It can be Hair-raising to to receive a package from a foreign country, but on the other side, it can also be concern-raising, considering factors such as the possibility of additional fees or taxes. Many people are concerned about whether or not they will be charged to receive international cargo, as well as the potential fee amount. This article investigates in detail the answer to the report and all this will be made possible by only one reliable company which is UK Kenya shipping Ltd.

It varies on several factors, such as the parcel’s contents, value, and the delivery country’s regulations. So let’s dig in and investigate these components in greater depth. An international shipment’s contents will help to determine whether you must pay to receive it. For instance, you may be needed to pay additional fees or duties if the shipment’s contents are considered to be of high value or even prohibited in your country, and to get this information about the prohibited luggage you can check UK Kenya Shipping Ltd or Kenya Revenue Association official website. 

In addition, the payload may be subject to customs duties, which are import taxes imposed by your country’s government. The value of the contents of an international shipment can also affect whether or not you must pay to receive it. 

If the shipment’s contents exceed a certain value threshold, you may be required to pay customs duties and taxes. The threes hold varies by nation but are typically between $20 and $50.

The country’s regulations also play a major role when it comes to determining whether or not you must pay to obtain the package. For example, some nations have stricter rules than others, which can lead to higher fees or taxes.

 Some countries, for instance, require cargo to be inspected before being released to the recipient, which can cause delays and additional costs.

What does this mean if you are anticipating a package from abroad?

If the shipment contains items that are prohibited in your country or the cargo’s value exceeds a certain threshold, then this means that you may be required to pay customs duties and taxes. These fees can be considered depending on the country of destination, the product’s value, and other factors.

It is essential to remember that some shipping companies, such as UK Kenya shipping, FedEx and UPS, may offer a service that pays customs duties and taxes on your behalf and charges you for the service. Therefore, before the agreement, the costs and benefits of this service must be evaluated.

Do I have to pay to receive an international package?

Depends on several factors, including the contents of the package, its value, and the country’s regulations. For example, you will be more apprehensive about paying customs duties and taxes. In that case, you should always confirm with the UK-Kenya shipping company or your country’s customs agency to thoroughly understand the anticipated fees.

It is important to remember that customs duties and taxes are only some of the possible costs when receiving an international shipment. For example, the UK Kenya Kenya shipping company or the customs agency may charge additional fees, such as handling fees, for parcel processing. Therefore, before consenting to accept a product from a foreign country, it is crucial to comprehend that these fees can vary.

When importing a product from abroad, the delivery method is an extra factor to consider. Customs duties and taxes are incurred more frequently with express delivery than with other transport methods. If you are concerned about these costs, you can choose a method of delayed delivery that is less likely to incur additional fees and UK Kenya shipping will help you to make these choices.

It is crucial to put into consideration that customs duties and levies are sometimes negative. However, in certain circumstances, these fees may protect local businesses by adding to the price of imported goods relative to domestically produced goods. Also, customs duties and levies can fund government services, including healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

In conclusion, obtaining an international shipment can be one of the most satisfying experiences, but knowing any possible fees is essential. Whether or not you must pay to receive international cargo depends on various factors, such as the parcel’s contents, value, and the country’s laws. Suppose you are still determining whether you must pay customs duties and taxes

In that case, you should always confirm with your country’s shipping Kenya company or customs agency to understand the expected fees comprehensively. By comprehending the potential costs, you can be adequately prepared to receive your shipment and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Can I send a package and have the recipient cover the shipping costs?

Both positive and negative responses are possible options.

 Consider each situation:

UK Kenya Shipping company costs may be the responsibility of the recipient. However, if your courier service offers “Cash on Delivery (COD)” or “Collect on Delivery (COD),” the recipient can pay for the delivery. This article goes in depth to explain on the concept of payment on delivery.

• The recipient is unable to fund shipping costs. This service is typically unavailable to individuals, but small business proprietors and retailers require it. Even if you are a business, the recipient cannot pay for shipping upon delivery if the courier service you employ prohibits this and Through UK Kenya shipping, can help you with the above service.

Move to:

• How will the recipient pay for the delivery?

• The recipient is responsible for shipping costs

UPS payment upon delivery

• Delivering packages via FedEx and requiring the recipient to pay delivery fees

• The recipient is responsible for USPS shipping charges

• Am I responsible for international transport costs?

Customs duties are the recipient’s responsibility.

• Fraud: recipient requested to pay postage

How will the recipient pay for delivery?

1. Reserve shipments with a courier offering “Cash on Delivery (COD)” or “Collect on Delivery (COD).”

2. Deliver the package to the recipient specified.

3. The recipient will pay the required amount upon delivery using cash or a credit card.

4. The payment is made to the shipper or logistics service provider. It will depend on the terms and conditions of the courier. Consider that the courier will deduct the shipping costs.

