How Much Does It Cost to Ship from the UK to Kenya



How much does shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya cost?

When it comes to the process of shipping your products internationally, distance, weight, mode of transport, and additional services are among the variables to consider before kickstarting the process. 

Transporting goods between the United Kingdom (UK) and Kenya calls for a comprehensive comprehension of the associated shipping costs.

 This article will provide a breakdown of the shipping costs between the United Kingdom and Kenya and analyze the factors that influence shipping costs.

1. Distance and Mode of Transportation:

The distance between the United Kingdom and Kenya significantly impacts shipping costs. 

Freight by air and sea is the predominant mode of international transportation.

• Typically, air freight is more costly and faster than sea freight. Therefore, it is appropriate for time-sensitive or expensive items.

 Due to the costly nature of air travel, it may be impossible to transport larger or heavier cargo.

• Sea Freight:

 Sea freight is the most cost-effective means of transporting vast goods. It is the preferred mode of conveyance for containers and other bulky items. 

Although slower than air freight, it offers many companies more affordable options.

2. Volume and Weight of the Shipment:

The cargo’s weight and size are crucial factors in determining the price.

 Shipping companies like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd use the freight ton or the cubic meter as the unit of measurement when calculating their rates. Therefore, the cost increases as the weight or quantity increases.

3. Import and Customs Duties:

Customs and import duties must be accounted for when delivering products from the United Kingdom to Kenya. The Kenyan government determines these fees based on the nature and value of the imported goods.

 Researching and comprehending the applicable duties and taxes in advance is prudent.

4. Additional Insurance and Services:

Additional packaging, monitoring, and insurance services may increase shipping costs. 

Transportation insurance is required to safeguard against the possibility of loss or damage. Even though these services increase shipping costs, they will provide peace of mind and ensure a smooth process for the shipment of your luggage to Kenya.

5. Transport Providers and Freight Brokers:

Freight forwarders and shipping companies expedite the processes of logistics, paperwork, and customs clearance.

 There is a cost associated with these services, which varies based on the service provider and the required level of service. The most trustworthy and cost-effective option can be identified through research and comparison.

6. Variables relating to the seasons and the economy:

Seasonal factors, fluctuations in petroleum prices, currency exchange rates, and global market conditions may contribute to transportation cost fluctuations. 

It ensures accurate cost estimates and is advised to stay current on these factors and consult with shipping experts.


The shipping cost from the United Kingdom to Kenya depends on the distance, mode of transport, weight, volume, import and customs duties, additional services, and market conditions. 

It may not be possible to provide an accurate cost estimate with specific information; however, researching shipping companies, understanding customs regulations, and comparing prices will help you make informed decisions.

Whether you are an individual shipping personal items or a business transporting commercial goods, the following factors can assist you in estimating the cost and ensuring that your shipment from the United Kingdom to Kenya is seamless and practical.

Certainly! Additional factors affecting the cost of transporting products between the United Kingdom and Kenya include:

1. Packaging and paperwork are required to protect your products during transport. Depending on the nature of the delivered products, it may be necessary to acquire appropriate packaging materials. 

It is also necessary to provide complete and accurate documentation to comply with customs regulations and avoid delays or penalties. 

2. Intercoms (International Commercial Terms) are used in international commerce to determine the buyer’s and seller’s responsibilities and costs. 

The Intercom chosen can impact the ultimate shipping cost. EXW (Ex Works), FOB (Free On Board), and CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) are common Intercoms. 

Understanding the implications of different Intercoms can help you estimate shipping, insurance, and delivery expenses.

3. The time required to travel between the United Kingdom and Kenya depends on the mode of transportation chosen. Typically, air freight has shorter transit times than ocean freight

Consider the shipment’s urgency and the shipping costs when deciding between air and sea freight.

It is essential to account for potential delays resulting from customs clearance or unforeseen circumstances, which could affect the total shipping costs.

4. It may be possible to consolidate your shipment with other shipments destined for Kenya, depending on the size of your shipment.

 Sharing shipping expenses with other carriers can be a cost-effective option. A full container load cargo may be more economical than a less-than-container load shipment if you have a substantial quantity of products.

5. Besides shipping costs, Kenya’s destination fees must be considered.

 These fees may include port administration, customs clearance, storage, and local transportation from the port to your final destination in Kenya

Research and comprehend anticipated destination fees to avoid incurring unforeseen costs.

6. Changes in the foreign exchange rate may affect the total cost of transportation. Therefore, one can determine the optimal time to send remittances or secure in a rate by monitoring exchange rates. 

Consider the payment method you intend to use, as specific methods may incur additional transaction fees or costs.

As shipping costs can vary based on various factors, it is recommended that you consult with shipping providers or freight forwarders to obtain accurate and up-to-date cost estimates based on your specific needs.


