Who is the largest car parts supplier in the UK?

Shipping of spare parts from the UK to Kenya is the online store with the most significant e-commerce net sales. 61 million dollars. Third place is with $51 million. is the UK’s fourth largest online auto parts retailer, with $38 million.

Visit for a complete ranking or rankings in other product categories. You can buy from them and ship to Kenya with UK Kenya Shipping.

How much is Import duty on a car spare part in Kenya?
UK Kenya Shipping offers scalable logistics solutions for importing and exporting motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts.

Importing motor vehicles to Kenya is now seamless, simpler and more transparent thanks to UK Kenya Shipping Ltd specialist car solutions.

We translate the needs and desires of our automotive customers into tailored supply chain solutions that are cost-effective, responsive and sustainable.

Timely delivery of cars and components is crucial for the smooth functioning of the automotive supply chain. UK Kenya Shipping Logistics has an extensive network of partners in UK and Kenya to provide an optimized logistics and supply chain for buyers and importers of vehicles and spare parts in Kenya.

Our integrated auto shipping logistics, multi-modal transportation for FCL and LCL by sea, air and road, and Multilateral authorization and compliance ensure our customers’ businesses receive a valuable service.

To import motor vehicles into Kenya, the car must meet the maximum age limit of years set by the government. Most cars imported into Kenya are shipped via RoRo vessels.

In these specialized car transport vessels, all the vehicles are transported on an open deck instead of container transport which is relatively more expensive for motor vehicles.

Shipping of spare parts from the UK to Kenya

The following documents are required for your car to clear Customs at the port of Mombasa:
• Original commercial invoice

• Original log book from the importing country. This must be cancelled by the government of origin and submitted to the National Transport and Security Authority to obtain an original Kenya logbook

Original waybill. It is a document issued by his agent to confirm receipt of the items to be shipped.

• Certificate of pre-shipment inspection. (Technical inspection certificate)
– Gasoline cars with engine capacity exceeding 2500 cc (30%)

– Passenger cars with diesel engines of more than 3000 cc (30%)
– All other vehicle categories (20%) Copy of debit card / Copy of deed of incorporation (valid for companies)


import duties
• (25%) Excise Duty: This duty varies depending on the vehicle category.

• Passenger cars with petrol engines of more than 2500 cc (30%)

• Private vehicles with diesel engines of more than 3000 cc (30%)
• All other vehicle categories (20%)

Value Added Tax (14%)
Import declaration rate (2%)
Railway Development Tax (1.5%)

Importing cars or spare parts to Kenya via UK Kenya Shipping Ltd allows customers to focus on their business. At the same time, we ship the vehicle from its country of origin, clear customs at Mombasa port, and deliver your vehicle door to door. Kenya.

How to find buyers of original car parts in Kenya?
UK Kenya Shipping allows you to find buyers and importers of genuine auto parts in Kenya based on actual import-export shipments collected globally for over 70 countries.

How to find reliable auto parts buyers in Kenya?
UK Kenya Shipping enables you to quickly select reputable buyers and importers of Kenya auto parts based on shipping frequency, value, volume, profile of their current suppliers and years of service.

How to find profitable buyers of auto parts in Kenya?
UK Kenya Shipping lets you quickly pre-screen the most profitable auto parts buyers in Kenya based on entry price, country of origin, frequency of shipments, value and volume.

How to find the critical decision-makers of auto parts buyers in Kenya?
The UK Kenya Shipping list of the active auto parts buyers and importers mailing list contains buyer names, addresses and key decision makers with phone, email and LinkedIn profiles; it also includes strategic information about each shipment like product, price of export, quantity, supplier and country.

How can I sell to auto parts buyers in Kenya?
UK Kenya Shipping can help you with your go-to-market strategy by contacting auto parts buyers in Kenya with each buyer’s import and contact details.

How often is the information on auto parts importers in Kenya updated?
UK Kenya Shipping update the list of auto parts importers in Kenya monthly based on the import and export data we receive from most countries; the time may vary from country to country.

