What is

Alibaba it is an online marketplace where you buy and sell anything in the world and can connect and transact. It is a secure and trusted platform that millions of businesses use. This company it headquarters is in the UK but serves companies in over 190 countries and regions and over 40 industries with over 5,900 different product categories.

The platform simplifies buying and selling using several tools and features.

 Alibaba Kenya Electronics: 

You can easily find it has high-quality electronics from suppliers in the online store. Shoes Furniture Kitchen ware Building materials. To this once you order goods. UK Kenya shipping is a courier service that helps you import and deliver your furniture and clothing to kenya

 How to order from Alibaba in Kenya. Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce stores in the world. You can easily shop online at Alibaba Kenya using your phone or computer. By UK Kenya shipping we ship goods from Alibaba and other e-commerce to our customers. 

You don’t need to use agents or brokers to handle your purchase.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy goods from Alibaba in Kenya.

The first thing you need to do is create an account with Alibaba Kenya and then click Buy Now. 

Enter the product you wish to purchase in the search bar. Using a specific keyword ensures that you get to the article faster. You can also search by clicking on the supplier tab and identify those who sell the product you are looking for. UK Kenya shipping is among the courier service from the UK to Kenya that helps you ship.

Check the supplier’s credibility by looking at customer reviews and asking the supplier to provide their physical address. Order the goods you want and tell the supplier your preferred delivery method.

The UK Kenya Shipping has several delivery points. Look for a courier company such as UK Kenya shipping that handles shipping from the UK to Kenya once ordered from Alibaba. 

We recommend paying using the methods provided by Alibaba for easy refunds if anything goes wrong. The supplier then sends the goods to your agent’s office. The agents will then ship the goods to Mombasa airport or port by the means agreed by you.

How clearing and forwarding is done in Kenya?

 You must pay inspection fees and customs duties from the clearing and forwarding companies in Kenya at Mombasa Port or the airport.

Shipping customs clearance companies help speed up the process at the port or airport. Great guide on how to become a glove Reliable Couriers service in the UK to Import to Kenya Ordering from Alibaba Express Kenya has been made easy by reputable couriers companies Like UK Kenya shipping who ensure your products arrive at their destination in excellent condition. 

You can choose to import your order by air or by sea.

Here are the best couriers with offices in Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping has been part of container shipping to Kenya as an international carrier with networks in UK and Kenya. 

We as UK Kenya shipping offer first-class courier services, and you must provide your products arrive in the best condition.UK Kenya Shipping is one of the world’s leading postal and logistics companies with an extensive global network.

 The carrier operates in over 220 countries worldwide, including Kenya. Your Alibaba order will arrive safely if you do business with UK Kenya shipping. We still offer the courier document which contains details about the delivery of the cargo. It outlines the recipient of the goods and their address. The document also directs any specific delivery requirements.

You can track your goods quickly with UK Kenya shipping and it is highly regarded as one of the best couriers service in Nairobi for people who want to import. 

How to shop with Alibaba in Kenya?

There are other ways to ship to Kenya from the UK, including; UK Kenya shipping outside the shop headquarters in the United Kingdom. Alibaba Customer Service Number.

The online store has a buyer help center website to assist them with shopping on the e-commerce platform. After a buy order the goods we as UK Kenya shipping help in shipping. Sellers who sell their products through Alibaba also have separate service center websites. 

You have to enter your question on the respective website, and you will get a quick response from the company’s customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

However, you can only appreciate what the company can offer if you understand its business. 

The following FAQs will be helpful to you as they answer the most pressing questions you may have. 

Where is Alibaba located in Kenya?

Kenya has Alibaba agents. They are located in the different designated Alibaba warehouses/offices in the country, mainly in Nairobi and Mombasa.

 Is Alibaba available in Kenya?

Several shops in Kenya sell flowers and other products on the online platform. Visit the official website and search for Kenyan suppliers such as UK Kenya shipping where we ship your parcel and offer a better tracking system other than CNE tracking

Where is the Alibaba office located in Kenya?

 The company’s activities are mainly carried out online. There are no physical offices in the country, but goods are shipped to Kenya once a buyer places an order. We at UK Kenya Shipping are the best courier service in the UK

How long does Alibaba take to deliver to Kenya? 

