Explore the process and costs of shipping a car to Kenya from the UK via UK Kenya shipping sea freight. Get expert advice on car shipping options, regulations, and everything you need to know for a smooth international vehicle transport to Kenya. We do Car shipping from the UK to Kenya.

How much does shipping a car from the UK to Kenya cost?

You can Ship a car to Kenya with the best cost from the UK to Mombasa using the cheaper ‘roll on roll off’ service or in a container. The roll-on-roll-off service is most famous for vehicles. You can expect a price for an SUV and container shipping costs by contacting +447487554202 for a 20-foot container. Container service incurs additional charges at Kenya port.

UK Kenya shipping does offer the best Container for the shipment that is only necessary for high-quality cars. As UK Kenya shipping, we recommend that cars consider a container, but it’s unnecessary. Through Sea freight car shipping to Kenya has been One of the disadvantages of choosing a container service is that your receptacle will likely be pushed to the Inland Container Depot Nairobi (ICD), giving you less control over your import costs.

Naturally, you will be less familiar with the team receiving your Car and the costs you will incur. Delivery times are approximately the same for each service from UK to Kenya car transport.

What are the shipping options for cars from the UK to Kenya?

Car shipping options

UK Kenya shipping does offer the best shipment of hook lift vehicles. Ro-Ro vehicle shipping, Shipping rates to Kenya for cars as it is also known, is by far the most popular method of shipping a car, truck, caravan, or camper overseas for car export to Kenya. 

• Transport of containers. 

• Shared container transport – The R-Rack system.

Is it possible to ship a car to Kenya via sea freight?

Our UK Kenya shipping does offer a RORO, better known as Roll on/Roll off services, sail from many ports throughout the UK. Our services include sailings from the UK to Mombasa Port up to 2 times a month in most cases. RORO shipping is the more affordable way of transporting a vehicle to Kenya and still proves to be a big hit to many African Overlanders looking for their next adventure for Auto shipping companies to Kenya

RORO Car Shipping Services in Mombasa: Our UK-Kenya shipping offers RORO services, allowing us to ship new and used rolling cargo. All vehicles are driven to the ship’s loading ramp, brought on board, and secured with tension straps for added safety. These purpose-built vessels provide a safe and economical way to ship any vehicle.

RORO transport is the most convenient vehicle transport in Kenya’s car import regulations. It always proves to be a big hit, with many African Overlanders looking for their next adventure.

What is the average transit time for shipping a car to Kenya from the UK?

UK Kenya shipping does help in the shipment of Vehicle shipping services to Kenya, Mombasa via RORO, which usually occurs 1-2 times a month.

On average, transit time to Mombasa takes 6 to 7 weeks from all UK ports. RORO car shipping is a very convenient way to ship any vehicle to Kenya. It is the preferred choice for anyone looking to save on their Shipping to Kenya for RoRo car shipping to Kenya.

Are there any import taxes or duties when shipping a car to Kenya?

When your car reaches Kenya, you must pay the excise duties, import duties, VAT, and IDF fees. These are as follows:

Import duties for cars in Kenya Import duties (35%)

Excise duties (variable)

Value added tax (14%)

Import declaration tax (2%)

Rail Development Tax (1.5%)

Effective. To calculate the import duty, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) must determine your vehicle’s Current Retail Price (CRSP). The KRA has established this in the current CRSP 2019 for Car shipping companies from the UK to Kenya.

We have adapted the CRSP to focus on the prestige cars our clients tend to import. We built it into a prestige car duty calculator to help you work out an accurate duty estimate for your vehicle on shipping a car to Kenya.

This calculation is as follows:
KRA provides the current Retail Selling Price for your vehicle.
The Customs Value is the CRSP value with the depreciation applied.
Import Duty is 35% of Customs Value.
Excise Duty is 20% of the Customs Value + Import Duty.
VAT is 16% of the Customs Value + Import Duty + Excise Duty.
IDF Fee 3.5% of Customs Value.
RDL Fee is 2% of Customs Value.
For more details on the import duty calculation, the CRSP, and our duty calculator, please refer to our KRA car import duty calculator page.

Can I ship a used car to Kenya from the UK?