Who is the biggest buyer of auto parts in Kenya?
According to UK Kenya Shipping, UK Auto Parts Buyer Directory in Kenya, URYSIA LIMITED is the largest importer and buyer of auto parts in Kenya, with 485 shipments representing a maximum quota.

Who are the top buyers of auto parts in Kenya?
According to UK Kenya Shipping, UK Auto Parts Buyers List in Kenya, URYSIA LIMITED accounted for the highest share with 485 shipments, followed by CMC MOTORS GROUP with 247 and SAI AUTOMOBILE LIMITED in 3rd place with 123 loads.

Who can I contact for further questions about car parts importers in Kenya?
The UK Kenya Shipping sales team will be happy to answer your questions.

Can auto parts be shipped with DHL?

International shipping is a growing industry; if you are a dealer selling auto parts, you must know how to do it right. Auto parts can be difficult to import or export to different countries worldwide because they are usually heavy and irregular in shape, complicating the shipping process.

That is why sellers need to understand how to pack auto parts correctly and how to comply with the necessary customs procedures. This will help reduce the risk and increase the chances of a successful shipment.

1. Checklist for packing an auto part for shipment
Since auto parts are made in different sizes, they require other packing techniques and methods to avoid damage in transit. This checklist will help you pack some of the auto parts shipped worldwide:
• To avoid damage, double car parts and use excellent interior packing.

• Metal objects should be packed in sturdy boxes or corrugated cardboard.
• If possible, disassemble vehicle parts.
• Use triangular boxes for tubular car parts.

• Use foam, Styrofoam or bubble wrap inside the box for better protection from shock, vibration and damage.
• Rinse chemicals or lubricants off parts to prevent leaks.

• Each car part must be individually wrapped in bubble wrap, carefully covering the sharp edges.
• Placing small items in plastic bags can be a good idea.
• Close the container properly using the H-taping method.

2. Please check the country-specific shipping customs rules
Customs agencies in each country trace items as they cross their borders, collect taxes and duties on behalf of the government, and inspect goods that are illegal, regulated, or dangerous.

Therefore, you should check your customs documents with your express service to ensure you have the correct customs documents. Many couriers, such as UK Kenya Shipping and DHL Express, offer end-to-end customs services to help you navigate this complex process.

Just be sure to include shipping details and a clear history of each part of the car. As the UK Kenya Shipping team has excellent working relationships with the customs authorities of different countries, this will speed up clearing your shipment.

3. Insure your shipment
Auto parts are expensive, and even minor damage in transit can cost you dearly. Because their vulnerability to mutilation is high, it is always best to insure the shipment so that the declared value of the items in the load can be recovered in the event of an accident.

4. Find convenient shipping solutions with a trusted logistics partner
Many logistics providers can ship auto parts to your desired location. We deliver auto parts to your home, local shop or workplace anywhere.

Our multinational team of experts works around the clock to ensure the process runs smoothly and complies with local, regional and global ethics, legislation and industry standards. Plus, our preferred shipping rates scale based on your total shipping volume, which means we’re priced based on the needs of your business.

Shipping goods with UK Kenya Shipping can make things easier for you as we take care of your shipment from the moment you hand over the package to us. Our customer service representatives are always available to help you with any questions.

Can auto parts be shipped overseas?
What auto parts can I ship?
Different carriers have different restrictions and regulations on the auto parts they can ship. However, some standard rules apply to nearly all businesses. You cannot ship dangerous or restricted parts or parts containing liquids.

For other things, such as radiators, engines, fluid tanks, fuel tanks, and gearboxes, you’ll need a vent certificate to prove that all fluids have been removed. Glass items, such as rear-view mirrors, windshields and windows, may not be covered by your carrier’s insurance policy, and you may have to pay additional charges.

Hence, it’s always a good idea to check these restrictions with the courier to avoid extra charges and avoid having your parts held up in customs.

Some of the car parts that you can ship with different courier services are:
• Deflated wheels and tyres
• Lights
• Downloads

• Gearboxes and motors
• Doors
• Hoods and body parts

• Infotainment screens and navigation systems
Develop your international growth with professional advice.