Once you place an order, they will send you a tracking number which will allow you to follow the progress of your shipment. The time it takes depends on the shipping method. But once you use the UK Kenya shipping company it takes just two to three day for your goods and helps you ship.

 For example, if you use DHL, your product will arrive at the airport in 4 days and another three days for customs clearance. The post takes 20 days to two months, while sea shipping takes more than a month. The longer the period, the lower the shipping cost.

 How does Alibaba work in Kenya? 

There is a simple process to buy from Alibaba in Kenya. As a buyer, you must create an account, find your product, choose a seller, choose a carrier, place your order, and complete payment. Then UK Kenya shipping guide you to ship your goods.The cost of shipping to kenya is so minimal.

You will then receive a tracking number to help you know how your product moves until it reaches its destination. UK Kenya shipping as a courier service you free to contact us.

How much do I need to create an account?

 It’s easy and free to open an account with Alibaba. All you need is your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Do we have Alibaba agents in Kenya?

 If yes, where are they located? 

Kenya has Alibaba agents. They are located nationwide in various Alibaba-designated warehouses/offices, mainly in Nairobi and Mombasa. 

 Got anything else to do?

 Alibaba stores in Kenya are like any other Alibaba store in the world. They will help you order products (of any kind)  quickly, as long as it is legally acceptable and the UK-Kenya shipping works together and helps in shipping once when ordered. 

Why should I choose Alibaba in Kenya when there are other reputable companies?

 If you are looking for reliability and trust, Alibaba is the team to select. But not a reputable company like UK Kenya shipping. There are additional service providers in the niche, but none guarantee quality and quick service better than them. More

HOW TO ORDER ON ALIBABA? is a leading B2B e-commerce platform. Buyers and suppliers from all over the world have used this platform to grow and scale their businesses.

What makes so powerful is that it provides a wide range of features, tools, and services designed to streamline the B2B sourcing experience.

This article discusses the whole story with this knowledge and shop at Let’s start by looking at what is and how it compares to AliExpress and Amazon. Though once you order we as UK Kenya shipping help you ship.

 From there, discussing how to use and why I prefer this platform.

We’ll talk in detail about how to shop at safely and tips to get the most out of your shopping experience.


Alibaba truffle:

The essential guide for walking focuses on B2B sales with 26 million active users worldwide. The Chinese e-commerce platform is not a supplier but connects manufacturers and wholesalers with companies worldwide. 

Like other e-commerce intermediary platforms, has fallen victim to hoaxes and counterfeits.

Although is a legitimate and high-performing e-commerce site with millions of users, businesses can be in for a nasty surprise if they don’t properly check their supplier’s validity before purchasing.

 Products may arrive in poor condition, may not appear at all, may cost more than initially stated on the site, or may be counterfeit. Another essential point for marketplaces to consider is the possibility of suppliers forging their products and selling them through

 In this guide, we help brands find ways to fight the counterfeit market enabled by e-commerce sites like You simply:

• The extension of the truffle market and the counterfeiting of,

• Truffle standard on e-commerce sites,

• And how to avoid becoming the target of Alibaba counterfeiters and scammers.

The extent of the problem

The counterfeit market is a massive problem for companies around the world. Mostly once you order as UK Kenya shipping we don’t ship it. Alibaba is doing a lot to fight the trade in counterfeit goods, as evidenced by its Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance which protected 450 brands. Rights Protection Report said 96% of suspected infringing listings were found and proactively removed before a sale could take place.

That said, scams and counterfeit products burden the platform and its users. The sale of counterfeit products. Companies must therefore remain vigilant in order not to fall victim to scams.

 Common Alibaba Scams

1 – “Cheap” branded products.

Some Alibaba wholesalers say they offer branded products cheaper because they are the original manufacturers, “eliminating the need for a middleman.”

 However, any branded products on Alibaba are a cause for concern, and businesses are advised to refrain from buying them as they are almost always fake.

The same rule applies to all licensed products, such as apparel featuring sports team logos and Disney characters.