UK Kenya shipping does offer reliable and affordable car shipments in Kenya. Our UK Kenya shipping offers RORO (Roll-on/roll-off) and container services from many UK ports to the Port of Mombasa. We have been transporting cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks to the port of Mombasa for years to car shipping quotes to Kenya.

Our UK-Kenya shipping is dedicated, and experienced staff will help you every step of the way. Our mission is to keep your vehicle as safe as possible right from the start. Car shipping from the UK to Mombasa.To ship it securely at an affordable rate every time.

As UK Kenya shipping, we can even arrange the secure collection and delivery of your vehicle from anywhere in the UK and have it transported or driven to the UK port for you.

What documents are required to ship a car to Kenya?

Importation Supporting documents should be attached, including but not limited to the following:

  • Original Commercial Invoice
  • Original Logbook from the country of importation that has been canceled from the country of origin, as this will be required by the National Transport and Safety Authority to give you an original Kenyan Log Book to Kenya car shipping requirements.
  • Original Bill of lading
  • Pre-shipment inspection certificate. (certificate of roadworthiness)
  • Copy of your PIN certificate/ Copy of certificate of Incorporation (applicable to companies)

How do I prepare my Car for sea freight shipping to Kenya?

Ensuring your car functions well will help your shipping process smoothly—international car shipping to Kenya. You’ll want to resolve maintenance issues and perform necessary repairs before shipping the vehicle.

Ensure all fluids, tire pressure, and battery charge are topped up, and there are no leaks. If your car is inoperable, you must inform your shipping company, like UK Kenya shipping, as vehicles need to be driven on and off the vessel for transport. If the company has to use additional machinery to secure your Car onto the shipping vessel, you may have to pay an additional fee.

Eight steps to properly prepare for shipping vehicles abroad

1. Step one: Gather important documents

2. Step Two: Clean and remove belongings in cheap car shipping to Kenya.

3. Step Three: Keep these essential items in your Car.

4. Step Four: Record any existing damage.

5. Step Five: Ensure you are up to date on maintenance. 

6. Step six: Leave the tank about a quarter full.

Are there any size restrictions for shipping a car to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping, being the best company, generally imposes size restrictions to ensure safe and efficient transportation of vehicles. Specific size restrictions may vary, but most carriers have a maximum height limit of around 2 meters and a maximum width limit of about 2.5 meters for Car shipping insurance to Kenya.

If your vehicle exceeds these limits, particular features or equipment may be required to meet the dimensions. Container shipping for cars to Kenya: Discuss your vehicle’s measurements with the transport company in advance so that they can fulfill your needs and offer you a suitable carrier for transportation like UK Kenya shipping.

What shipping companies offer services from the UK to Kenya?

It is essential to check current options and rates as shipping companies’ availability and services may change over time. Some of the shipping companies that have offered shipping services from the UK to Kenya in the past include:

1. UK Kenya shipping: UK Kenya shipping is a leading global shipping company that provides container shipping services to various destinations, including Kenya, for Shipping used cars to Kenya.

2. MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company): MSC is another leading container shipping company offering services in Kenya.

3. CMA CGM: CMA CGM is a global shipping company that operates container services to various African destinations, including Kenya.

4. Hapag-Lloyd: Hapag-Lloyd is a container shipping company offering services connecting the UK  to Kenya.

5. Evergreen Line: Evergreen Line is a global container shipping company that offers services in Kenya.

How do I book a car shipment from the UK to Kenya?

For more information on our UK Kenya shipping, do ship car shipping services in Mombasa; call us today at +447487554202 or WhatsApp: +44(7)487554202. We are shipping a classic car to Kenya.

Is it safe to ship a car via sea freight to Kenya?

You can ship to Mombasa from the UK through UK-Kenya shipping. Vehicles can be imported from the UK to Mombasa via international car shipping services. If you need to export a car, trustworthy shipping firms specialize in this service for Car shipping from Southampton to Kenya. 

According to customs requirements, you may securely and effectively transfer your Car to Mombasa using the correct shipping mode, such as Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) or container Shipping.