Which couriers can I use to ship auto parts?
Shipping from the UK to Kenya

UK Kenya Shipping

UK Kenya Shipping is one of the largest parcel delivery companies in the world, providing specialist transport and logistics services. They can ship your auto parts to over 200 countries and territories. For auto parts dealers, they offer the best overall prices with their convenient ground shipping services.

With DHL, you can deliver your car parts worldwide to your local shop, home or work. However, their courier services may be much more expensive than others. DHL offers various car services, including domestic and international warehousing, shipping and customs services.

Third-party options
An example of a third-party option is UK Kenya Shipping, which can connect you with the services of the couriers, as mentioned above.
We can also help you determine how to package your details for maximum protection in transit.

What is the cheapest way to ship car parts?
The cost of shipping your auto parts with different shipping companies is greatly influenced by the weight and size of your packages, their classification, the destinations you send them to, and how fast you want them to arrive.

Most carriers offer shipping calculators on their websites where you can calculate the shipping cost of auto parts based on weight and dimensions, excluding surcharges.

Pack a spare part for shipping in 9 steps.
Different car parts require other packaging techniques. Furthermore, some may be bulky or fragile and require specific packaging methods.

Always coat all car parts and use enough interior wrapping to avoid damage. Here’s a general guide to help you pack the most commonly shipped auto parts:
1. Disassemble your car parts if necessary
2. Drain any fluid or lubricant in the parts to avoid leakage

3. Use solid or corrugated cardboard boxes for metal parts; double your piece for extra protection
4. For tubular parts, use triangular boxes

5. Wrap the car’s various parts individually in bubble wrap, ensuring that sharp edges are well covered. Put small items in plastic covers

6. Put your car parts into the box
7. To avoid movement or damage inside the box, use foam, bubble wrap or Styrofoam packing for the inner filling.

8. Seal the box tightly with tape
9. Request a quote and send the spare part for your car.

Will customs be a problem?
If you ship car parts internationally for the first time, you may need to learn what customs formalities apply.

The customs authorities of each country control goods crossing borders, impose taxes and duties on behalf of the government and monitor regulated, prohibited or dangerous goods. Customs usually involve a lot of paperwork, so you must contact your carrier to get the correct customs document.

Please ensure you use the correct harmonized codes on your customs forms, detail your car parts, and explain why you are sending them to avoid delays. You must also provide details of the recipient of the package.

Dangerous and regulated goods may require additional paperwork to be completed, so it is best to check with the carriers for their requirements.
Shipping from the UK to Kenya can make your hassle with customs much more straightforward.

How can UK Kenya Shipping help you?
It’s easy to ship auto parts internationally if you know how. You must use proper packaging, clear customs paperwork and get the best rates from a trusted courier.

Please remember that some car parts are classified as dangerous or restricted, so please check with your courier to avoid any inconvenience or additional costs.

Create a free account with UK Kenya Shipping now and access a range of cost-effective solutions for shipping auto parts.

What items are exempt from import duty in Kenya?
Import exemptions
• Materials used for cleaning preparations for dairy equipment – Surfactant and detergent preparations, including those containing soap, specially prepared for cleaning dairy equipment.
• Mosquito nets and materials for making mosquito nets.

• Seeds to sow.
• Chemically defined compounds used as fertilizers.
• Museums, exhibitions and pieces of equipment.
• Input for horticulture, agriculture or floriculture.

• Education, articles and educational materials.
• Inputs intended for use in the manufacture of agricultural products.

• Relief supplies brought in for emergency use in specific areas where a natural disaster/disaster has occurred for emergency relief by an organization such as the UK or humanitarian agency. The import must be done within six months and not exceed 12 months.

• Hotel equipment or goods imported for hotel use are engraved, printed, or marked with the hotel logo.
• Speed regulators.

• Computer software, any media containing computer software.
• Energy-saving lamps for lighting with a connection cap on one side.