Do you ship from the UK to Kenya

UK Kenya shipping provides international shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom for students, international travelers, families, and individuals.

We offer shipping services between the United Kingdom and Kenya that are economical and pocket-friendly and effective. 

We have three decades of experience transporting items to international destinations, so your possessions are in excellent hands with us.

Individuals delivering packages, personal effects, excess cargo, luggage, or any quantity of freight to Kenya can rely on our customized service.

To discuss your unique shipping requirements to Kenya, please get in touch with us at or +447487554202 for a free, no-obligation quote. 

Freight Services by Air to Kenya

Air Cargo Fees of Kenyan Airports


Price (Minimum)

Under 100 kg

Over 100 kg

Mombasa (MBA)

£23.49 (Up to 36 kg)

£3.61 per kilo


£23.49 (Up to 36 kg)

£3.16 per kilo

In the United Kingdom, handling and security fees of £23.49 are applied to all air freight cargo in addition to the freight costs.

The above additional fees only apply to airport arrivals. They do not include ANY fees incurred in Kenya, such as terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, examination, quarantine or inspection fees, customs duties, taxation, and storage costs.

The recipient is responsible for all costs incurred at the destination upon collection of his luggage. 

The local government, which has no control or financial interest, determines its expenditures.

For many years, UK-Kenya shipping has shipped to Kenya. Don’t hesitate to reach us with any questions or any additional information and we will get back to you within the shortest period of time.

Air Freight to Kenya:

 Essential Specifics

• For ultimate shipment, prices will be determined by the final weight and dimensions.

• Before collection, all shipments must be packed safely for security during transportation.

• You may not ship restricted items, hazardous or detrimental products, and valuable items.

• If the price quoted does not include insurance coverage.

• Our prices are subject to change and are reviewed frequently.

• The Standard Trading Conditions to the UK Kenya Shipping Association determine all transactions and copies available upon request.

Air Freight to Kenya 

Specific Country Requirements

The Shippers Inventory must be completed wholly in English when shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Services of Transportation to Kenya.

Costs for Sea Transport to Kenya


Initial Cubic Meter

Each Extra Cubic Metre

Mombasa Seaport


Please be aware that the minimum cost for ocean freight shipments is one cubic meter.

Also, bear in mind that Port and depot delivery are not included in the listed prices. 

They do not include ANY fees incurred in Kenya, such as terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, examination, quarantine or inspection fees, customs duties, taxation, and storage costs.

The recipient is responsible for all costs incurred at the destination upon collection. These expenditures are determined by local government, of which we have no control and financial interest.

For many years, UK-Kenya shipping has shipped to Kenya. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or additional information.

Sea Freight to Kenya.

• The final weight and dimensions will determine the ultimate shipment price.

• Before collection, the shipments must be packaged safely and securely for transport.

• You may not ship restricted items, hazardous or detrimental products, and valuable items.

• The price that is quoted does not include insurance coverage.

• Our prices are subject to change and are reviewed frequently.

•A Standard Trading of the UK Kenya shipping regulates all transactions. Such copies are available upon request.

Sea Freight to Kenya. 

The Shippers Inventory will be completed wholly in English when shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.


Frequent shipments are made to Kenya via air freight. In our website’sAir freight Services’ section, you’ll find air freight rates and other transportation-related details.


 We can ship any quantity of cargo to and from Kenya reliably and securely.

Please visit our page and request a quotation page to obtain a bespoke estimate for your business.

 Our business logistics page provides additional details regarding the variety of freight services we offer businesses.


The shipping fees from the United Kingdom to Kenya vary depending on the parcel’s dimensions, weight, and shipping method.

Cost of travel between UK and Kenya.

Less than 100 kilograms: minimum shipping cost to a particular destination


£23.49 (Up to 36 kg) 


£23.49 (Up to 36 kg) 

In the United Kingdom, a £50 handling security fee is added to the cost of all air freight.

“important information” and “country-specific requirements” sections on the “Air freight” 

The costs listed include ANY additional costs that may be incurred in Kenya, including customs duties, taxes, examination, quarantine, or inspection fees.

 If applicable, the recipient must pay these fees before delivery.


By air freight services, it takes one week to transport cargo from the United Kingdom to Kenya


• Bespoke solution.

• Reasonable pricing.

• Instead of weeks, delivery duration is measured in days.

• All shipments are wrapped with plastic for protection.

Items from the United Kingdom that can’t be exported to Kenya

Consider the applicable import restrictions when shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya

This sub-section offers all the details about Kenya’s import restrictions.

Strict regulations govern which products can and cannot be transported across international frontiers. 