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  •  Shipping with DHL
  •  Delivery with FedEx
  •  Shipping via UPS
  •  Delivery with USPS

Can the recipient pay for shipping with Euros?

We do offer “cash on delivery” at this Time Time. However, you can order and pay for shipping as a recipient when booking. 

In addition, UK Kenya Shipping provides up to 70% discounts on transportation services on specified itineraries.

Examine your pricing!

The recipient is responsible for all shipping fees, including those associated with UK-Kenya shipping, UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Recipient’s payment for UK Kenya shipping ltd.

 UK Kenya shipping ltd offers this service with no restrictions. This payment mechanism is most prevalent in London. Inquire directly with your UK Kenya shipping cargo local office about the availability of additional countries.

UPS’s payment upon the delivery concept

The recipient can pay for shipping at the Time to Time of delivery with UPS. The consignor is responsible for making service reservations.

Utilizing FedEx for parcel delivery and billing the recipient

FedEx regulations differ from country to country. The recipient or a third party can pay for shipping directly on the FedEx website using the account number. You must consult their website for further details.

The beneficiary of UK Postal Service postage remittances

The United Kingdom Postal Service  offers a service known as cash on delivery. This service can be used to pay for almost anything, including postage, fees, and merchandise. The recipient is responsible for postage costs if the sender chooses this service during registration.

Am I responsible for international shipping costs?

If the vendor did not request the “Cash on Delivery” service, you would not typically be required to pay additional fees. It is the only exception if your shipment is subject to customs duties.

Receiving party is responsible for customs duties.

You may incur additional fees if you receive an international shipment whose value exceeds a certain threshold.

In addition, products shipped from outside the UK Kenya shipping are subject to customs procedures and may incur duties and fees, even if declared as gifts. By reading this article, learn about customs procedures and determine if your shipment is subject to duties. Frequent fraud in which the recipient is asked to cover postage costs

You should reconsider the message if a delivery fee is specified in a letter or email. Scammers will use any means to make their requests appear legitimate; therefore, you must verify the sender’s identity. It is especially true if the quantity requested is substantial. Nothing should be sent absent an official email or postal mail request and this advice you can be in a position to obtain it from UK Kenya shipping ltd.

Additionally, you can contact the merchant or the carrier to determine if payment is required. This page contains comprehensive information regarding transportation strategies.

What to look out for when receiving international shipments.

This section applies only to individuals who receive international merchandise from other individuals. Such as from a close relative or close friend.

Would you like to know the location of your cargo?

Your postal or courier service can inform you of the site of your shipment and whether or not, for instance, customs procedures have been completed.

 Unfortunately, customs is not in a position to provide information on this matter. It refers to items that were not designed for commercial use. “not of a commercial nature” refers to the following:

The shipment is ancillary only.

The products are intended for the recipient or their family’s personal use. Due to the nature and dimensions of the cargo, it cannot be categorized as commercial. The goods have been shipped, but payment has yet to be received. When importing products, you may be required to deal with the following procedures:

Import duties remitted

Almost always, the postal or courier service that processes the shipment will also handle the customs declaration. This declaration must include crucial information for Customs, such as the product’s value and description. The postal or courier service will contact you if this information needs to be included.

If the carrier does not cover the following costs, the post office or courier service will bill you upon delivery:

Customs fees

(The fees charged by the postal or courier service to transmit the customs declaration).

Administrative Expenses

(Additional costs for postal or courier services)any tax liabilities

(import duties, value-added tax, and excise tax)

Determine the VAT and import tax that applies to specific shipments.


Certain items are prohibited from entering Kenya. In addition, importing or transporting other goods into Kenya requires a valid import or import permit which can be offered with The help of UK Kenya shipping Ltd 

Learn more about the current regulations concerning counterfeit items, endangered animals such as plant species, animal products such as foodstuffs, plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit, weapons and ammunition, medicines, narcotics, and art antiquities in the sections Luggage and Online shopping.

Are you receiving products from the United kingdom as a diplomats member?

Receiving merchandise from a member of a diplomat of the United Kingdom does not require customs clearance. 

However, it contains products like alcohol and tobacco. Products containing alcohol are subject to excise levy. A valid excise stamp from the United Kingdom is required for tobacco products. No exemption threshold below which excise duty on taxable products is waived.

What is Package Collection?

The benefits of package collection, its operation, schedule, eligible mail categories, restrictions, and alternative postage methods.

The Postal Service provides three options for departing mail collection.