Can I ship a classic car from the UK to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping offers reliable and affordable car transportation in Kenya. Our RORO (Roll-on/roll-off) and container services operate from many UK ports to the Port of Mombasa. We have been transporting cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks to the port of Mombasa for years for the best car shipping to Kenya.

Are there any restrictions on the age of the Car I can ship to Kenya?

The age limit of the legislation is eight years: only vehicles registered in the last eight years will be able to enter Kenya.

What is the shipping process for sending a car to Kenya?

Shipping to Kenya through UK Kenya shipping that offers RollRoll: This is the cheapest and, therefore, the most popular option. The cars are loaded onto the ship and secured before being sent to Kenya. Container Shipping: Considered safer because your Car will be loaded in a single 20-foot container or a shared 40-foot container for Car shipping to Nairobi.

What is the cost of insurance for shipping a car to Kenya?

This is a necessity for car imports from Kenya. They must be secured when in the water. This must be arranged with a Kenyan insurance company. The fee is typically 0.4% of your Car’s value. As a buyer, you must purchase C&F commercial marine insurance for Vehicle export from the UK to Kenya.

How do I track my car shipment to Kenya?

UK Kenya Shipping does have an advanced vehicle tracking system that uses the latest technologies in the Kenyan market, making our vehicle tracking offering second to none. We believe in quality, convenience, and allowing everyone to protect their vehicle. Our UK-Kenya shipping customers are offered the following vehicle tracking package, tailor-made for personal Car shipping cost calculator to Kenya:

What happens if my Car is damaged during Shipping to Kenya?

If damage occurs in transit, the carrier must take appropriate action to resolve any issues. In many cases, the airline will be interested in paying damages immediately out of pocket for Kenya customs duties on imported cars.

This solves the customer’s problem by avoiding an insurance claim, which may be cheaper for the carrier, like UK Kenya shipping, but would result in higher insurance costs in the long run. The case will be closed after you agree to the airline paying the claim for Car shipping agents in the UK to Kenya.

You will probably have to sign that you will make no further claims regarding this transaction for Roll-on/roll-off car shipping to Kenya.

Are there any hidden fees when shipping a car to Kenya?

So when you talk to an agent, ask if their quote includes the total cost of Shipping a car to Kenya from London.

Ensure they charge only what is necessary for insurance, door-to-door service, or fuel surcharges. There’s nothing like getting the total price from a live agent to ensure no unexpected costs. UK Kenya Shipping is a reputable car transport company offering completely transparent, all-inclusive shipping prices to East Africa.

Can I ship a car from any location in the UK to Kenya?

As UK Kenya shipping, we specialize in shipping household items and vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors, buses, motorcycles, etc.) to Kenya from the UK (via RoRo or Container) and can guarantee the best shipping prices.

For UK customers, we at UK Kenya Shipping do offer the best Shipping only, where you drop off your vehicle or goods at one of the UK departure ports or an all-inclusive shipping service where we collect your Car or goods from any address in the UK and ship them to Mombasa.

Import tax on cars to Kenya. For international customers, we can source and supply new or used vehicles from the UK and export them directly to Kenya. If you have your Car identified or insured in the UK, we can purchase and dispatch the vehicle on your behalf to you in Kenya.

What is roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) shipping for cars to Kenya?

RoRo – Roll On Roll Off Car Shipping: These are ships specially designed to transport cars below deck so that they are not exposed to the outside elements. The carts are tied and secured to the ship’s floor to prevent movement during transportation in shipping a luxury car to Kenya.

What is container shipping for cars to Kenya?

UK KenyaAsping offers 20ft, we0 ft, and 40ft HQ container services in Mombasa and Kampala.

Rail Container Transport to Kenya Unlike RORO ships, where all vehicles are driven directly into the vessel, container transport services to Kenya offer additional peace of mind due to how secure the Car is loaded inside its very own Container on vehicle shipping from the UK to Kenya.

Access can only be gained inside the Container if it is a government official such as the Port Police or Customs border force. Once the container door has been sealed, it will not be opened until it arrives at your agents’ warehouse in Kenya. You can ask your agent to let you watch the Container being opened.

This will give you further peace of mind, knowing that your goods have not been tampered with from loading until the end of arrival.