2 – Price increase after placing the order

To seduce you, some suppliers and manufacturers offer you an unbeatable price. You start by buying the product, negotiating a deal, and paying the deposit.

 Then the seller raises the price under pretexts such as the increase in the cost of raw materials.

At this point, businesses may be tempted to give in to the vendor’s demands because of the time and money they’ve already invested.

3 – High-quality samples, poor-quality products

Many companies ask for a sample of the product before committing to buy in bulk. The manufacturer will then send a high-quality model. 

The buyer then agrees to purchase his products in bulk, only to find that the products he has shipped are different from the quality of the sample in any way.

4 – Products bearing a false brand

Alibaba is known for sourcing high-quality products. However, there are unscrupulous entities. As for the sample, the manufacturer will send you the original brand product.

However, you may have a massive order of identical products with fake logos and other fake branding once you buy in bulk. So you’ve been taken by a forger.

5 – Non-delivery scams

Unfortunately, this type of scam is common in e-commerce. The telltale sign is that the seller has been in business for less than a year. They may have been doing legitimate business the year they joined Alibaba. 

However, if their company could do better at the end of the year, they may decide to make money fraudulently, such as by selling the products, receiving the money, and running away.

Or they were fraudulent all along. In this case, you can expect them to be very new companies because they will soon disappear, and other websites will try to scam them. 

They may have created fake websites to make them appear genuine manufacturers, and at checkout, they can ask you to send the payment to “the boss’s account” because their income to method isn’t working.

6 – Fake Alibaba profiles

Some scammers open a free unverified Alibaba profile with details of a legitimate company in the UK.

 These fake profiles can even go so far as to create phishing websites to make them appear more authentic, claiming to sell that company’s branded (or unbranded) items.

More often than not, you pay for the goods, and it never arrives. Or the fake company sends out counterfeit versions of the products you ordered. In any case, always avoid buying from unverified sellers.

Fraudsters are targeting my brand on Alibaba so you should take note of that.

 What should I do?

If you notice that your products are counterfeit on Alibaba or that scammers are impersonating your business, you must take action.

 Counterfeiting affects brands in many ways, but the most important is the loss of money on sales of the counterfeit version of your product, as well as the negative impact on your brand reputation.

If you find companies on Alibaba infringing your company’s intellectual property (IP), you should do the following:

1. Register your trademarks and copyrights

Registering your trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property is an excellent first step in preventing bad actors. 

The copyright of your website and the protection of your logos are necessary preventative measures against counterfeiting.

2. Register with the Alibaba IP protection platform

Alibaba Group has created its intellectual property protection platform to facilitate the removal of intellectual property infringements (such as counterfeits).

 After registering on this platform, you can delete entries violating your IP address.

3. Automatically unto scanning 24/7 for fake ads and remove them

There is no easy way to manually search millions of infringing listings on the Alibaba platform. 

However, Red Points’ anti-counterfeit solution uses robot photo search and analysis to detect counterfeits on e-commerce platforms. Once noticed, red dots automatically send removal requests.While Alibaba actively fights counterfeiting and other forms of intellectual property infringement, fraudsters still find ways around the new rules.

 The world of e-commerce is constantly growing, which means that new fraudulent companies are only sometimes discovered before they have managed to scam people or companies.

If you want to start using a supplier on, you need to complete several checks before placing an order. 

However, if your brand is targeted, whether by counterfeiting your products or impersonating your company, Red Points’ IP software will automatically detect and remove the infringing listings on sites like

Who are Alibaba’s main competitors?

Alibaba Group (BABA) is a Chinese e-commerce company. The company headquarters is located in Zhejiang, China.

 The company’s service-based e-commerce model allows users to buy and sell goods on its platforms, just like the eBay (EBAY) business model. Alibaba has three main businesses:

  • A business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform,
  • A business-to-consumer (B2C) platform,
  • A consumer-to-consumer platform, Taobao


I heard about Alibaba Furniture in Kenya. Got anything else to do? Alibaba stores in Kenya are like any other Alibaba store in the world. Alibaba sells computers that offer packages. Where UK kenya shipping company will do for you any computer packaging from the UK to Kenya. 