• Specialized solar equipment and accessories.
• Vehicles specially designed for the collection and disposal of household waste/refuse imported or purchased from

What is the custom code for automotive parts?
How to study the auto parts export market and the HSN 84212300 code?
UK Kenya Shipping HSN Code 84212300 Automotive spare parts export data allows you to study the detailed data with buyers’ supplier names over some years.

How to create an auto parts export strategy and HSN 84212300?
UK Kenya Shipping, UK Automotive Spare Parts and HSN code 84212300 export data helps you to build an export strategy based on detailed trade data with names of buyers, suppliers, prices and volume for some years now.

How to find export market information for automotive spare parts and HSN 84212300?
You can find HSN number 84212300 auto parts and export market information for quiet some years with UK Kenya Shipping buyers, suppliers, price and shipping volume.

How much is customs fees in Kenya?
Import rates
Contains information on average import duties and the types of UK companies that should be aware of when exporting to the market.

Customs duties can be levied between 0% and 100%, averaging 25%. However, sensitive goods are subject to duties above 25% (sensitive goods are listed in Annex 2 of the ERM Common External Tariff).

Excise duties vary depending on whether or not the imported item is subject to excise duty. Tariffs are set out in the Excise Act 2015. An import tax of 3.5% and a railway development fee of 2%. Rates can be estimated by visiting the Kenya Revenue Authority.

How do I send cargo from UK to Kenya?
UK Kenya Shipping is the best shipping company from the UK to Kenya.
UK Kenya Shipping is an end-to-end freight service provider delivering all your items to specific destinations. If you let us know what items you need, we’ll ensure they reach your door as soon as possible.

UK Kenya Shipping is one of the UK’s leading shipping companies and prides itself on providing fast, safe and reliable freight services. This happens thanks to their excellent work experience and sincere reliability. Our customer service representatives respond quickly to your cargo emergency.

Shipping from the UK to Kenya
We provide a correct and consistent collection service from the UK to Kenya for all parcels and deliver them to your door. You can also get quick support for buying from us and shipping simultaneously. Shipping from the UK to Kenya with UK Kenya Shipping.

With UK Kenya Shipping, you pay only a fraction of what you would pay the competition, especially compared to what you usually pay for freight services to companies like FedEx, DHL,  and UPS etc. If you’re shipping to Kenya from the UK, UK Kenya Shipping, we’re here to help.

We confirm each package received or collected, check that they are in good condition and repackage for shipment if necessary.

We also keep you updated every step of the way through timely notifications and our tracking system. Deleting all of your articles is our responsibility. We ensure you get the best shipping services at UK Kenya Shipping at low prices.

How profitable is the spare parts trade?
Your profit margin can reach 30-40%, an excellent opportunity because all car parts must be changed and adjusted regularly throughout the vehicle’s life. For this reason alone, the auto parts industry is profitable and future-proof.

How is car duty calculated in Kenya?
The KRA provides the Current Selling Price (CRSP) of your vehicle. The KRA compares the CRSP value and the actual invoice value of the car and uses the higher of the two. The customs value is then calculated by applying depreciation to the CRSP value.

What is the HS code for used car parts?
What is a 6-digit HTS code or HS code?
The 6-digit HS code or HTS code is called a sub header. It comes after the chapter (2 digits) and title (4 digits) in the HS code hierarchy. HS codes up to 6 digits remain the same worldwide. It is only after the 6-digit level that the HS codes for each country start to vary

How do I find UK import duties or customs duties on this page?
• Identify the 6-digit HTS code or HS code for your product from the list above
• You must now identify your product’s 8-digit code, as all UK HTS import duties are listed in the 8-digit HTS code.

What can’t be shipped with DHL?
What are prohibited items?
These are items that cannot be shipped via the DHL network.
There are some obvious things you cannot ship with DHL (such as animals, illegal substances, firearms and explosives).

But there are also less obvious things that DHL can’t carry, such as aerosols, perfume, aftershave, toilet water and cash.

Please note that the prohibited items below apply to parcels from and within the UK. For international shipments, additional prohibited items may be specified by the destination country.
Visit our dedicated page for advice on sending gifts with DHL Express.