How do I book a car shipment from the UK to Kenya?

For further information on our vehicle shipping services to Kenya, please call +447487554202 or message us on WhatsApp: +44(7)487554202—car shipping regulations in Kenya.

How do I choose between RoRo and Container Shipping for my Car to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping does offer the best services, which are convenient for those who own large vehicles, but also provide costs similar to sharing a 40-foot container for a smaller car. The import/export costs of RORO transport are significantly cheaper than container transport, with more or less equivalent transport rates on Auto export to Kenya.

Can I ship a car with personal belongings inside to Kenya?

Car shipping to Kenya from the UK reviews. The vehicle can be filled with personal belongings and the remaining space in the Container. Please ensure that the goods shipped with the Car are acceptable to Kenyan customs.

What is the port of entry in Kenya for shipped cars from the UK?

Port of Mombasa, Kenya.

Mombasa is the oldest and the second-largest city in Kenya, with a population of a million in the city itself and 3.5 million in the surrounding metropolitan areas on Vehicle shipping rates to Kenya.

Situated on a natural harbor (Kilindini Harbour) on the Indian Ocean, the city has long been an important trading center, but construction of the modern port for car shipping documentation for Kenya.

Do I need to be present when my Car arrives in Kenya?

Car transport companies can’t indicate exact pickup and delivery times. Unforeseen weather, traffic, or mechanical problems may cause delays in Shipping a leased car to Kenya.

You may wonder whether you must be present when picking up or dropping off your vehicle. The short answer is that you don’t need to be there in person, but there needs to be someone who can act on your behalf in Shipping cars to Kenya from Manchester.

How do I clear customs when my Car arrives in Kenya?

When clearing the vehicle through Kenya Customs, an importer must hire a certified customs clearance agent to process the declaration in the Simba system. Aeromarine Capital has an in-house customs clearance department and can assist you in clearing your vehicle through RoRo vs. container shipping to Kenya.

What is the difference between port-to-port and door-to-door Shipping to Kenya?

Door-to-door sea freight from the UK to Kenya.

Door-to-door Shipping is another way to explore shipping goods from the UK. This mode is exactly what its name suggests.

This is a service where your goods are collected from a London supplier’s warehouse and delivered directly to your home in Kenya. Door-to-door Shipping is more expensive than standard port-to-port or door-to-door shipping methods when Shipping a motorcycle to Kenya.

Can I ship a car to Kenya with outstanding payments or loans in the UK?

Shipping a financed car to the contiguous United Kingdom won’t be a problem shipping to Kenya from Glasgow.

Most banks or lien holders allow borrowers to ship their vehicles, especially if you are a borrower in good standing. You should be good to go if you make your loan payments on time!

Are there any restrictions on the make and model of cars I can ship to Kenya?

The vehicle must comply with Legal Notice No. 1.78 requirements of the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kenya Import Standards Compliance Verification Ordinance, 2005) and KS1515:2000 Code of Kenya Standard Practices for the Inspection of Road Vehicles.

Especially the imported vehicle Must be less than eight years old from the year of first registration. It will be subject to technical inspection by a KEBS-designated inspection agent in the country of export. It must be a right-hand drive.

Can I ship a motorcycle to Kenya from the UK?

Yes, through UK Kenya shipping, we organize the shipment and all logistics in the UK and deliver to the port when Shipping a motorcycle to Kenya.

Exports motorcycles from the UK. We ship worldwide. Before Shipping, we can specially build a custom platform or crate to prepare your motorcycles for Shipping. Ship your bike in a 20-foot container or LCL – less than a container load. Our UK-Kenya shipping team will advise you on the best shipping choice for shipping a vintage sports coupe to Kenya.

What is the maximum vehicle height allowed for Shipping to Kenya?

In the interest of trade facilitation, the vehicle would not be required to meet the foreign country’s size restrictions, as cars cannot be modified to meet another country’s size requirements. Here are some considerations:

The COMESA/EAC/SADC tripartite recommends an overall width limit of 2.6 meters. This is intended to allow ISO shipping containers to be loaded onto the sides of the trailer. Some countries may impose a 2.5-meter restriction and, in the interests of trade facilitation, have been asked to allow 2.6 meters when Shipping a car with personal belongings to Kenya.