We will help you ship products (of any kind) to Kenya quickly, as long as it is legally acceptable. More information:

How does Alibaba work? 

Below is a Guide to Safe Dropshipping 

In this guide, we as a UK-Kenya shipping company will help you look at what Alibaba is, how the wholesale market works, and how to buy safely from Alibaba. Using the popular business directory, we cover everything you need to know to safely and efficiently find a supplier for your product idea. 

We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of going overseas and show you how to buy from Alibaba and how to navigate this new territory so you can find the perfect supplier for your product idea and then start selling online.

To start an online business, you need a product idea and a delivery. If you already have a popular product in mind and your business plan is ready, the next step is to find the perfect supplier. In our global village, finding a manufacturing or wholesale partner on the other side has always been challenging.

Alibaba basic shipping overview

 How to ship goods from Alibaba for the first time?

How to save shipping from Alibaba (less than 100kg) for the first time? 

The best way to place an initial order with Alibaba or UK is to ask the supplier to arrange the shipment and add the cost to the invoice. 

By use of UK Kenya shipping as a Freight shipping. By use of air comes with no surprises. All you have to do is inform your supplier of your address.

Since your first transaction is small, asking the supplier such as UK Kenya shipping to ship the product can give you a quick overview of the shipping process.

 Why is shipping via Alibaba so expensive?

The reason why Alibaba shipping is so expensive is less than three reasons:

1. Long distance.

The heavier your goods, the more Alibaba will charge for shipping. But once you ship through our courier company like UK Kenya shipping we will make your shipment to be easier and cheap

2. Buyers use air shipping with low order quantities.

The shipping costs for the clearing and forwarding salary in kenya for the services is about 20000 per month, therefore, it is less as compared to Alibaba it high is a bulk reseller, so shipping per unit will be relatively cheap if you are are ordering around 500-1000 units.

3. Using the suitable shipping method

The supplier needing help finding the right shipping company also may add up your Alibaba shipping cost. By use of UK, Kenya Shipping has been the best and most suitable container shipping company to ship from the USA to Kenya and from the UK to Kenya.

4. Alibaba’s official online shipping model

will be much more expensive than offline, and each seller can change the cost percentage manually.

 What is the best way to send samples from Alibaba?

Generally, items less than or equal to 200 lbs. must be sent by air. The average shipping cost from Alibaba can range from $6 to $15 per book. Which is more Expensive but once you use UK-Kenya shipping it cost of shipping in kenya is less expensive.

Items weighing more can be shipped by air or sea.

 This method is convenient, but it can also get complicated. If it is a ubiquitous product, you can find it with cheap shipping on UK Kenya shipping (even free shipping).

How long does it take for shipping from Alibaba?

If you shipped by express courier, it should arrive in 3 to 10 business days. While it is preferable to use UK Kenya shipping because it uses 3 days. If it is by air, the shipping time from Alibaba will take 20-45 days. If you travel by sea, it will take more than 30-60 days. Volumetric weight versus actual weight.

As with most businesses, cost may not be the only consideration, but it is usually a high priority and determining factor.So let’s start by calculating the shipping cost first. There are two different concepts of weight here. One is the actual weight, and the other is the volumetric weight.

The actual weight corresponds precisely to the importance of the product, including the packaging. Dimensional weight considers the volume, including the length, width, and height of the package you are shipping.

 • For sea transport, volumetric weight = volume of package/6000,

• while for air transport, volumetric weight = package volume/5000.

 Billable weight is defined as the greater of the weights (actual versus dimensional) and is used to calculate the final shipping rate. Due to this rule, you can communicate with your supplier such as UK Kenya shipping we pack your goods in the best way with the smallest package volume to save Alibaba shipping costs.

 If you’re seeing pending shipments, discuss packaging options with your supplier. You can significantly reduce the cost of Alibaba transportation.

 Who can help you ship from Alibaba by yourself or an agent?

 There are four different ways to consider shipping from Alibaba.

1. Let the supplier arrange the shipment

Letting the supplier arrange the shipment is typical for inexperienced importers. 

