How long it take to receive a package from U.K. to Kenya 2023?



“How long will it take to arrive?”

When it comes to one of the most frequently asked inquiries, then this is one of the most asked questions, but unfortunately, there is no universal answer, as delivery times can vary depending on various factors. By consulting UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, then they will help you estimate the approximate arrival time of your delivery by considering a few factors.


You should carefully select your mode of conveyance. For example, if you choose express UK Kenya shipping, your delivery will arrive much faster than standard shipping. Nevertheless, express UK Kenya shipping is typically more expensive, so the benefits must be measured against the expense.


Always try to take into consideration the container’s dimensions and weight.

 A smaller shipment will typically arrive sooner than a larger shipment. Therefore, smaller shipments are less likely to experience customs delays and are simpler to manage and transport, but with the help of UK Kenya Shipping Ltd you will rest assured of your luggage safety and arrival to the destination in time.


You are required to fully comply with all applicable customs regulations. You must adhere to all relevant customs regulations when shipping a shipment to Kenya. 

Failure to comply will result in unwanted package delays, penalties, or forfeiture. 

Before sending a package, you must undertake thorough research on these regulations. Your shipment should arrive 2 to 3 days after being dispatched, depending on the above-mentioned variables. 

For example, shipping your package via express UK Kenya Shipping delivery will take an average of 2 to 3 days.

However, standard shipping could take up to 21 days if you are delivering a large shipment. These delivery estimates are subject to change based on various factors, which must be considered. For example, delivery times can be affected by weather, transportation, and customs delays.

Consequently, keeping track of your shipment online and maintaining contact with your shipping provider to obtain the most up-to-date delivery status information is always recommended.

In conclusion

When sending a parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenya, it is imperative to clearly put into consideration the best shipping method, and UK Kenya shipping will help you with this advice, depending on the size and weight of the cargo, and any applicable customs regulations.

By doing so, you can estimate how long it will take for your delivery to arrive. Even though delivery times can differ, communicating with your shipper can help ensure your shipment arrives in good condition and on time.


Air freight transport from the United Kingdom to Kenya requires 2 or 3 days. 


• Bespoke service.

• Reasonable pricing.

• Delivery times measured in days rather than weeks.

• All shipments are wrapped in plastic for additional protection.

You must know to be aware of all the applicable import restrictions when shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Some of the information regarding Kenya’s import restrictions include, 

  1. Strict regulations govern which products can and cannot be shipped across international frontiers.
  2.  Please ensure your items are neither “dangerous” nor “valuable” before sending them. 
  3. Numerous commonplace products, such as batteries for mobile phones and laptops, fragrances, and deodorant cans, are deemed “dangerous” for air freight. What else exists? You will evaluate the proposed delivery offers from the United Kingdom to Kenya.
  4.  Choose the most acceptable option, pay using a valid method, and await the courier. UK Kenya shipping simplifies door-to-door shipment delivery.

How does it work? 

The online transportation platform for UK Kenya shipping unites tens of thousands of international and local carriers, searching for and utilizing available space on their vehicles. 

That allows for the shipment of large and small parcels and, if necessary, packages requiring expedited delivery. 

In addition, UK Kenya shipping seeks to open spaces on the cars of one or more carriers on an ongoing basis. The one-of-a-kind system of the UK-Kenya shipping platform makes it very easy for us to offer you exceptionally competitive prices for shipping services from the United Kingdom to Kenya and to rest assured of the quality of these services if you need expedited shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Security of your luggage in transit is a very important crucial aspect of the delivery process, regardless of whether you send a valuable gift or a genuinely expensive item. 

All packages shipped from the United Kingdom to Kenya via the UK Kenya shipping platform are covered by standard insurance, and this is one of the many advantages which comes by You choosing to ship with UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

After using it, you will immediately be in a position to rank the UK Kenya shipping as a straightforward and convenient method for sending packages.

But how long is the length?

Depending on the destination, it can take as little as a day. In the future, when you need a delivery service, you won’t have to consider twice about who to entrust your package for transportation.

