Does DHL ship to Kenya from the UK 2023



UK Kenya shipping is one of the world’s most reputable and trusted couriers regarding international shipping. With its extensive network and efficient delivery systems, UK Kenya shipping is often famous for sending packages and parcels across borders.

 However, if you are specifically looking for a package from the UK to Kenya, you may wonder if UK Kenya shipping offers this service.

 In this article, we look at whether UK Kenya shipping delivers to Kenya from the UK and give the information you need to make an informed decision.

UK Kenya shipping and international shipping

UK Kenya shipping and  DHL are the global logistics company providing international express services, freight forwarding and supply chain management solutions.

 It operates in 220 countries and territories worldwide, making it a significant player in the international shipping industry.

DHL delivery services

DHL offers a variety of delivery services to meet your different shipping needs. These services include DHL Express, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Mail and DHL Freight. 

While each service is tailored to specific requirements, DHL Express is often preferred for international shipments.

UK Kenya shipping Express from the UK to Kenya

The good news is that UK Kenya shipping offers shipping services from the UK to Kenya For example, UK Kenya shipping Express service allows you to safely and reliably ship parcels, documents and parcels from the UK to various locations in Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping Express offers fast and efficient door-to-door delivery, providing your shipment which reaches its destination on time.

Benefits of using UK Kenya shipping Express.

1. Speed: 

UK Kenya shipping Express is known for its fast delivery times. Usually, UK Kenya shipping Express shipments from the UK to Kenya are delivered within 2 to 3 business days, depending on the destination.

2. Tracking and Transparency: 

DHL does not offers robust tracking capabilities so uk kenya shipping offer and it follows the progress of your shipment at every stage of the delivery process.

 You will receive real-time updates informing you where your package is.

3. Reliability: 

UK Kenya shipping has a reputation for reliability and professionalism.

 With its extensive global network and advanced logistics infrastructure, UK Kenya shipping ensures your shipment is handled carefully and delivered safely.

4. Customs Expertise: 

International shipping often involves navigating complex customs procedures.

UK Kenya shipping has years of experience with customs regulations, which makes the process easier and reduces the risk of delays or complications.

Further considerations and information

1. Shipping cost: 

The cost to ship from the UK to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping depends on several factors, such as the size and weight of the shipment, the speed of delivery chosen and any additional services required.

 We recommend requesting a quote from UK Kenya shipping or checking their website for accurate pricing information.

2. Restricted and Prohibited Items: 

It is essential to be aware of restricted or prohibited items when shipping from the UK to Kenya .

 Specific rules may apply to certain things, such as dangerous goods, weapons and perishable goods. 

Please get in touch with UK Kenya shipping or Kenya Customs for a complete list of restricted items.

3. Packaging and Documentation

 Proper Packaging and accurate documentation are essential for a smooth shipping experience.

 Make sure your package is well-packed and well-protected.

 Also, provide all necessary Documentation:, including customs forms and invoices, to meet international shipping requirements.


UK Kenya shipping Express is an excellent choice for sending a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya

With its reliable and efficient delivery services, UK Kenya shipping provides that your shipment arrives at its destination on time and safely. 

Using UK Kenya shipping global network and experience, you can be assured that your parcel is in good hands. Remember to take into account shipping costs and observe all restrictions.

Documentation and accurate and complete shipment information are essential to ensure a smooth customs clearance process.

UK Kenya shipping will guide you through the necessary steps and help you comply with all customs requirements.

Delivery Restrictions and Charges: 

It would help to familiarise yourself with specific delivery restrictions or charges when shipping to Kenya.

 Some items, such as firearms, pharmaceuticals or food, may require special permits or be subject to additional taxes or regulations.

 Please check with UK Kenya shipping or Kenya customs authorities to ensure any import restrictions or charges are met.

In conclusion, UK Kenya shipping provides reliable and efficient shipping services from the UK to Kenya via UK Kenya shipping Express service.

 With its extensive global network, fast delivery times and robust tracking system, UK Kenya shipping offers a convenient and secure solution for sending parcels to Kenya

By following the guidelines, understanding all restrictions, and leveraging UK Kenya shipping expertise, you can ensure a smooth shipping experience for your international shipments.

Send a parcel to Kenya.

Book delivery in Kenya via Transglobal Express and save on UK Kenya shipping,DHL, FedEx and UPS couriers. Send to Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and more.