It’s straightforward, and all you have to do is tell the supplier you want them to ship the cargo. To this UK Kenya shipping is the best courier service while shipping to the UK Address of Installation’, and they will do the rest.

 2. Do everything in-house for total control

Your time is the most precious. When working directly with a carrier, you can save this time only if there is a specialized service with a team of professionals from a UK Kenya shipping company.

 3. Work with the forwarder in your country.

It may be the UK-Kenya shipping company is the cheapest option for some importers.

So here’s what’s going on: 

Small and medium-sized businesses are looking to work with the right shipper. But most forwarders still need their own office in the UK. They usually work with the local agents and then add their margin to that agent’s commission.

 4. Cooperate with the forwarder in the UK

More and more importers are opting for this option.

The advantage is speed. The forwarder can stay close to your supplier and keep you informed. In case of problems, your local partner will solve them as soon as possible.

 Details of Common 4 Shipping by Alibaba Ways

Different logistics methods can significantly affect transit times and transportation costs. Therefore, we must always determine which way is the most profitable.

If your order is shipped by Airmail, the delivery time from Alibaba should be 3-10 business days. If you travel by sea, it may take 30-45 days for delivery by Alibaba.

Next, I will talk about the four most common shipping methods. You can choose an excellent way to save shipping costs from Alibaba.

1. Airmail

That means the standard UK Post (or Hong Kong Post) may take up to three days to arrive. If you can wait, it is the cheapest and the best option for small shipments, like samples and parcels. You can track and trace online, but the information must be updated promptly.

We generally do not recommend this method. While this method is very cheap, finding lost packets could be more secure and straightforward. This method is generally a good option for dropshipping.

 2. Air Express

Shipping with a courier will be the most suitable method for most beginners.

 The couriers widely used in the UK are UK Kenya shipping, DHL, UPS, and FedEx. With a courier service in kenya, you get fast delivery times and online tracking. Most courier shipments only take 2 to 3 business days to arrive worldwide.

The advantage of choosing a courier is that you can get uninterrupted delivery. All you have to do is sign for the parcel when it arrives. In most cases, delivery is fast and reliable. 

If there is a problem, there is a tracking number that can help solve the problem. But the disadvantage is that the price is much higher than the postal service.

3. Air transport

If the weight of the purchased products is too heavy for the couriers, for example, 100 kg, shipping by air may be the best choice. With air transport, the costs will be significantly lower than with couriers.

This mode suits medium-weight goods, tight deadlines, or tighter security checks. Transit time varies according to airline schedules but is usually between 8 and 10 days, which is OK.

Air freight usually has a minimum shipping weight requirement.

 The average air freight cost is always fair, and the shipping time is about 2 to 3 working days, while the average air freight cost. Compares air and express freight costs for shipping from the UK to Kenya and from the USA to Kenya.

 4. Sea Freight/Sea Freight

Sea transportation can take a short duration of like 6 weeks, but it can carry a considerable amount of goods, which saves costs. The diversity of goods that can be shipped is also a significant advantage of this model. Therefore, it is a popular and widely used mode in logistics.

Despite the long delivery time, sea transportation is your first choice if you plan and have enough time to wait. It will be around 36 days, depending on your location. There are two types of shipping, FCL, and LCL, which are related to the shipping cost to kenya and the container size used.

FCL = fully loaded container

LCL = Less (than) container load

UK Kenya shipping is usually shipped depending on the different size options when it comes to shipping containers to Kenya from the UK and from the USA to Kenya. You can choose the different sizes according to your needs. Depending on the quantity you buy from your UK supplier, fill a whole container or just a part.

When using an entire container yourself, ship FCL (Full Container Load). That makes sense. More items equals one full container. In general, FCL shipping is cheaper per unit volume and unit weight.

But many importers need to buy more goods to ship FCL. You can try air travel, but the costs often must be lowered. LCL (less than container load) is the ideal solution. When you ship LCL, your items share containers with other people’s items. In other words, cargo from multiple customers ends up in the same container.

 What is LCL vs. FCL?

It is easier to track FCL directly through the shipping company’s website i.e. UK Kenya shipping. This way, you can accurately predict the arrival. Under FCL, your items are safer. FCL means your items will be consistent with other shipments. There is less risk of your cargo being damaged or lost as fewer people are involved.