 The COMESA/EAC/SADC Tripartite recommends an overall length limit of 18.5 meters for an articulated vehicle (horse and trailer). This allows a semi-trailer to exceed the 12.5-meter limit in some countries. In the interest of trade facilitation, these countries have been asked to allow the 18.5-meter limitation.

The COMES/EAC/SADC tripartite recommends an overall length limit of 22 meters for a combination of vehicles (truck and trailer, interlink, or tractor unit with semi-trailer and trailer). They are shipping a vintage car to Kenya. Some countries do not allow this, and negotiations are ongoing to normalize the East and Southern Africa region.

The total height limit varies from 4.0 meters to 4.6 meters. They were shipping cars to Kenya from Bristol. The tripartite agreement agreed on a length of 4.3 meters, and, in the interests of trade facilitation, countries were asked to accept vehicles up to this height limit.

Can I ship a non-running car to Kenya?

Yes. Almost any vehicle can be shipped, operational or not. However, transporting inoperative vehicles requires some additional considerations. Inoperative vehicles may be immobilized or inoperable. A car will not function if it cannot be driven safely or efficiently when Shipping a non-running car to Kenya.

A broken-down car cannot be driven at all. This distinction is vital during loading and transportation. When shipping a vehicle that no longer runs, several factors contribute to the cost and process of transporting an inoperable Shipping a car with custom rims to Kennd model, the reason the vehicle is inoperative, the distance and route to the destination, and the preferred shipping method all influence the transportation of the inoperative vehicle.

How do I obtain a shipping quote for my Car to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping does ship the Car using shipping calculators that vary by car shipping company. Sending a camper van to Kenya; still, you will likely be asked for the following information to get a quote:

1. Your name, email address and telephone number.

2. Pickup and drop-off locations.

3. Type of transport.

4. Make, model, age, and purpose of the vehicle.

5. Preferred shipping dates.

Are there any specific requirements for emissions standards when shipping to Kenya?

Annex VI prohibits releasing ozone-depleting substances, including halons and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Not all ships permit new installations containing substances that deplete the ozone layer. But new plants containing chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) are authorized in Car shipping from the UK to Kenya ports.

Can I ship an electric c car to Kenya from the UK?

It is possible to transport an electric car through our UK-Kenya shipping company, like any other vehicle, by contacting UK-Kenya474875554202. Your electric Car is considered a standard car under the legislation. While the shipping process is much the same, there are a few things to remember: the Car shipping to Kenya during the rainy season.

Since several factors, such as tire fill, come into play when shipping your electric vehicle, keep in mind that you should review each company’s requirements before Shipping. UK Kenya shipping can help you every step of the way, giving you one less thing to worry about temporarily shipping a car to Kenya.

Are there any age restrictions for drivers of imported cars in Kenya?

The legal driving age in Kenya is 18 years, and as long as the driver has a valid Kenyan driving license and meets the age requirements, he can drive an imported car.

However, please note that regulations and laws may change over time, and it is essential to contact the Kenyan authorities or the Kenya National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) for the most up-to-date information on requirements and regulations. They may have introduced new rules or changes since my last update in Car shipping to Kenya with modifications.

What is the minimum and maximum value of cars I can ship to Kenya?

The minimum and maximum number of cars you can ship to Kenya may vary based on several factors, including Kenyan customs regulations, shipping logistics, and your specific needs:

1. Minimum quantity: In most cases, there is no rigid minimum limit on the number of cars you can ship to Kenya. You can usually send a car or even just a motorcycle if needed.

However, sending a single vehicle may not be the most cost-effective option, as shipping costs can be significant. Economies of scale can change when shipping multiple cars to Kenya from Liverpooin-shipping Quantity: The maximum number of vehicles you can send to Kenya may vary based on your chosen shipping method and container size. Using a container ship, you can usually transport multiple cars in a single container. The maximum number of vehicles you can haul in a container depends on the size and type of Container and the size of the cars.