The following items are NOT accepted for with UK Kenya Shipping . This list includes items prohibited from being transported by any law, ordinance or statute of any country’s federal, state or local government to, in or through which the items may be transported.

Shipment of Prohibited Items is considered a material breach of our Conditions of Carriage, and UK Kenya Shipping accepts no liability for Prohibited Items subsequently damaged or lost while in our control. You remain fully liable to UK Kenya Shipping for any loss to UK Kenya Shipping caused by your shipment of a Prohibited Item under our Conditions of Carriage.

If your package contains a prohibited item, it may be delayed or stopped, and UK Kenya Shipping will contact you.

Most common items
• Spray cans, perfumes and aftershave lotions
• Batteries – damaged or defective

prescription and over-the-counter, including supplements

• Nail Polish
• Power banks

• Rechargeable wireless headphones
including but not limited to Apple Air Pods and Samsung Galaxy Buds

Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs
Shipping alcohol to the UK is permitted, but shipments of alcohol to destinations outside the UK may be subject to local restrictions.

• Cigarettes, cigars and tobacco products
• Electronic cigarettes and pipes, electronic hookahs, electronic cigars and vaporizers
including any device which, using an aerosol solution, delivers nicotine, flavors or other inhalable substances
Medicinal cannabis and illegal narcotics

Electronic devices
• More than two cell phones, laptops and other small electronic items
You can submit a maximum of 2 devices per package. The batteries must be in the devices.

Devices should be packaged to minimize movement, to avoid short circuits or accidental activation.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 and Samsung Note7 devices.

Hazardous items
• Articles with sheets
including but not limited to knives and cutters

• Party poppers and Christmas crackers
• Used car parts and engines
Only acceptable if professionally cleaned to remove residue
Human, animal and plant

• Clinical test kits
new or used.
Flowers and plants

• Human remains or ashes
of any shape
Living animals including insects, larvae and pupae
• Plant material

Money, securities and revenue stamps
• Bands/stamps
• Blocks

of any precious metal
• Cash and travelers cheques
Legal tender – bills, notes, coins
• Commemorative coins, medals and other valuable collectables
with an individual or total postage value exceeding £1,800

• Jewellery, costume jewellery, watches, watch parts and objects in precious metals and precious stones
with a total shipping value of over £4,000

• Loose precious and semi-precious stones
ground or unground, polished or unpolished

Counterfeit goods
in violation of intellectual property rights.

• Illegal Goods
as illegal drugs, including but not limited to narcotic, stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogen, cannabis or its derivatives, including medicinal cannabis

• Pornography
print, film or digital format
• Track active shipments/recorders

Can you send car parts via Parcel force?
Vehicle parts, panels, doors, bumpers and bonnets are prohibited. Other auto parts are acceptable as long as packaging guidelines are followed.

Book an affordable auto parts courier.
If you want to ship car parts for less, our courier comparison tool is perfect for helping you find the most cost-effective way to deliver parts.

Auto parts come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Some can be difficult to pack, while many are on the prohibited list of couriers if they need to be correctly prepared. We provide you with all the information about sending spare parts, and with our help, your details will be on their way to their destination in no time.

Which carriers are suitable for sending car parts?
We offer various courier services that can handle large and heavy item. UK Kenya Shipping can collect car parts up to unlimited weight, and you can manage them from your home or work.

For items that exceed UK Kenya Shipping‘s size or weight limit, UK Kenya Shipping can accommodate things that need to be shipped on a pallet or are awkwardly shaped. You can get car vessel parts cheaper with these specialist courier services from £19.29 + VAT with UK Kenya Shipping

It should be noted that these services are not two-person services, so you must be able and willing to assist the driver in loading and unloading your heavy goods into the collection vehicle if required. You can also use UK Kenya Shipping to send longer parcels.