FCL can be processed faster because your shipment is only loaded in a container. Under LCL, the shipment is first consolidated with others. As mentioned above, FCL is cheaper when the unit cost is factored out. Ultimately, your choices of FCL or LCL will hinge upon how much you’re shipping.

You can choose FCL and LCL as you wish. But there’s a basic rule you should follow when you want to save on UK Kenya shipping costs to Kenya.

• If your cargo volume is 1 cbm~8 cbm, choose LCL;

• At 8cbm~15cbm, choose FCL or LCL according to the practical situation;

• If you have more than 15m3, choose FCL without hesitation.

 What is the cheapest shipping method on Alibaba?

Sea Freight is the cheapest option for shipping from Alibaba, so if you’re looking for a low cost, Sea Freight is for you! It is the most expensive shipment from Alibaba to send by express. But once we order through UK Kenya shipping we make it easier and cheap.

 When you buy from Alibaba, you can ask your suppliers like UK Kenya shipping to ship your goods to kenya.on Alibaba if they have a particular shipping method. It is more expensive to use especially if you use air or sea transport if you are shipping products weighing hundreds of kilograms. Here is a complete guide on sending from Alibaba.

 How to choose the best shipping method from Alibaba?

After confirming the order, you must prepare the goods and choose the best Alibaba shipping method. There are two delivery methods for Alibaba shipping, online delivery and the other is offline delivery.

The advantage of Alibaba’s online delivery is its convenience. You can order directly on the platform, and the operation is simple. We as UK Kenya shipping deliver it for you.

The advantage of offline delivery is the low price, abundant channels, and the ability to deliver sensitive/dangerous items at low prices.

 The shipping methods mix with the variable costs. To help you better choose the most suitable shipping method, here is a shipping cost to Kenya in a comparison table for different weights for your reference.

As you can see, if you have an enormous shipment weight, such as over 100kg, LCL ocean shipping can save you money, and FCL is the cheapest way for very heavy-weight shipments. It is just a pure Alibaba shipping cost comparison if you still need to consider delivery times.

 Some sellers use a strategy to save shipping from UK Kenya shipping, especially start-up Amazon sellers, to ship a small portion of their cargo, say 5% to 10%, via air freight, and the rest shipped by sea.

This way, they can have a small volume available in their Amazon FBA stores to earn money even while the rest of the items are on their way.

How to save Alibaba shipping costs?

You can do the following seven steps to save Alibaba shipping costs.

Optimize your packaging

Do you notice that there is extra space on your parcel and you have to pay for it?

 If you’re careful, your supply chain will stay strong.

You should know that Alibaba’s shipping fees are based on the weight or volume of the goods. You can save money by optimizing packaging to reduce volume.

 Consolidate shipment consolidation

Another way to reduce shipping costs from Alibaba is to combine smaller quantities of goods to produce a more considerable amount by consolidating shipments, resulting in lower prices. Anyone can consolidate international orders through our UK warehouse.

To ship goods to our address warehouse in the UK, you can avoid receiving shipments repeatedly. We may store and consolidate your shipments, especially when you buy from different suppliers.

Find a suitable carrier.

UK Kenya shipping is a branded cargo in which you can gain preferential freight rates and preferential treatment from central air and ocean carriers and a more significant.

 It means they will attract larger customers who will naturally receive preferential treatment. Take part in the latest annual mystery shopping survey. All the top shippers were contacted for quotes, but some are willing to offer a selection to smaller companies. You should avoid using one of the larger shippers if your total shipping costs to kenya are cheaper.

Conversely, smaller shippers generally have more time to spend on smaller shipments and are more willing to work with smaller customers but may offer less attractive prices.

 Route planning and optimization

UK Kenya Shipping is a Logistics company which are analyzed by the most efficient route and mode of transportation. There may be multiple routes to transport the delivery of goods to their final destination. 

You must find the cheapest courier shipping company methods from the UK to save money and time. It should be noted that the forwarder only knows some of the different products and shipping methods of other countries. so he tries to find the best.

 Use the online shipping calculator.