Some couriers offer expedited UK Kenya shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya, while others are renowned for their adaptability in terms of delivery methods. 

Even the postal service offers more pocket friendly services than other transportation companies. So what must we do to ensure that our UK Kenya shipping cargo from the United Kingdom to Kenya arrive quickly, safely, and affordably? This dilemma has been resolved and made a reality by UK Kenya shipping implementation of its unparalleled transportation system.

The UK-Kenya shipping platform unites many local and international carriers and always chooses the most effective shipping routes. 

Therefore, you will not incur the cost and time to research and compare prices to find the most affordable service.

With a few clicks on the UK Kenya shipping platform’s website, you will access UK Kenya shipping information regarding the final shipment transportation cost and the selected shipping agency, learn when couriers will collect and deliver packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya, and select the most convenient payment method. 

In addition, you will shortly receive an email which will be containing all the necessary shipping information. 

The expense associated with conveying a shipment from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Input the Parcel’s destination, origin, weight, and dimensions to view the UK-Kenya shipping price list. Then, our company’s current prices for the specified route will be displayed. As a result, customers will be in a position to arrive and also make an informed decision based on comparing other carriers’ fees. 

The delivery fee is determined by the size and weight of the package as well as the distance between cities.

 Additionally, we deliver express packages via interstate routes. It is of the utmost needs, so we provide it as quickly as possible. 

This service’s price will also be listed. 

However, it should be noted that expedited transportation methods are more expensive. All prices include conveyance costs and a 25 euro insurance premium. That is why we urge you to choose UK Kenya shipping courier and send us your shipment if you’re searching for the most cost-effective option and be rest assured that you will not regret it.

How long can we ship from the United Kingdom to Kenya?

Our economical courier requires an average of three days to deliver packages between these nations. Primarily, delivery time is determined by the traveled distance. 

However, express UK-Kenya shipping is always the best option. As a result, the required delivery time is reduced to minimal hours. Most expedited shipments are delivered between one and two business days. 

Anyone who sends a parcel through our platform can also monitor its location in real time. 

It facilitates determining the exact delivery date to the recipient and locating a missing package.

Which items are prohibited from being shipped to Kenya?

Each courier service’s regulations include a list of prohibited items. This list is compiled for multiple purposes, including international regulation compliance, practicality, and frequent air travel. 

UK Kenya shipping is not viable when comes to transporting hazardous materials and substances like most other shipping companies, such as ammunition, weapons, acids, mercury, pathogens, and viruses. These items may endanger the safety of other cargoes and of course, we would not want this. 

In addition, our courier does not accept packages containing controlled substances, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cigarettes, perishable goods, or original works of art. 

We operate with some carriers, including;

  1. UK Kenya Shipping
  2. IMX
  3.  FedEx 
  4. DPD
  5. TNT 
  6. ASM 
  7. DHL 

Each of which has its own rules to which we adhere. If you are still not yet determined, please consult the tab at the bottom of the page, submit a query via the contact form, or call us. 

Finally, we remind you that each nation has its laws and traditions. Therefore, before shipping, it is very important to become acquainted with them.

 The cargo is subject to inspection at the border. If the shipment contains a prohibited item, it will likely be returned to the sender, and in extreme cases, customs may seize it. After determining which items will fit in the container, you can choose place an order with the UK-Kenya shipping.

The swift UK Kenya shipping statistics between the United Kingdom and Kenya.

 Our low-cost courier strives to deliver shipments faster and more pocket-friendly. This service is frequently used by those sending valuable items, so the customer need not worry if any damage occurs during transport because he will receive a refund. Currently, 28% of British consumers have decided to purchase this insurance. 

Packaging and labeling

To ensure the cargo reaches its destination undamaged.

1. It must be packaged to minimize the effects of any disturbances that may occur during transport. 

The most essential component is the box, which must be rigid. 

2. Protect the item with bubble wrap, which will always provide sufficient cushioning.

3. Fill any empty packaging space with a pliable material to ensure nothing can move. 

4. Remember to attach the bill of lading to a prominent location on the Parcel before securing it. We send such a label to the customer and make it accessible in their printable panel.