Get an instant online quote to compare services and prices. Then booking is straightforward: we guide you step by step.

Export to Kenya

UK Kenya shipping Express Direct is our most convenient service to Kenya, operated by UK Kenya shipping, with collection arranged by us. You can also leave your package at one of our delivery points.

With this service, you can ship parcels up to 70 kg and pallets up to 300 kg.

 In addition, you can book an air freight service for larger shipments and collect your cargo from Mombasa (MBA) or Nairobi (NBO) airports.

Transit time in Kenya

An express courier from the UK to Kenya takes approximately five working days.

It may take longer if your pickup or destination address is remote. You can use our transit time calculators to find out by entering your postcodes.

Customs information for UK Kenya shipping

All parcels sent to Kenya from the UK are subject to customs clearance

We will generate a customs invoice for you as part of your booking detailing the contents of your shipment, or you can upload your invoice.

Taxes and fees may be applied and are not included in the quote. 

You can check the Kenya Customs and Border Control website for more information.

Also, check courier restrictions for Kenya.

Import from Kenya to the UK

Need to ship a parcel from Kenya to the UK? 

UK Kenya shipping also offer import services – choose UPS or TG Express, which DHL operates.

Select Kenya as your shipping address to get a quick quote.

Courier to Kenya

 1. Courier to Kenya

Courier to KenyaUK Kenya shipping Courier to Kenya


Customers can send documents, gifts, parcels, excess baggage and cargo to London – United Kingdom, with our UK Kenya shipping courier service in Kenya. So let’s learn more about a beautiful Kenya.

 Two ways to send mail and cargo to Kenya

 • Courier via UK Kenya shipping and others in Kenya

• Air transport in Kenya

 2. Courier with a market-leading partner (UK Kenya shipping)


UK Kenya shipping is the best option if you are looking for a courier service. They usually deliver within 5 business days. 

These couriers are fast and safe delivery services to over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

They offer door-to-door delivery services that can track your parcel for free via SMS, phone or online and ensure your property is signed for. The best is that we provide all these services without an account. 

And the price. The price starts from £23.49. So if you need to send the parcel to the capital of another rural region, it’s all possible with these dedicated courier services.

 What can you submit on these services?

  Documents, gifts, parcels,mobile phones, laptop

• Excess baggage, small packages

• Personal items, dry food, canned food

 3. Air and sea transportation

 Generally, it is for large volumes over 100kg and airport deliveries only.

You can send as below:

 • Excess baggage

• Personal effects

Air transport from the airport to the airport

• Send help by air

• Normally, delivery takes place within five days

 For more information, visit Cargo in Kenya.

If you ship less than 100kg, UK Kenya shipping Express is best; go to a form for a courier in Kenya, and once we receive the form, we will keep you in touch with the correct information and the total cost. 

If you want packaging materials related to couriers and goods, visit this website and buy dozens of tapes, packaging, etc. Packaging materials for couriers and goods

The difference between the courier service and the freight service in the UK

 We have seen situations where customers still determine the services they want. 

They often get caught up in the war between courier and cargo services. One of the differences is how long it takes. Generally, delivery by courier from the UK takes five working days (depending on the destination). 

Loading takes approximately five to seven working days from the day of the flight

So when you use a UK Kenya shipping, you get door-to-door delivery, UK customs clearance, airfreight to your destination and customs clearance at your door (customs duties are not included in your delivery). 

Alternatively, a freight service offers air freight and airport delivery.

The UK Kenya shipping courier service is also less expensive than the other two services. In comparison, freight services are cheaper.

 It is a standard transfer method, so the freight service is best suited for bulk cargo and excess baggage shipments. However, you can also use the courier service for sending small parcels and shipments. Weight limits are another difference.

 The carrier has a weight limit per box; you cannot send the packet if you exceed it. 

UK Kenya shipping Freight service is primarily restricted to that limitation, meaning you can generally ship heavy packages even if they are unusually shaped (but the packaging must be appropriate).

With more than 49.7 million inhabitants, Kenya is an East African country. 

It includes Savannah, the Lakelands, the spectacular Great Rift Valley and the mountain plateaus. It is also a home to wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhinos. 

From Nairobi, the capital, safaris visit the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, known for annual wildebeest migrations, and Amboseli National Park, which overlooks Tanzania’s 5,895-meter-high Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Please take a look at our beautiful Africa in David Attenborough’s documentary.