  • The Pickup on Demand® service is appropriate when you require your mail to be collected at a specific time and Time Time. There is a retrieval fee per excursion, regardless of the number of items scheduled for collection. Visit What is Pickup on Demand® to learn more about the operation of Pickup on Demand®, the collection fee, and the eligible mail classes. Are you prepared to schedule an On-Demand Pickup Request? Visit

Package retrieval service allows you to schedule the retrieval of eligible mail items on the same day your mail carrier delivers your mail. The item(s)’ postage must be paid in advance. There are :

  •  There is no additional fee for Package Pickup when your mail is collected during your carrier’s regular route, and the airline does not have to make a memorable trip to collect your mail item(s).
  • There is no limit on how many shipments can be left for Package Pickup.

The service is accessible in virtually all ZIP Code TM areas in the United Kingdom. Package Pickup information and availability inquiries can be found at


Postage-paid mail that is placed in a collection container is referred to as Collection Service. However, collection service is also chosen when customers present their ready-to-send, per-paid outgoing mail to a carrier or other designated employee conducting standard delivery and collection duties.

How is the Collection of Packages Carried Out?

Product delivery enables the shipment of a product along with your mail.

• Package Pickup is a complimentary service provided on the next delivery day (or a specified delivery day), regardless of the number of items designated for Pickup.

  • Priority Mail Expres.
  • Priority Mail.
  • First-Class Package Service-Commercial TM.
  •  International

To return items qualified for complimentary package retrieval. If packaged with one of the above premium products, other mail classes, including First-Class Mail shipments, will also be collected.

• Pickups may be scheduled between Monday and Saturday until 2:00 a.m. CT at the Time Time of collection. After 2:00 a.m. CT, same-day delivery is no longer an option.

• You have until 2 a.m. to modify or cancel a previously scheduled delivery request. Central Time Time on the date of the organized collection.

An item’s length and circumference cannot exceed 70 pounds or 130 inches.

On the Package collection website, you can schedule a free collection for the next Postal Business Day.

• Mail pieces that weigh more than 10 ounces. These items are ineligible for Package Pickup and must be presented to a Post Office TM retail counter employee.

The benefits of using Package Pickup

Package Pickup service offers merchants and clients numerous benefits:

• Returns: As the e-commerce industry expands, consumers can request Package Pickup service from retailers that offer Parcel Return Service (PRS) labels.

• Enables environmentally friendly consumers to recycle obsolete cell phones, MP3 players, and other tiny electronic devices.

• Recalls: When manufacturers provide PRS labels, consumers can use the Package Pickup service for recalled products that meet the required dimensions and weight for mailing.

Customers utilizing Parcel return services may be required to dispatch their products to a repair facility.

What types of shipments are eligible for Package Pickup?

Use the following services, and your letter carrier will collect the shipments with pre-paid postage and return merchandise:


• The Priority Mail Express® service guarantee varies based on mailing time, deposit location, and final destination.

 Due to the variety of Post Office TM closing times and delivery schedules:

To obtain the Priority Mail Express guarantee for a specific mailing, you must present the item(s) to an acceptance employee at a physical Post Office location.

You must contact your local Post Office for location-specific assurance information (including estimates of whether UK Kenya Shipping items were picked up using Package Pickup or even given to a letter carrier will arrive before the day’s deadline).

• Priority Mail® delivery service

The United kingdom Postal Service delivers Priority Mail Express® and Open and Distribute® shipments.

• Items delivered through First-Class Package Service-Commercial TM

• Returns

o Wholesale Return Service for Packages

PRS is an acronym for Package Return Service


• Mail pieces weighing over 10 oz. Or thicker than half an inch and containing postage stamps must be presented to a Post Office retail employee.

• Correspondence sent to APO/FPO/DPO addresses is typically regarded as domestic mail, but a customs form may be required.

• The mail carrier can collect international shipments if the customer has completed the shipping label, customs declaration form, and online postage payment.

• The following items are permissible internationally (shipments comply with applicable International mailing requirements; see International Mail Manual):

  •  Global Express Guaranteed® service
  •  Service Priority Mail Express International®
  •  Service Priority Mail International®
  • First-Class Package International Service® shipments.
  • Customers who hand-write their customs declaration form must bring their shipment to a Post Office TM retail service counter, regardless of the shipment’s destination or payment method.
  •  The following items must be presented to a Post Office employee at the retail service counter:

Suppose the customs declaration form was not completed online (e.g., via the Click-N-Ship® application). In that case, international mail, including mail addressed to APO/FPO/DPO addresses, must be presented to the employee at a Post Office retail service counter.