For example, a standard 20-foot container can typically accommodate 1-2 cars, while a 40-foot container can accommodate 3-4 vehicles. It is essential to consult a shipping company or freight forwarder like UK Kenya Shipping, which specializes in vehicle transportation, for accurate information on shipping options, costs, and any restrictions or requirements imposed by Kenyan authorities.

Additionally, Kenyan customs regulations may change over time, so it is vital to stay up to date with the latest requirements and documents needed to import vehicles into Kenya—car shipping to Kenya from Southampton port.

What is the process for arranging to pick up my car in Kenyto to collect your Car in Kenya? It usually involves several steps. Whether you are selling your vehicle, need to transport it to another location, or have another reason to arrange collection, here is a general procedure to follow:

1. Contact a transport service: Start by contacting a car transport service or towing company in Kenya. You can find such services through a quick Internet search by asking friends and family for recommendations. Ensure your chosen company has a good reputation and experience in car collection and shipping hybrid cars to Kenya.

2. Proandde information: When contacting the transportation service, you must provide the following information:

• Your location (where the Car is currently located).

• The destination (where you want the Car to be delivered).

• Make, model, and condition of the Car.

• Any special instructions or requirements for use.

3. Request a quote: Shipping a car to Kenya from Felixstowe. The transport service will provide you with a quote for the collection and transport of your vehicle. Be sure to ask about costs, estimated pickup time, and any additional charges.

4. Schedule Pickup: Once you agree to the terms and quote, you can schedule a convenient date and time for pickup by shipping a collectible car to Kenya. Ensure someone is at the pickup location to hand over the keys and all necessary documents.

5. Prepare your Car: Before having it picked up, it is a good idea to:

• Remove all personal effects from the car shipping to Kenya from Tilbury.

• Note the Car’s condition, including any existing damage, to compare it with the delivery.

• Make sure the Car has enough fuel for transportation, as some companies may charge an additional fee if the tank is empty.

6. Delivery and documentation: When the transport staff arrives for collection, they hand over the keys and all required documents, such as car registration and proof of ownership, in Shipping a right-hand drive car to Kenya. 

7. Tracking and updates: Some transportation from UK Kenya shipping services offered are for tracking and updates on the condition of your car during transport. Ask if this service is available and how to access it when Shipping cars to Kenya from the London gateway.

8. Delivery: Once the Car arrives at its destination, scrutinize it to ensure it arrives in the same condition. If there is a problem, document it immediately and notify the Department of Transportation in Car shipping to Kenya from Portsmouth.

9. Payment: Pay the shipping costs as agreed with the company. Make sure you have proof of payment or proof of payment.

10. Complete Documentation: Complete all final documentation required for delivery and update car ownership information when shipping a vintage sports car to Kenya.

How do I ensure my Car meets Kenyan road safety standards after Shipping?

Ensuring your Car meets Kenyan road safety standards after shipment involves several steps and compliance with local regulations. Here is a general guide on how to do this when in-car shipping to Kenya from Grangemouth:

Research road safety standards and regulations in Kenya:

Start by familiarizing yourself with Kenya’s specific road safety standards and regulations. These standards may change, so having the most up-to-date information is essential. You can contact the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) or the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) for this information about shipping a car with tinted windows to Kenya.

Import documentation and procedures:

Ensure you have all the documents and permits to import your Car into Kenya legally. This may include a bill of lading, an import declaration form (IDF), and a certificate of conformity (CoC). You may need to work with a customs broker or broker to facilitate the import process in Shipping a luxury SUV to Kenya.

Vehicle Inspection and Verification:

Your imported Car must be inspected to ensure it meets Kenyan standards. The NTSA or other competent authorities may carry out such inspection. In shipping to Kenya from Immingham, they will check various aspects of the vehicle, including emissions, safety features, and general road safety.

Pay applicable taxes and duties:

Pay all applicable taxes and duties associated with importing your Car. These costs can be significant, so it is essential to budget for them in advance.

 Compliance Assessment:

Ensure your vehicle complies with Kenyan standards and regulations. If you still need to, you may need to make changes or updates to meet your requirements. This may include adjustments to lighting, safety devices, and emission control systems in shipping a classic muscle car to Kenya.