Below are some advertisements that may provide more information than is offered here.

Similarly, if you’re looking to ship from the UK overnight to the UK or Europe with tracking, check out UK Kenya shipping Parcel. 

It’s slightly cheaper than DHL Express, mainly to UK or Europe. DHL Parcel Delivery and click away for a low-cost alternative domestic and international parcel delivery from just £23.49.

Ten best ways to Send a Parcel to Kenya

Send a parcel to Kenya? 

There are dozens of professional couriers and couriers serving the Kenyan market.

 They deliver your package from overseas quickly and safely in the same condition you sent it to Kenya

Plus, they give you an instant quote for your international shipping needs before booking the services.

 That way, you know what and when to expect your package based on the price listed.

Service options


1. Shipping only

The shipment is valid only for those who already have a package and want to send it to Kenya.

The steps are as follows:-

• Indicate the origin and destination of the package

• Specify shipping details (size, shape and description of contents)

• Get an estimated quote from the UK kenya shipping company

• Book for services

• Receive and pay for the package

If you don’t have a parcel but would like to shop overseas before using the shipping service, then;

• Purchase and pay for products from international sellers

• Indicate the delivery address of the courier as the delivery point for the products

• The shipping company receives and sends a parcel to Kenya on your behalf

Most shipping companies like UK Kenya shipping do not accept returns for shipping-only orders.


• When you buy and ship products, you can take advantage of discounts and promotions by making your purchases

• If you are dealing with a transport company with multiple delivery points, you can buy the products and ship them to one delivery point with the cheapest shipping costs like UK Kenya shipping.

• You know sure what is in the package for Kenya.


2. Purchase and ship

The simplified steps above apply if your package is ready to ship.

 If you are in Kenya or another country, you can always hire a UK Kenya shipping company to buy and ship a package to Kenya as follows:

• Choose the shipping company’s “buy and ship” option such as UK Kenya shipping.

• Get the product link and forward it to the UK Kenya shipping company, asking them to purchase the product on your behalf

• Generate and accept a revised estimated quote, including purchase price, cost of service, and product shipping charges

• Book the services by paying the purchase price

• Receive and pay for the package.

As part of the shopping and UK Kenya shipping service, you get a 100% refund if the courier delivers the wrong item. 

However, they do not accept returns on items delivered following the customer’s order. Therefore, you should consider online sellers carefully before providing the link of their products to the UK Kenya shipping company. 

However, if you return a product for warranty or repair, you only have to pay the shipping costs.


• Allows you to purchase products from sellers who do not ship to Kenya. You can contact the UK Kenya shipping company to do the shipping and the purchases on your behalf.

• A safer and more convenient option if the online merchant does not accept your local bank cards.

• You don’t need to sign up for unnecessary money transfer services

• You do not pay extra costs for groceries.

Our top 10 picks


1. UK Kenya shipping Express Ltd – Ideal for shipping any size parcel

UK Kenya shipping is a renowned international shipping and courier service specialist in Kenya and over 220 other countries worldwide.

 Ship a package to Kenya via UK Kenya shipping and use their robust tracking systems to ensure safe delivery. In addition, UK Kenya shipping has no size or weight restrictions, making it the best option for bulk parcels.

 It also uses land, air and ocean freight logistics to handle standard and custom shipments worldwide seamlessly.


Services available: parcel delivery, postal service and e-commerce support

• Shipping cost per kg: £23.49.

• Maximum weight and dimensions: 300 kg per package, length 300 cm (based on custom quote)

• Transit time: 2 to 3 days

• Package tracking updates: email and customer service.

• Delivery method: land, air, sea.

What we like

• No collection fees or volume obligations

• 24/7 customer service, no waiting

• Has international door-to-door parcel delivery.

• Immediate refunds for service interruptions


2. UK Kenya shipping – Best for fast and affordable shipping from the Uk to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping purchases and ships products and packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya

It is best to import goods from the Uk to Kenya. The UK Kenya shipping will provide you with an estimate, including all customs clearance costs, so there are no surprises on delivery. 

This prize has an additional 5% value in items if your package is worth or more. Then you pay the extra to insure the package. In addition, cash on delivery only applies to shipping costs. 