Deliver a package to Kenya.

UK Kenya Shipping is way off cheaper making it one of the reasons why you should choose it, when shipping to Kenya then UK Kenya shipping, FedEx, and UPS  send to Nairobi, Mombasa, and more are the best shipping companies to look for with no fear of don’t your Goods will be in safe hands and secure.

Receive an immediate online price quote to compare services and prices. Then, scheduling is simple; we will walk you through the process.

Exporting to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping direct is our most cost-effective service to Kenya; UK Kenya shipping is viable for delivery, and we coordinate pickup. Additionally, you can drop off your delivery at one of our locations.

This service permits the shipment of packages up to 70 kilograms and pallets up to 300 kilograms. You can reserve an air freight service for larger loads and pick up your cargo at Mombasa (MBA) or Nairobi (NBO) airports.

The travel duration for Kenya

Approximately two working days are required to deliver express shipments from the United Kingdom to Kenya with the Aid of UK Kenya shipping Ltd.

You may receive a slight delay if your collection or delivery address is in a remote area. You can find out by entering your postcodes into our transit time calculators.

Every shipment from the United Kingdom to Kenya requires customs clearance. Uk Kenya Shipping Ltd will generate a customs invoice detailing all the contents of your UK Kenya shipping cargo as part of your booking, or you may submit your own.

Taxes and duties may be applicable but are not included in your estimate. For more information, please visit the Kenyan Customs and Border Control website.

Furthermore, you can conduct investigate research on the airline restrictions for Kenya.

Deliver a package to Kenya.

When sending a package internationally, a reliable international courier is required. Parcel Force Worldwide has the knowledge and expertise to provide parcel delivery services and serves more than 99% of the world’s population. 

In addition, we can streamline the process by explaining the restrictions, customs fees, and delivery options for each country.

We offer services such as booking online, over the phone, and in person, and we will pick you up from your front door. Alternatively, you can dispatch your package from any of our depots or more than 11,000 Post Office® locations nationwide. The preponderance of our international services is covered by standard insurance

UK Kenya Shipping Ltd will deliver when it comes to packaging delivery.

Twelve Distribution Areas.

This are some of the transportation zones;

• Print

• Email

• Share

Package delivery details

• Non-account clients

• Account clients


General Counsel

• Please include a complete and accurate address, an email address in the proper format, and the mobile or landline number of the intended recipient on the label to ensure timely delivery. It will aid the delivery partner in delivering the package precisely on the first attempt. It must be prominently displayed on the packaging.  

• The estimated delivery times do not account for delays caused by customs procedures in the destination country. Customs could impede the delivery of your shipment.

Product Specific Advice

• This page defines ‘working days and other pertinent data. 

    Global express shipments

• Our carrier partners require a full name on all international express shipments to avoid delivery and customs complications.

• All shipments must have invoices.

• Transit times for international express depend on pickup schedules, shipper and recipient locations, and sender and recipient addresses.

• For additional information, consult UK Kenya Shipping or Kenya’s official customs website to find out more on customs prohibited and restricted.

• The preponderance of exports to Kenya requires customs documentation.

• Confirm that your items are not prohibited and restricted by consulting this page. 

• If you need specific customs advice and the most recent regulations, please visit the Kenya customs website.


When you ship your luggage to Kenya with Parcel UK Kenya shipping, you can enjoy the benefit of our many years of experience in the delivery industry. With a three-day intercontinental air service from collection or delivery, you can rest assured that our packages will arrive promptly, safely, and in the same condition as when they were sent.

Are you seeking a courier service from the United Kingdom to Kenya? From booking to delivery, UK Kenya shipping Parcel from the U.K. offers the best prices and the most convenience. After registering with us, which only takes a few minutes, you can book your Parcel via our user-friendly website – it’s so easy to use.

Moreover, it allows you to make arrangements for collection from your home or office and delivery within a few days.

If you book online before midnight, one of our friendly couriers will collect your package the next day – or on the date you specify – after that process then we will deliver it in three days using our expedited UK Kenya air service. 