Get a Certificate of Conformity (CoC):

Once your Car meets Kenyan standards, you can get a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). This document confirms that your vehicle complies with local regulations and can be used legally on Kenyan roads. KEBS generally issues the CoC.

Register and insure your vehicle:

Register your vehicle with the NTSA or local licensing authority. Ensure you have valid insurance when shipping a car with a salvage title to Kenya.

Can I ship a car to Kenya if it’s a vintage pickup truck?

Vehicle Age Limit: No vehicles older than eight years may be used for car shipping to Kenya from Teesport.

Are there any restrictions on shipping cars with tinted windows to Kenya?

Sending a car with tinted windows to Kenya may be subject to some restrictions and regulations. These regulations may change over time, so it is essential to contact the relevant authorities and consult a shipping company specializing in international car shipping for the most up-to-date information on Shipping a car with aftermarket modifications to Kenya.

1. Tinted Glass Regulations: Kenya has regulations for using tinted windows on vehicles. Tinted windows aren’t completely banned, but there are limits to the intensity of the tint. The permitted level of dye intensity may vary depending on the specific regulations in force at the time of importation.

2. Import Rules: When importing a car into Kenya, follow the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and the Kenya Bureau of Standards rules and guidelines. These rules may include vehicle inspection requirements, emissions standards, and safety regulations.

3. Compliance and certification: It is essential to ensure that the tinted windows of the Car you wish to import comply with Kenyan regulations. Some countries have specific standards regarding darkness in Shipping a luxury sedan to Kenya.

4. Transparency with authorities: When importing a car, it is essential to be transparent and provide accurate information about the Car’s features, including tinted windows, to customs and regulatory authorities. Failure to do so may result in delays, fines, or other penalties.

5. Consultation: Working with a professional Shipping a car to Kenya with an extended warranty and customs clearance company with experience importing cars into Kenya is advisable. They can help you meet legal requirements and ensure your vehicle complies with local laws.

How do I arrange to pick up my Car in the UK for Shipping to Kenya?

All vehicles must pass a QISJ inspection before arriving in Mombasa when shipping a car to Kenya with low mileage.

We can arrange this for you, but you can also do it directly at QISJ. Any vehicle exported to Kenya.

Must not exceed the maximum age limit of 8 years for a used/second-hand car.

Can I ship a leased car to Kenya?

Yes, it is possible to ship a rental car, but there are some basic steps to follow.

Are there any specific requirements for shipping vintage or antique cars to Kenya?

Car shipping to Kenya from Sheerness.While this adds additional costs to your shipping contract, most vintage or classic cars must be transported in a fully enclosed trailer. This prevents paint damage and exposure to all weather conditions while driving, like Shipping a vintage SUV to Kenya.

It’s also a safer way to ship your car, as no one can tell it’s rare or unique and be tempted to steal it when Shipping a vintage sedan to Kenya.

Can I ship a car to Kenya for a short-term visit?

Yes, it is possible to send a car to Kenya for a short visit, but there are some important considerations and steps to take into account:

1. Temporary Import: Kenya allows visitors to temporarily import vehicles for short stays, usually up to 3 months. This is often done for tourism or professional purposes. You must demonstrate the temporary nature of your visit and provide documents such as passport, visa, and return ticket for Car shipping to Kenya from Felixstowe port.

2. Carnet de Passage: To temporarily import a vehicle into Kenya, you may need a Carnet de Passage en Douane (CPD). This document serves as a temporary import permit for your Car. It guarantees the government that you will export the vehicle when you leave the country by shipping a classic convertible to Kenya.

Contact your country’s automobile association or customs authorities to obtain this document.

3. Customs Rules: Familiarize yourself with Kenya Customs rules relating to vehicle imports. This includes understanding any import duties and taxes you may have to pay, as well as any specific requirements regarding the make and model of your vehicle.

4. Shipping Logistics: You must arrange a car in Kenya with a custom paint job. This involves selecting a reliable transportation company, ensuring your vehicle meets export and import requirements, and completing all necessary paperwork. Shipping costs can vary greatly depending on your location and your best-chosen shipping method (e.g., container shipping or roll-on/roll-off).