What auto parts can I send?
UK Kenya Shipping offers quality bulk parcel delivery services for shipping large or heavy goods, provided you package your items well. We have helped many of our customers ship over the years;

• Body panels
• Caps
• Suitcases/rear doors

• Doors
• Engines (must be drained of all oil or lubricants)

• Downloads
• Gearboxes (must be drained of all oil or lubricants)
• Child seats and booster seats

• Tyres

Remember, your car part is transported through a network of couriers, placed onto a van or truck with other heavy items, processed through central delivery points and the automated machines involved there, and then back again.

Problems arise if your item is not packed correctly, has sharp edges, the liquid is still present, or the details entered on the booking form need to be corrected.

You must ensure you specify your item’s correct size and weight, as car parts that are too long or too heavy may be rejected by the courier on collection. When you get a quote from our courier comparison site, ensure your measurements are accurate.

Which car parts are not suitable for courier services?
You cannot ship anything that contains any liquid. If a gearbox or engine needs to be sent, it is imperative that the oil or fuel is used up and that the part is properly cleaned and packaged.

Batteries are also prohibited, so please do not attempt to send them, or they will be returned or withheld. Courier can send tires, but they must be deflated and unalloyed, as anything under pressure is prohibited, including airbags.

Anything containing glass is also prohibited, as glass is not suitable for shipping via a courier network, so windshields or doors with glass are also not suitable. You can send car headlights, but they will be shipped without compensation.

How to pack the car parts ready for shipment?
Auto parts come in many shapes and sizes, which means there are many ways to package them. Shipping them on a pallet is a safer way to transport your goods.

The following guidelines cover the most common automotive parts that require specific packaging techniques. Other factors may be packed like anything else; see our packing guide for more information.

Windshield wipers
Light but long, you can send them with almost any of our UK or international couriers as they weigh little, even when packed.

How to put glass car parts?
If you wish to ship restricted items such as headlights or instrument displays, you must carefully package them. It is recommended to use a sturdy box.

Then add extra protection by covering the vulnerable sides with more cardboard. Wrap the piece in bubble wrap and ensure it’s safe in the box. Please note glassware is limited, so we do not offer extended liability for these items.

How to ship a door or body panel?
The body is another part that you need to pack very well. You can’t just wrap it in bubble wrap because you have to protect the structure; bumpers, grilles and trim can be damaged by bending them.

Therefore, a reinforced box is the best solution here. If you can’t find a suitable container, use lots of soft films and cardboard, paying particular attention to the edges and corners as they can puncture.

Delivery by courier for motorcycles and heavy items
Some carriers like UK Kenya Shipping accept heavy items such as engines, gearboxes and axles. You will need a sturdy box or wooden pallet for such things, as the courier does not deliver them.

If your item exceeds a certain weight, we will ask you during the booking process if the goods need to be moved on a pallet. If this is the case, this will be stated on the order, and the courier will provide a pump truck to load the vehicle.

This type of delivery requires a specialist courier and has specific packaging and collection requirements, so please bear this in mind when ordering.

Delivery of wheels and tyres
It is recommended to place the wheels in separate boxes. They can be heavy, so packing four of them together isn’t appropriate and will likely get damaged.

Please use different strong boxes and sufficient inner packing to avoid scratches or bumps. Tires can be shipped using the couriers available on UK Kenya Shipping‘s listing engine but must be deflated.

Always drain liquids.
If you are shipping a car part with liquid in it, it is essential to ensure that all of the liquid is drained. This is to ensure there are no leaks and because fluids can be classified as hazardous.

As a precaution, it is worth putting some absorbent material in the room if any liquid is left. Fluid-containing components include:
Tanks for fluids

Gas tank
• Motor
Gearbox and differential

Insure auto parts against shipping costs.
UK Kenya Shipping offers free protection cover up to a specific value on some of our services, and you can opt-in when booking. However, for expensive items, we recommend extending your coverage when ordering if the item is damaged or lost in transit with the courier.

Remember that your packaging must be adequate, and your item must not be on the prohibited or restricted list.

Buy or sell auto parts online.
We are often asked if our courier services are suitable for online marketplaces such as eBay, and of course, the answer is yes.