If you use a shopping and UK Kenya shipping service, you must pay the total amount for orders over.


• Available services: parcel delivery (Buy n Ship and shipping only)

Shipping costs per kg: £23.49

• Maximum Weight and Dimensions: No minimum or maximum quantity requirements

• Delivery times: for 2 -3 working days

• Package tracking updates: Customer service emails and phone calls

• Method of delivery: air, sea

What we like

• Simplified and transparent pricing policy, no surprises on delivery

• Real-time updates on purchase, shipping and package arrival

• Consolidate bulk items to minimize costs

Shipping to other major cities in Kenya except Nairobi upon request


3. UK Kenya shipping Cargo – Ideal for shipments from the UK to Kenya.

 How to ship a package to Kenya from UK to Kenya

Then choose UK Kenya shipping for a carefree experience. 


• Services available: parcel delivery, postal service and e-commerce support.

Shipping cost per kg:£23.49 by sea

• Maximum weight and dimensions: 300 kg per package, length 300 cm (based on custom quote)

• Transit time: 2-3 days by air, 1 week sea.

• Package Tracking Updates: Regular real-time tracking and notification alerts via email and phone

• Method of delivery: air, sea.

What we like

• Offer guided shopping for non-UK residents upon request

• Real-time tracking and notifications.

• Handles all customs clearance, complex logistics and paperwork for bulk deliveries

• Free inspection of packaging for accuracy, discrepancies and damage

• Consolidate multiple packages to reduce shipping costs.

UK Kenya shipping – Ideal for shipping to the UK.

 You need to send the package to Kenya after shopping on UK Kenya shipping, eBay, Amazon or any other online store in the UK; count on Box Kenya for delivery. 

UK Kenya shipping,has one of the lowest shipping rates per kg. Additionally, they offer free storage of your purchases in their warehouses for up to 30 days.

 They then consolidate and repackage the products to eliminate unnecessary packaging to minimize weight and shipping costs.

 Plus, you can browse stores in the UK and take advantage of seasonal offers on UK Kenya shipping website.


• Available services: shop and shipping, shipping only.

• Maximum Weight and Dimensions: No minimum or maximum weight requirements

• Transit time: UK: 1 weeks.

• Package tracking updates: Email and SMS notifications

• Delivery Method: Air Freight Only.


What we like:

• Get a free UK address when you sign up

• Offers guided shopping and parcel grouping

• Free shipping insurance for packages worth less

• Delivery the next day after arrival in Kenya for final destinations outside of Nairobi.

• No hidden or unexpected costs.

• Excellent communication.

 5. FedEx Kenya: Best for sending business parcels to Kenya.

 FedEx is a reputable international shipping company with regional offices in Kenya

He is working with TNT to send a package to Kenya quickly. Here you open a FedEx account and then receive the shipping boxes (10kg or 25kg), depending on the weight of the package. 

Also, their prices include insurance and customs clearance costs. And you will benefit from discounts from 6 to 20% on shipping costs. This option is excellent for B2B parcel mailing.


Services available: express courier, courier and shipping services.

• Shipping rate per kg: adjusted rates

• Maximum weight and dimensions: 150 lbs.

• Delivery times: from 2 to 6 working days

• Package tracking updates: FedEx Mobile Tracking

• Method of delivery: air, sea, land

What we like

• Accurate delivery times or your money back

• Free packaging with simplified paperwork

• Reliable mobile application to track and trace your parcel

• Has weekend deliveries


6. United Parcel Service (UPS) Kenya – Ideal for same-day deliveries

  UPS Kenya is an American-owned international shipping company. This company helps individuals and businesses move parcels around the world quickly. 

Its head office is in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and it can ship packages to its Nairobi branch. 

And it consolidates its six-pack shipping solutions (UPS Express Plus, UPS Express, UPS Express Saver, UPS Expedited, UPS Worldwide Express Freight, and UPS Worldwide Express Freight Midday) for both urgent and less urgent shipments. 

For example, you can have your package delivered the next day or agree on a day and time you want your parcel delivered in Kenya. UPS guarantees this delivery on a defined day.


Services available: international shipping, contract logistics, money transfer

• Shipping cost per kg: n.a. The price depends on the service package, country code, weight, content and specific additional charges.