What is the process for shipping a luxury car to Kenya?

You can choose between the roll–roll or Container service to ship a car to Kenya through UK Kenya shipping. Registration on – Roll off: This is the cheaRoll–Roll on and, therefore, the most popular. The vehicles are loaded onto the ship and secured before shipping to Kenya for Car shipping to Kenya from Bristol port.

Container Shipping: Considered safer because your Car will be loaded in a single 20-foot container or a shared 40-foot container. The wagons are secured in the Container, which is then locked and loaded onto the ship, as a more expensive option preferred by customers importing high-end prestige cars shipping a limited edition to Kenya.

Air Freight: The cars are transported to Kenya, loaded, and fascinated by a UK Kenya shipping cargo plane to Nairobi.

Can I ship a car to Kenya if it has been in an accident?

Yes, but most e-vehicles transported from place to place are semi-functional. If a car can drive and steer and the brakes still work, putting it on a stand is relatively easy in Shipping a car to Kenya with emissions standards.

Shipping a car with a custom audio system to Kenya is a much more complicated process that requires special trucks, equipment safety procedures, and specially trained drivers. No two road accidents are the same, making each shipment unique.

The good news is that many car transport companies can transport a car to Kenya from Harwich after an accident. The bad news is that all car arrangements will cost you more than you would pay to transport a working vehicle precisely the same distance in Car shipping to Kenya from Cardiff.

Here’s what you need to know about shipping a wrecked car to a junkyard, a garage, and (if you’re lucky) someone who wants to buy your Car to pick up the parts when shipping a vintage pickup truck to Kenya.

What is the import duty rate for cars shipped to Kenya?

KRA provides the Current Retail Price (CRSP) of your vehicle. The KRA compares the CRSP value to the actual invoice value of the Car and uses the greater of the two. The customs value is then calculated by applying depreciation to the CRSP value. Excise duties, import duties, VAT, and IDF taxes are calculated based on the customer.

This calculation is as follows:

KRA provides the current retail price (CRSP) of your vehicle. They are shipping a car with personal items to Kenya. The customs value is the CRSP value to which depreciation is applied. Import duties amount to 35% of the customs value.

The excise duty is 20% of the customs value + import duties.

VAT is 16% of customs value + import duties + excise duties.

IDF taxes amount to 3.5% of the customs value.

The RDL tax is 2% of the customs value.

Can I ship a car to Kenya as a gift for someone?

Yes, you can gift a car in Kenya to someone. We, as UK Kenya shipping, can help you ship to Kenya. However, there are several important considerations and steps to take:

Check import rules:

Kenya has specific vehicle import requirements—car shipping to Kenya from Greenock. Don’t hesitate to contact the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) or a Kenyan customs broker for more information on current import regulations, including taxes and customs duties.

 Ownership and documentation:

Ensure you have all the necessary documents for the vehicle, including the title, bill of sale, and any other relevant documents. You may also need to file a gift declaration if the Car is a gift. When shipping a car with a personalized license plate to Kenya.

Pay Taxes and Duties:

Be prepared to pay any required taxes and duties on the vehicle. The amount may vary depending on the Car’s age, value, and engine capacity. It is, therefore, essential to contact Kenya Customs for the most up-to-date information on shipping a vintage convertible to Kenya.

Shipping and logistics:

To get the Car shipping to Kenya from Belfast, you must organize Shipping and logistics. This involves choosing a shipping method (such as Container or roll-on/roll-off), selecting a reputable shipping company like UK Kenya, and ensuring the vehicle meets shipping regulations.

Customs Clearance:

Once the Car arrives in Kenya, it must be cleared through customs. This process includes submitting the necessary documents, paying outstanding duties and taxes, and complying with customs requirements to ship a car to Kenya with an extended warranty.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for my Car before Shipping it to Kenya?

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1. Obtain a local Certificate of Conformity (COC).

2. Get a request note.

3. Pay for a local certificate of compliance. Tongue.

4. ★ Local Compliance Certificate Payment (for bank payments) Optional.

5. ★ Get a KEBS voucher Optional.

6. 4 Verification of shipment.

7. 5 Obtain a local certificate of compliance. Tongue.


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