Many of our regular customers are eBay sellers or sell elsewhere online and use our fully tracked and signed-for courier services, delivery options for large items and protection cover when required.

E-commerce consumers expect to know when auto parts arrive, and you can share the PM tracking number with the recipient so they can also keep an eye on the delivery.

International shipments of auto parts.
Auto parts are shipped worldwide and can usually be shipped cheaply, quickly and safely without any problems. However, there are some rules and restrictions to be aware of when posting auto parts, and it’s essential to ensure you package your details carefully depending on the type of part.
International courier services

You can use various services to ship auto parts overseas, including UK Kenya Shipping couriers via Road and Air Express. If you ship to Kenya, the cheapest services are UK Kenya Shipping  by road.

The same rules apply to shipping to Kenya; no batteries or liquids, and glass is limited. Consult our advice before sending a package.

If you require customs documents, they will be provided to you during the booking process, but clearly state why you are sending the spare part, specify precisely what it is, and always provide a contact number for the RECIPIENT.

You can generally use UK Kenya Shipping to ship car parts internationally unlimited weighing, but later on, only UK Kenya Shipping that can do this is available through our quoting engine.

Import auto parts
Importing car parts into the UK is now possible as we have a range of courier services such as UK Kenya Shipping, which can help you bring your desired car parts into the country, whilst you can also use our new global shipping marketplace to ship cars. Spare parts cross the border to and from anywhere in the world.

Why use UK Kenya Shipping?
Compare, book and ship parcels with discount parcel delivery services. Save time and money with UK Kenya Shipping.

• Choose from many reputable couriers to ship your package

• Book parcel delivery within the UK or to over 240 international destinations
• Choose between collection and delivery services

• Over 40,000 verified reviews on Trust pilot
• Manage all your parcel deliveries in one place

How do I ship fragile items internationally?

At some point, you must have spent a lot of money to ship an item that needs extra care. This can damage your brand reputation and lead to a loss of revenue for your e-commerce business. While shipping insurance can help cover the loss, packing and delivering fragile goods in perfect condition.

What are fragile products?
Products such as glass bottles, antiques, electronics, mirrors, etc., that break easily are considered fragile. Shipping these items requires extra care and special handling due to their delicate nature.

UK Kenya Shipping, one of the leading international courier services, makes it easy to ship fragile items overseas.

We provide complete visibility into the real-time status of your shipment from the moment it is handed over to our agents through customs clearance and delivery to the recipient.

But before moving fragile goods from port to port, you need to determine the packaging requirements for the shipment.

For this, you need to check:
• You must add extra padding and affix a particular handling label to protect the fragile package in transit.
• Some regulated products may require additional special packaging.

A simple guide to packing a fragile shipment
1. Choose the suitable packing material
When shipping fragile packages, it is advisable to take extra precautions and choose the ideal outer and inner packing material to protect the goods.

a) Outer packing
You can choose from various packages, folders and envelopes to fit your shipping needs.
• Always use high-quality corrugated boxes for parcels. Double or triple-wall constructions are recommended for fragile or heavy objects.

• Avoid reusing old boxes as they may have lost some durability.

• Look for the manufacturer’s stamp, which gives you information on the type of construction and strength of a box. If necessary, ask your box supplier for more details.

• Choose a box of the correct size for the contents to be shipped, as underfilled boxes may collapse and overfilled bins may burst.

b) Inner packing
You will need to pack your products with a lot of dunnage if they are not made with sturdy packaging and are kept loose. Therefore, wrap them in foam and reinforce the box’s walls with corrugated iron for additional protection.

While airbags, bubble wrap, cardboard, and foam/peanut pellets are commonly used packaging materials, they all have different qualities. Consult the table below to understand which material is ideal for the internal packaging of fragile objects:

2. Apply good packaging techniques
Now that you’ve evaluated your shipment and prepared suitable packing materials, you can apply some packing techniques.

a) Leave no spaces
• To avoid gaps in the box, place gaps on the base to prevent items from shifting during shipping, which could damage both the contents and the box.