• Maximum weight and dimensions: 70 kg per package

• Delivery times: from 1 to 5 working days

• Package Tracking Updates: On the UPS website, SMS and email notifications

• Method of delivery: air, sea


What we like

• A wide range of shipping options for urgent deliveries

• Make a maximum of three delivery attempts

• Convenient downtown shipping locations

• Excellent tracking capabilities.

UK Kenya shipping – For versatile delivery methods



UK Kenya shipping is a package shipping specialist that hires UK Kenya shipping,DHL, USPS, FedEx, Planet Mail and Postal Service to ship a package to Kenya. Here you can ship 0.5kg, 4.5kg or 20kg boxes.

 Therefore, you can bundle multiple parcels and put them in one package to save shipping costs. Then choose a delivery method based on your budget and urgency.

In addition,UK Kenya shipping Express offers duty-free storage in its warehouse.


• Services available: Parcel Shipping, Consolidation, Fulfillment, Shop For Me services

• Shipping per kg: from £23.49

• Maximum weight and size: 3 lbs., 24 inches. Maximum. Length

• Delivery times: from 2-3  working days

• Package tracking updates: Email and SMS notifications

• Method of delivery: air, land, sea

• Prohibited Items:

 What we like

• Free warehouse storage for up to 5 days

• Save up to 80% with package consolidation

• Get a free Uk address

• Responsive and helpful customer service


8.UK Kenya shipping – For convenient delivery methods

UK Kenya shipping is another courier that operates similarly to DHL.

Contract with other shipping companies like UK Kenya shipping, DHL and USPS to send a package to Kenya through versatile delivery options. 

Plus, pick up and deliver your package at home or work at an affordable rate. Your package from the United Kingdom will arrive in Kenya with the shipping method of your choice. 

It goes to Kenya Postal Service handlers for final delivery.


• Services available: Forward package

• Shipping costs per kg: £23.49

• Maximum Weight and Height: No height or weight restrictions

• Delivery time: 2-3 days

• Package tracking updates: Email and SMS notifications

• Delivery method: land, air, sea

What we like

• Has convenient pick up and drop off services

• Protective cover available as an option

• Offers collections for the weekend

• Provides access to reduced shipping costs


9. UK Kenyashipping – Ideal for documents and small parcels

UK Kenyashipping is a courier specializing in the global transport of documents and parcels. Partners with a worldwide network of 178 other postal companies. 

In Kenya, UK Kenyashipping cooperates with the Postal Corporation of £23.49. Also, UK Kenya shipping Kenya’s pricing is related to distance travelled, not package weight or size, making it a more affordable option.


• Services available: letter post and parcel post services.

• Shipping costs per kg: not applicable

• Maximum weight and dimensions: £23.49

• Transit time: 2- 3 days

• Package tracking updates: SMS and email notifications

• Delivery method: land, sea, air.

• Fastest cross-border courier service

• Ship a package to Kenya from 3,000 destinations worldwide

• It has 285 acceptance centres in Kenya

• Convenient shipping options


10. Online stores

Finally, there are online stores that ship directly to Kenya. They contain: –

  • UK Kenya shipping
  • Amazonia
  •  eBay
  •  Etsy
  • AliExpress
  •  Scope
  •  Walmart
  •  Best buy
  • New egg
  • Hoe
  •  Do-it-yourself shop
  •  Excess inventory
  •  Kohls

Here are more tips to keep your parcel safe direct from online stores:-

• Ask your bank to register your card for international payments

• Call and send a message to the online store’s support department before completing the shipping transaction

• Read past customer feedback on customer service and supplier communications

• Focus on multiple gold suppliers with verified locations and recent transaction history

• Check the return policy

• Insist on buyer protection or pay through an escrow account

 Frequently asked questions about sending a package to Kenya.


1. The factors should you consider when choosing the best shipping solution for sending a package to Kenya?

Consider the prices, the list of available services, customer support, the reputation and reliability of the shipping company like uk kenya shipping and its efficiency in providing the services.

2. How will my package be cleared through Kenya Customs?

 When deciding which courier or online shop will ship your package to Kenya safely and reliably, compare each company’s quotes and additional benefits. 

Ultimately, you want to take advantage of loyalty programs and other offers to loyal customers.


If you need to send the parcel to Kenya, use our many years of delivery experience by sending it with UK Kenya shipping Parcel UK. 