Items that weigh more than 10 ounces. Even if the item does not require a customs form, it must be presented to a Post Office employee at the retail counter if it contains postage stamps or is it thicker than half an inch.

Package Pickup is only offered for select items.

• Dangerous materials must comply with all packaging, labeling, and other mail ability standards specified in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) or the International Mail Manual (IMM®), as applicable. It includes liquids and fragile products that are not packaged correctly. 

  • • Size limitations:70 kilos
  • 130 inches in total length and circumference
  • • You must present the following items to a Post Office TM employee at the retail counter:
  1. Mail pieces exceeded 10 ounces in weight. Or greater than 1/2 inch in thickness and containing postage stamps must be presented to an employee at the retail counter of the Post Office TM.
  2. International mail requiring a customs declaration form and bearing postage stamps must be presented to a Post Office employee at the retail service counter.
  3. International mail, including mail addressed to APO/FPO/DPO addresses, must be presented to a Post Office employee at the retail service counter with a customs declaration form that has not been completed online (for instance, using the Click-N-Ship® application).

• Customers can access the Domestic Mail Manual on®  to learn more about permissible mail-able articles. Optional Delivery and Collection of Packages

 Is Package Pickup accessible for online purchases that are insured?

Yes. This service is accessible through the Click-N-Ship® application for Priority Mail Express®, Priority Mail®, First-Class Package®, Parcel Select Ground®, and First-Class Package Services-Commercial TM shipments. eBay vendors can online ensure Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and USPS Retail Ground® shipments.

After purchasing an online label with insurance, please visit Package Retrieval to schedule a pickup. Prepare your shipment, including the postage, before the arrival of your mail carrier. Your letter carrier will retrieve your package for postal delivery on the specified date.

Can I include delivery Pickup postage with my shipment?

No. Before retrieval, you must affix adequate postage to your mail. Postage can be purchased online through Click-N-Ship®, PC Postage®, and Postage Meters. Stamps are available for items that weigh less than 10 ounces and have a thickness of less than half an inch. However, mail items weighing more than 10 ounces or having a thickness greater than half an inch and bearing postage stamps must be presented to a Post Office employee at a retail counter.

Am I able to print delivery labels and postage online for Package Pickup?

Yes. On®, select Send > select-N-Ship to print Priority Mail Express® and Priority Mail® labels.

 What methods of prepayment are permitted for Package Pickup?

Prepayment for postage can be made with the following:

• Postage stamps (so long as the item does not weigh more than 10 ounces or exceed 0.5 inches in thickness).

• Postage meter imprint

• PC Postage® items

• Click-n-ship® Internet-based shipping labels

• Priority Mail® Flat-Rate Prepayment Envelope

Return Items and the Parcel Return Service are pre-paid. 

Is the mail-man required to verify postage for Package Pickup?

No. That letter carrier is not required to verify postage; however, standard revenue protection procedures will be implemented if shipments appear underpaid.

To the summit

Planning a Package Collection

• Can I schedule Package Pickup on weekends or holidays?

You may submit your request during weekends and holidays. However, the collection will occur on the next day of shipment. For instance, Saturday afternoon requests for Monday delivery will be honored unless Monday is a postal holiday.

• How far in advance can Package Pickup be scheduled?

Package Pickup can be scheduled up to a year in advance. Your request will be granted if the proposed dates occur within a one-year window.

• Why was my address changed after a delivery was scheduled?

Addresses are formatted according to a standard and compared to the United Kingdom Postal Service‘s current database. This format allows us to process and deliver your correspondence efficiently. This system is highly accurate and routinely updated with new delivery addresses, even though no system can be completely current.

Why is a login required for future and recurring requests for Package Pickup?

You must enter your login information to maintain and manage your schedule information.

• Can I schedule a package pickup daily, weekly, or monthly?

Yes. If you opt-in, you can schedule a retrieval for any number of days within the following year.

• How do I extend my Request for Package Pickup?

You can extend your scheduled request for Package Pickup by registering on the website for Package Pickup. You may extend the date of retrieval by up to one year.

• What if the average cargo volume or weight of my shipment fluctuates?

If a collection request has been scheduled, you can adjust the average shipment volume and weight. After logging in, select the edit link and follow the on-screen instructions to modify the delivery’s volume or weight.

• What should I do if my cargo’s weight or quantity increases on the specified collection date?

If the Pickup is scheduled for the same day, you must contact your local Post office; if it is before the pickup date, you can modify the package details for a specific date by logging into your account. 

First, select the edit link and the date you desire to change after logging in. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to modify the volume or weight of the delivery. Finally, to alter a pickup for the following day, select the option to amend or cancel after the process.

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