• Always ensure that the filler materials you choose can support the weight of the shipment’s contents. Otherwise, some materials may deflate or sink, creating a space in the box.

b) Leave 6cm distance
• Always place items in the center of the box, at least 6cm from walls or outside corners.
• Keep this in mind when determining the size of the box versus the size of the contents.

c) Pack the items individually and use dividers
• Pack each item individually and separate them with corrugated inserts or other separation materials, if necessary, when shipping multiple items in one package.

• Dividers prevent damage to individual items in transit, especially when things are stacked.

• Place bulk items in an inner container to prevent breakage in transit

3. Add unique handling tags
Proper labelling is essential when it comes to shipping fragile items overseas. Good use of handling instruction labels will help ensure appropriate transportation, handling, and storage of your shipment during transit. You can perform this step successfully by carefully following these instructions.

• A “fragile item” sticker or label warns couriers that the package must be handled carefully. It’s essential to display shipping labels clearly to ensure your shipment moves quickly through your network. But be sure to put it on the top of the box for easy reference.

• Since fragile items break easily, put a “handle with care” label on the box. Also, attach a sticker with upward pointing arrows indicating the direction in which the shipment should be handled, handled and stored. Please note that the sender must apply unique handling labels before courier pickup.

Contact our certified international specialists today if you need more help packing a fragile shipment!

How much does it cost to ship a bumper?
Auto parts should be shipped with extreme care, especially bumpers, as they are easily damaged or scratched. Their irregular shape and sharp edges must be preserved so that they arrive in perfect condition.

Bumpers are an essential part of cars and may need to be shipped for various reasons, such as being repaired offsite. This article will show you how to properly pack and ship a car bumper using different courier services.

Pack a bumper for safe shipping – the best way
Follow these steps to pack a car bumper for safe shipping:
1. The first step is to protect the edges of the bumper, which you can do by attaching pieces of foam to each edge

2. Then, cover the bumper gently with a large plastic bag to protect the finish of the car bumper.
3. Seal the polyethene bag with tape
4. Finally, place the bumper in an appropriately sized shipping box and seal it completely

How long does it take to ship a bumper?
Car bumpers are usually delivered as LTL, and shipping a car bumper to a nearby area can often take up to 5 business days. International shipping can take up to a week or more to arrive.
However, if you need your car bumper urgently, you can opt for the priority services of various couriers.

How much does shipping a bumper to my state or across the country cost?
Your car’s bumpers can weigh as little as 85 pounds and go up to 200 pounds. Typically, most car bumpers weigh around 100 pounds. Using this weight for further estimation, shipping a car bumper to your state will cost between $450 and $1,000.

If you plan to ship a car bumper across the country, prices will continue to rise and range from $500 to $3,000, depending on your selected service. Use the shipping calculator to get the cheapest shipping quotes.

How can I ship a bumper with UK Kenya Shipping, and how much does it cost?
UK Kenya Shipping offers advanced auto parts shipping services. UK Kenya Shipping ground transportation is an excellent option to ship your car bumper interstate. The cost would be $800 for shipping to nearby states and up to $2,000 for long-distance shipping. Use the shipping calculator to find the best shipping quotes.

How do I ship a bumper with UPS, and how much does it cost?
UPS is also a good option if you plan to ship your car bumper interstate. UPS LTL Freight can ship your package for about $500 for closer states and more for far states. Use the shipping calculator to find the best shipping rates.

How do I ship a bumper with FedEx/TNT? – And how much is it?
FedEx is a popular shipping option for delivering packages domestically and internationally. By choosing FedEx Ground, you can have your shipment delivered within three business days for $500.

However, if you choose priority service, your bumper will ship the same day but will cost more. Use the shipping calculator to find the cheapest shipping quotes.

How do I ship a bumper internationally, and how much does it cost?
Most modern cars require their parts to be shipped from different countries. That is why it is essential to know an estimate of shipping costs.

Since no one wants to drive a car with a curved bumper, pack it properly when shipping. Most importantly, remember to pay attention to your selected shipping company and their delivery quote.

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