We all have some of the best people in the business who carry our shipments, and with a worldwide -day air service from collection or delivery, you can rest assured it will arrive quickly and safely, in the same condition it was sent in.

Looking for a courier service to Kenya from the UK?

 Look no further than DHL Parcel UK for the best value and convenience from booking to delivery.

If you book online before midnight, one of our friendly drivers will collect your package the following day – or whichever day you prefer – and deliver it to your destination within three days using our worldwide express air service. 

We offer free content coverage valued at £23.49 as standard on all international deliveries, free online tracking and what we think are some of the best prices for delivery to Kenya.


*Kenya holidays may affect our estimated transit times.


We are proud of our prices for international parcel delivery and keep our shipping rates to Kenya as low as possible, with collection and delivery charges starting from just £23.49 Kenya

 You can also drop off your package in one of our 50+ nationwide depots and save more on package delivery costs. See the current courier costs for small and medium-sized parcels below.


Not only do we provide some of the cheapest couriers from the UK to Kenya, but they are also fast – even on the East of Africa, you can still expect delivery to take as little as three days*.

 However, we always aim to deliver your items within these times; sometimes, your parcel may take longer to arrive, particularly in more remote areas of the country.

Remember that to ensure the quickest possible delivery. However, you can know what you can and cannot ship.

 In addition, all items must be cleared through customs, so label everything clearly and correctly to avoid unnecessary delays and costs. See below for more information on Kenyan businesses.


You must complete a customs form for any parcel leaving the UK. In this way, the customs officers of the destination country know the contents of your package to process it correctly.

As with most international shipments, there are sometimes additional customs duties and import taxes you pay when sending a package to Kenya from the UK, depending on the contents. 

Therefore, when you prepare your package, attach an inventory describing all the contents to comply with this regulation.

Sending personal effects to Kenya requires additional declaration using a proforma invoice with a detailed list of contents with individual values. This invoice must be written in English. 

It has the exact requirements as the commercial invoice but doesn’t have to be on letterhead. 

Please note that all new items declared as personal effects are subject to import duties, and the recipient’s passport is required for approval.

If that sounds like a challenge, don’t worry – when you book delivery with UK Kenya shipping and DHL Parcel UK, we’ll provide you with all the forms you need to get your parcel through UK and Kenya customs.

HM Revenue & Customs has more information.


Illegal and dangerous foods Other

Meat, poultry and fish Drugs and chemicals Most bones, horns, teeth and other animal by-products.

Eggs and dairy products Hazardous waste Soaps or cosmetics containing mercury

Perishable goods, Weapons, and explosives. Counterfeit banknotes; banknotes and coins.

*Please note that we also have our list of prohibited items and country-specific restrictions.


Depending on where you are coming from in the UK, your parcel’s journey to Kenya is around 5,000 miles, which is quite a distance! It is also when you recommend that you take extra care when preparing your packages for shipping. 

All parcels pass through several depots equipped with manual handling and automated sorting, not to mention road and air transport routes to East Africa.

We carry parcels weighing up to 25kg and with a maximum size of 70 x 70 x 70cm, but regardless of size or weight, always use a sturdy outer box to send your items and do not overfill it. 

Also, consider using light padding to prevent the contents from moving too much and getting damaged in transit.

For more tips on preparing your parcels for international delivery, check out our handy guide to international packing.


We can pick it up at home or work.

Shipping with the worldwide trusted courier to over 160 countries worldwide

Online tracking and delivery notifications for you and your recipient

Content coverage.

Integrated with over ten e-commerce platforms to make shipping packages even easier

Offer your customers easy returns with our reverse order feature.


Deliver and save money at one of our 3,500 Service Points or over 50 DHL Parcel UK depots.

”My DHL Rewards” – exclusively for our customers

Cashback to your prepaid account when you add money (conditions apply)

Multi-pack discounts are available on selected UK services (conditions apply)


We are proud of the excellent courier services we offer worldwide, from the initial quote to when the package arrives at the recipient. 

We also take the responsibility of delivering packages very seriously, so don’t worry; your package will arrive safely in Kenya; it is in good hands.

 You have complete visibility of your parcel during its journey free of charge as standard with our online tracking service – and we offer £23.49 handling charges for a full cover on all international items, with the option to upgrade to additional cover if the value of your parcel is higher than this.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international shipping services.Our team will be happy to answer any question you may have and guide you through  the process.

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