatly to our next section…

How to write a U.K. address when shipping from the U.K. to Kenya?

When shipping from the U.K. to Kenya, the address should be typed and capitalized where possible. The house number should be written before the street name, followed by the city name, state abbreviation, and complete zip code.

It’s essential to include the state, as many places in the U.K. share the same name. For example, Simpsons fans might be interested to know that there are 34 populated places. The last line of the address, the country of destination must be capitalized in English.

Tip: We recommend including the recipient’s mobile phone number and email address on your package. If there is a problem, they can be contacted immediately to find a solution and minimize delays.

What customs documents are required to ship from the U.K. to Kenya.?

You must include all correct customs documents and ensure they are completed correctly. Customs officers aren’t known for leniency or patience with mis documented paperwork — and with good reason.

Failure to comply with customs documents may result in fines, delays or non-arrival of the goods at their destination. And that’s not good for the excellent customer experience and loyalty you build.

The three most important documents you must complete and submit when shipping from the U.K. to Kenya. are the Commercial Invoice, Air Waybill (AWB) and Forms CN22 and CN23. Read on to learn all about these shapes.

What is an Air Freight Account?

An Air Waybill (AWB) is a customs document issued with goods shipped by an international courier. The AWB acts as a legal contract between shipper and carrier, so as you can imagine, it must be provided correctly.

The AWB contains essential information about the shipment, such as the buyer’s address, the value of the goods, the description of the goods, and the which the package was shipped. It is essential information not only for shipping processes but also because it facilitates tracking.

Several rules apply to goods such as alcohol and electronic items. If you are shipping goods in the regulated category, you may be required to provide additional documentation. See the official U.k Import and Export web pages for more information. UK Kenya shipping also offers shipping to Keya from USA

What is a commercial invoice, and why do I need one?

A commercial invoice is a document that advises customs officials to determine the duties and obligations that apply to your shipments.

They are required if you ship with an international courier like DHL Express or UPS. Having a standardized form helps speed up processes and avoid delays.

The seller’s responsible for ensuring that the commercial invoice is completed and included with the shipment. Still, sending the customer a copy of the commercial invoice before shipment is a good idea to ensure the details are correct.

So why do aspiring e-merchants need to understand commercial invoice? In short, you need a commercial invoice to ensure your parcels clear customs quickly and avoid fines and delays for your customers.

So it’s worth getting it right! You can find everything you need to know about commercial invoice including what to include, and you can download a free template by visiting our complete guide to commercial invoice.

What are CN22 and CN23 customs declarations, and why do I need them?

The CN22 and CN23, customs declaration forms contain information that accurately describes the contents of the package. You must provide the completed form correctly when sending with a postal company such as UK Kenya Shipping.

They help busy customs officials quickly and easily understand what you’re shipping. It allows them to process and clear your shipments more efficiently and deliver them to your customers on time.

What is the difference between a CN22 and a CN23?

If your shipment is worth up to £270, you must include a signed and dated CN22. If the value exceeds £270 or your parcel weighs more than 2kg, you must provide a CN23 customs declaration.

Need more information about these modules? We’ll think about it. Visit our comprehensive guide to CN22 and CN23 customs declarations to learn everything, plus a free, easy-to-use tool for creating your forms.

What are the duties and taxes for shipping from the U.K. to Kenya?

As with most international destinations, duties and taxes apply when sending goods from the U.K. to Kenya  Of course, this can be a difficult and daunting topic for e-commerce retailers, but once you’ve taken the time to familiarize yourself with important considerations, like which customs tariff numbers to use, it’s not all that difficult.

Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about duties and taxes for shipping from the U.K. to Kenya.

What are the tasks?

The government levies duties on goods entering a country, and is usually paid for by the importer. Common types of responsibilities are trade tariffs and excise duties, and exports.

What are taxes?

Although goods are purchased overseas, they may still be subject to government taxes such as VAT and GST when they arrive in the country. Taxes vary by country and are usually paid by the importer.

As an online trader on the sales exchange, you are classified as an exporter, and your customer is classified as an importer.

How do I know how much I must pay for import duties and taxes?

Several factors affect the amount of duties and taxes you have to pay:

• The H.S. code of the product: This is a universally accepted short code used to classify goods. You can read more about this handy system in our complete guide to H.S. codes.

• What assets are and how much they are worth: The type of assets and their value will affect the taxes and duties you pay. Another reason why it’s so important to include the correct information on your commercial invoice.

• Incoterms: Another functional system for international shipments. Incoterms help standardize and streamline shipping processes by outlining various responsibilities for insurance, transportation, customs clearance, and liability.

In short, the Incoterm you choose determines what you, as a seller, are responsible for and what your customer is responsible for. They decide whether or not you pay the costs of import duties and taxes or your customer pays them. And yes, we also have a comprehensive guide to Incoterms, so you get it right the first time.

How do I calculate the import duties I have to pay?

1. Check the tax rate on goods you ship to the United Kingdom. You should be able to find it with our free H.S. code finder.

2. Add the value of the goods, all transportation costs, insurance premiums and all other costs together and multiply the total by the import duty. The calculation is the amount of import duty you have to pay on your shipment as it passes through customs

How do I calculate the tax I have to pay?

1. Find out the sales tax (VAT) rates for the United Kingdom. At the time of writing, it was 10%.

2. Add up the value of your goods, all transportation costs, insurance premiums, import duties and any additional costs you have incurred.

3. Multiply the total by the UK sales tax rate. It is the amount of VAT you must pay customs for your shipment.

How do I know when to pay duties and taxes on my goods?

In most cases, shippers pay duties and taxes on goods before they arrive at customs in the destination country. Some carriers offer a paid service to handle this, which can speed up your import processes, especially if you’re new to international shipping.

What goods cannot be shipped to the UK?

It’s up to you to ensure you understand your responsibilities when shipping to the UK, including knowing what goods you can’t ship. The types of prohibited goods change over time, so it’s important to check official UK import information if you’re sending a new product. Your carrier may also be able to help you with this.

Here is a list of goods excluded from shipping to the U.K for your first guideline at the time of writing:

• Alcoholic beverages, perfumes or sweets containing alcohol

• Tobacco products

• All candies that contain something inedible (e.g. surprise eggs)

• Animals or plants that enjoy species protection

• Drugs or medicines

• Fireworks

• Counterfeit products

• Documents with unconstitutional content

• Pornographic products

• Animal products

• All types of weapons and ammunition

• Dangerous goods such as batteries, rechargeable batteries (including those integrated into mobile phones) and chemicals

Sending messages in the UK important considerations

If you’re an online retailer that sells groceries, there are a few essential things to do and consider before shipping those delicious ground beef pies, Earl Gray tea bags, or Marmite jars.

When sending groceries to the UK, be sure to:

1. Register with the UK Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and submit a complete notification to the FDA.

2. At the relevant arrival airport, ask for an import specialist who can advise you on all required regulations and documents. Consider hiring a U.K customs broker to handle this.

3. If in doubt, check with your carrier if they are willing to carry your goods.


We hope this comprehensive guide to shipping from the U.K. to the Kenya . has helped you start your journey to grow your business in the UK With so many business opportunities; it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the administration and bureaucracy involved.

And with so many carriers to choose from, at a price that’s right for you and your customer. As we said before, remember that you don’t have to choose just one shipping provider. If you sign up for UK Kenya Shipping, you can select from several shipping providers with just a few clicks! It seems good.

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