Please confirm that your items are “dangerous” nor “valuable” before shipping. Unfortunately, numerous commonplace products, such as batteries for mobile phones and laptops through air freight

Below are some of the frequent Transportation Concerns between the United Kingdom to Kenya

How long does it take to ship from the United Kingdom to Kenya?

Typically, air freight delivery takes three days a week.

How can cargo be transported cheapest from the United Kingdom to Kenya?

Most individuals who transport a handful of cartons or bags will find the most cost-effective air freight.

How much does UK Kenya shipping to Kenya cost?

The number of shipments, the weight of the dimensions, and the shipping method will determine the ultimate cost so we can not offer a specific figure at the moment.  

In the Air Freight section on our website, you can view our prices and the various services that we provide.

What enterprises distribute to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping provides cost-effective freight services while transporting products from the United Kingdom to Kenya. 

We have three decades of experience transporting items to international destinations, so your possessions are in excellent hands with us.

Individuals delivering packages, personal effects, excess cargo, luggage, or any quantity of freight to Kenya can rely on our customized service.


Transport between the United Kingdom and Kenya.


Below are some of the questions which we may be interested in asking You for the purpose of efficient shipping of your luggage.

What are your shopping intentions?

what are the Shipping Options to Kenya that you wanna use?

How we transport goods through freight to Kenya?

The items you wish to acquire may occasionally be available elsewhere in Kenya.

 You plan to import it from countries like the United Kingdom. Foreign retailers are also willing to capitalize on this trend. 

 As the world becomes more conducive to e-commerce, shipping international orders to Kenya within a few days at a reasonable cost is now possible.

This article continues to explain how to efficiently ship apparel, appliances, and personal care items from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

This article will also explain how to dispatch a parcel from the UK to Kenya and how can assist e-commerce companies in planning their international shipping logistics.

Shipping costs and schedules from the United kingdom to Kenya.

Retailers and individuals pursuing Kenya distribution options are concerned with delivery costs and duration.

It Helps you determine which carrier provides the most outstanding value for your money. The following is a summary of the most popular services is provided:

Using each carrier’s pricing calculator, we calculated the following rates for a 2,2-pound shipment in January 2022. Prices are subject to fluctuation.

 These are the conventional modes of conveyance that consumers can utilize. 

Since we charge a “total fulfillment cost” that consists of selecting, packaging, and shipping, UK Kenya shipping exact customer rates will vary.

If you would like more information about UK Kenya shipping services to Kenya and other international locations, please submit a quote request on this page.

Service Cost

Delivery Duration

Three to four business days with UPS Global Saver for $279.41.

Priority International Shipping via UPS $170.17 Two to five business days

DHL Special Delivery costs $135.52 and takes six to ten business days to arrive.

One to three business days for the $205,78 FedEx Priority International shipping option

FedEx International Economy $197.73 (two to five business days)

How to select a conveyancing firm

Every e-commerce company has unique shipping requirements. Others prioritize environmentally favorable shipping methods, whereas others prioritize next-day delivery.

 Some companies are anxious to reduce fulfillment costs and pass the savings on to customers.

Therefore, there needs to be a precise method for selecting a courier service for your luggage shipment to Kenya. 

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the top four airlines to help you decide.

Carriers Pros Cons


• Deliver costly and heavy cargo to Kenya

• Provides multiple locations for drop-off in the United kingdom 

The parcel retrieval service is offered free of charge.

• Less reliable delivery than FedEx, DHL, and UPS

• No additional fees or surcharges

• Less expensive than FedEx, and UPS

• Inadequate supervision of international orders


• Provides dependable and accurate parcel tracking capabilities

• Provides competitive pricing for business-to-business shipments

• Costs for a one-time parcel retrieval

• Access to the provider’s innovative online shipping tools 

• Fewer pick-up and drop-off locations than the United States Postal Service


• Numerous drop-off locations exist in the United States.

• Customers receive complimentary final-mile tracking and customs support. 

• Shipments are covered by insurance

• Shipping costs are high 

• Additional fees and surcharges for collection must be paid.


• Extremely committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. 

• Offers door-to-door delivery

• There are fewer locations than in the United States  Mail Service.

• Transport costs are higher than those of the competition.

The United States Postal Service’s shipments to Kenya

The UK Kenya shipping confidence level pertains to domestic and international shipping.

UK Kenya shipping must provide global shipment tracking in advance despite being the most cost-effective carrier.

 UK Kenya shipping offers Kenya the most affordable shipping rates, regardless of the package’s weight or dimensions.

When to ship to Kenya using  UK Kenya shipping from the United Kingdom

UK Kenya shipping provides some of the most competitive rates in the industry if you’re looking to keep your shipping costs low. 

Using the flat-rate shipping option, sending large items to Kenya is possible.

This airline does not charge additional fees or surcharges, which is an excellent feature.

UPS freight between the United States and Kenya

United Postal Service (UPS) is one of the largest shipping couriers in the globe, according to reports. 