One advantage of many of UK Kenya shipping is that we offer free contents insurance up to the value of £50 on all international shipments, free online tracking, and the best of the most pcoket friendly delivery rates to Kenya.

How to Send a parcel to Kenya for a low price?

We are proud of our international parcel delivery prices, and we strive to keep our shipping rates to Kenya as low as possible, with collection and delivery starting at just £38.91*.

To save your money on delivery fees, you can also send off your cargo at one of our more than 50 nationwide depots.

Not only do we offer some of the most affordable courier services from the United Kingdom to Kenya, but UK Kenya Shipping Ltd will also assure you of swift and reliable and efficient delivery.

However, in addition our best efforts, delivery within these time frames may only sometimes be possible, particularly in remote areas of the country.

Remember, to choose the quickest delivery possible if you are iin a position to, you should alsobe aware of what you can and cannot send through the mail. 

In addition, all items will require Customs clearance, so plainly and accurately label everything to avoid delays and additional costs. 


Every shipment leaving the United Kingdom must have a customs form filled out. That informs Customs Agents in the destination country of the contents of your shipment, allowing them to process it correctly.

As with most international shipments, transporting a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya may incur additional customs duties and import taxes. 

Sending personal shipments to Kenya requires an additional declaration in the form of a pro-forma invoice listing the contents and their respective values which UK Kenya World Shipping will come in handy. 

This invoice must be written in English. It must include the same information as a commercial invoice, but letterhead is optional. Any new personal effects declared are subject to duties, and a passport is required for certification.

If this sounds difficult, don’t worry. When you book your delivery with UK Kenya shipping Parcel U.K., we will provide you with all the necessary documents to get your package through U.K. and Kenyan customs.


Before arranging your courier service to Kenya, please clarify that all the items you wish to send are permitted; products expected in the United Kingdom are sometimes restricted or prohibited from shipping to other countries.

Numerous articles in Kenya fall under this category; therefore, we advise you to double-check the regulations each time you submit a shipment, as they are subject to change.

Please visit the Kenya Revenue Authority’s website for more details on restricted and prohibited items in Kenya.

Alcohol, fresh (perishable) consumables, and controlled substances are prohibited from sending to Kenya and are also on the UK Kenya shipping to U.K. refused list.


In addition, until further notice, the following items are prohibited from shipment to Kenya:

Meat, poultry, and fish Drugs and chemicals. Most animal bones, antlers, teeth, and other animal by-products are used to produce drugs and chemicals.

Eggs and Dangerous dairy waste Mercury-containing soaps and cosmetics Consumables Firearms and pyrotechnics Counterfeit currency.


Depending on where the cargo is sent from in the United Kingdom, it will travel approximately 5000 miles to KenyaAlso, for this reason, we recommend taking additional precautions when shipping your packages. 

For example, before reaching Eastern Africa, all shipments must pass through depots equipped with manual and automated classification devices and road and air transit routes.

We accept packages weighing up to 25 kg and measuring up to 70 x 70 x 70 cm, but regardless of size or weight, you must always use a sturdy outer box and not overfill it.

 In addition, use a lightweight cushioning material to prevent the contents from shifting excessively and becoming damaged during transport.

Consult our International packaging guide for more information on preparing your packages for international shipping.


We can collect from your residence or place of business.

Globally renowned courier delivery to more than 160 countries

Online delivery tracking and notification for both sender and recipient.

Coverage of contents 

It is integrated with more than ten e-commerce platforms to facilitate parcel delivery.

Our ”reverse order” feature facilitates customer returns.


We are proud of our world-class courier services, from when you request a quotation to when your shipment arrives at its destination. 

Moreover, we take the delivery of products seriously so that you can rest confident that the shipment arrives in Kenya without incident.

 If the value of your package exceeds £50, additional coverage is available for purchase. 

In addition, our free online tracking service will provide you with complete visibility over your delivery journey. So what is limiting your from shipping your luggage with UK Kenya Shipping Ltd and sit back and rest assured that your luggage is in safe hands.


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