Founded in 1907, this Fortune 500 company has more than 495,000 employees and ships to more than 220 countries.

UPS’s 24/7 international customer service, complimentary customs support, and on-time delivery are all reasons to entrust your shipments to Kenya to the company.

When to ship to Kenya via UPS from the United Kingdom

This Atlanta-based transportation company is ideal for retailers needing precise last-mile tracking and dependable delivery.

It has a significant presence across the United Kingdom. However, the company’s transportation expenses are significantly higher than its established competitors.

FedEx shipments to Kenya from the United Kingdom via FedEx

FedEx has a significant presence in the United Kingdom. Kenya is among the 220 international destinations the company ships to. 

 It is widely recognized that one of the earliest companies to offer delayed delivery options.

FedEx’s International Shipping Assist simplifies shipping requirements for businesses that frequently ship internationally.

When to ship to Kenya from the United Kingdom via FedEx

Using FedEx’s volume shipping option, you can receive significant discounts if you need to send multiple packages to Kenya. 

In addition, this carrier offers assistance with customer service and accurate shipment tracking.

 DHL transports shipments from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

DHL is a multinational transportation corporation headquartered in London. It is a highly reliable transportation company endeavoring to reduce its carbon footprint.

 This German transportation company is also committed to sustainable logistics and environmental awareness.

When to use DHL to ship to Kenya from the United kingdom

DHL offers fast and dependable international order fulfillment, shipment insurance, and door-to-door package delivery.

DHL’s on-time delivery services are typically significantly more expensive than its competitors. 

The United Kingdom imposes taxes and duties on Kenya-bound cargoes.

All imports are subject to a 16% value-added tax. Additionally, you are typically required to pay an import duty between 0% and 25%. 

You should be aware of the following category-specific customs duty rates:

In addition, the Kenyan customs administration has set the tax-free threshold at $0.

Customs details for Kenya

A clearing agent must clear your goods at the frontier with the Customs and Frontier Control Department (CBCD).

Several clearance documents, including a bill of lading, an import declaration form, a pro forma invoice, and an ISM (if applicable), must be on hand to avoid delays at customs.

Here is a link to Kenya’s customs department’s official website for more information on importing products.

Items prohibited from export to Kenya

Some restricted items cannot be carried into Kenya. These restrictions may result from national security, protectionist measures, or trade embargoes.

Before shipping orders, review this protocol to avoid costly delays, order returns, and penalties.

Products that cannot be shipped to Kenya from the United Kingdom.

Money, currency, banknotes, and traveler’s checks

Platinum, gold, or silver (manufactured or not), and exceptional ornaments and jewelry

Weapons and items that resemble lethal ones are prohibited.

Inappropriate use of obscenity

Radioactive substances

worn apparel

Bedding and comparable products

All fabrics and textiles

What online retailers must understand about shipping to Kenya?

When shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya, consider the following factors.

1. Implement measures to counteract online fraud and increase consumer confidence.

Numerous reports of online fraud are received by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Kenya, causing the general public to be wary of e-commerce transactions.

To reduce their mistrust, construct a highly encrypted and secure website, process payments via reputable payment partners, and protect consumer data.

2. Offer multiple payment options.

Customers choose cash on delivery less frequently than they did in the past, but it remains the most popular payment method for e-commerce in Kenya.

To facilitate the payment procedure for Kenyan customers on your e-commerce website, offer all these options (along with card payment).

3. Engage with consumers via social media.

About 20.2% of the population of Kenya is active on social media.

It captures the attention of this population segment, and it is necessary to establish a robust, engaging, and localized social media presence.

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Shipping to Kenya

These are the most commonly asked queries about shipping between the United Kingdom and Kenya.

Which mode of conveyance is the least expensive between the United Kingdom and Kenya?

Priority Mail International is among the most affordable shipping options between the United kingdom and Kenya.

How can I ship large parcels from the United Kingdom to Kenya for the least amount of money?

The UK-Kenya shipping flat-rate services are the most cost-effective method to ship large and heavy packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya

It ensures that the delivery weight does not affect the postage rate for packages of a specific size.

How soon is it possible to send a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya?

FedEx International Priority and UK Kenya shipping Envelopes are two options for expedited shipping to Kenya in one to three business days.

Does shipping between the United Kingdom and Kenya incur customs duties and fees?

Kenya imposes a 16% value-added tax on imported goods, and import duties range from 0% to 25%. 

How can I ship something to Kenya from the United Kingdom?

The UK Kenya shipping is the fastest parcel delivery service. UPS and FedEx are the most dependable shippers regarding accuracy monitoring and customer service.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international shipping services. Our team will be happy to answer any questions and guide you through the process and brief you on the cost of shipping your luggage.

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