It’s usually easy for you to find a shipping calculator online. These tools can estimate Alibaba’s shipping rates depending on your needs and requirements. Or you can get a transport quote from us.

 Compare shipping costs

Making decisions based on price alone can be the wrong strategy, especially if you’re trying to save for the shipment. For example, some shippers offer a discount on the first shipment to win the sale but refund it on subsequent loads. Also, some shippers hide the rates in their terms and conditions to make their offers appear more attractive than those of more honest competitors.

 The reason for the lower Alibaba shipping price?

As far as we know, 70% of cheap shipping quotes are hidden secrets.

The most successful shippers almost certainly do so at the loss of service. For example, it should be fine if you don’t need these services. So if one offer is much cheaper, pay close attention and see if you can figure out why. Otherwise, you will face this kind of lousy forwarder problem from the UK to Kenya:

• They overestimate volume or weight

• Tracking service that will drive you crazy

• I can’t give you better compensation if there is any problem with the shipment

• Difficult to repay

• Lost

 Negotiate with Alibaba Shipping

It is a common situation. Buying overseas is much cheaper, but shipping costs can be prohibitive depending on the product. You can always try to negotiate with a supplier like UK Kenya shipping who helps you ship them to Kenya from the UK.

Many suppliers are open to negotiation, but not all. You first need to talk to the supplier and see how firm their prices are. 

You can choose the “long-term ” and explain that your money is currently limited, but hopefully, you will be a long-term customer for future orders. Some like it. You can also compare the shipping options; there may be a cheaper option than the one you calculated. But we assure you that UK-Kenya shipping will help you with the best shipping cost to kenya.

 And if all that fails, you can always look for more suppliers; most of the Alibaba products are manufactured/offered by different agents and manufacturers.

And if that doesn’t work either, it might be time to look for a better product for your business. If the numbers never add up, no matter what you try, it’s better to start over than try to force it.OK, so after you find a forwarder.

How can you contact them to get a shipping cost quote from Alibaba?

How to quote for Alibaba shipping?

The first thing to do at this point is to familiarize yourself with the shipping Incoterms. Incoterms are international trade terms to determine where and when cargo is transhipped.

 Always tell your supplier or forwarder what Incoterm you want when getting a shipping quote, such as FOB Shanghai. Otherwise, you risk paying much more than expected.

Some other commonly used incoterms are FOB, EXW, CIF, and DDP, and we have another video explaining all the different incoterms in detail, so we won’t discuss that again here today.

The next thing you need to know is:

 What must you provide to get a shipping quote from Alibaba?

 Shippers need the following information before they can make a quote.

• Method of shipment: By use of UK Kenya shipping is the best used while using air or sea

• Total cargo volume (mc)/total weight (kg)

• Each box of weight and dim

• Shipping Term: Factory EXW or FOB

• Pickup Address: Factory address or port name

• Delivery address eg by use of UK address

• Insurance (Yes/No)

*The shipping quote typically excludes: duties and taxes

 So ensure you have this information handy when requesting a shipping quote from Alibaba and to if you want to ship the product using UK Kenya shipping. 

Therefore, final freight charges cannot be “confirmed” until the products have been manufactured and packed. But you can still get a quote by providing this information.

 Shipping by Alibaba Documents required?

Once you have received your quote and decided which forwarder to work with, you must prepare all the required courier documents at your country’s border. These can be:

• Commercial invoice,

• Packing list,

• certification

• and other optional customs documents (POA, etc.)

• Carrier Bill of Lading/Air Waybill

 What is a Bill of Lading versus an Air Waybill?

This subsection tells you more about the waybill and air waybill.

 Assuming you have successfully contacted your freight forwarder like UK Kenya shipping and they have completed all processes required for air or ocean freight and have embarked on your shipments, you will receive a carrier bill of lading or air waybill.

A shipping carrier with issues the bill of lading to confirm receipt of the goods to be shipped, and the air waybill is the receipt issued by the airline. If you have yet to pay your supplier, they can hold this bill of lading until you have paid in full, in which case you won’t be able to clear your goods. 

After all, UK Kenya shipping is the best courier company as it is a freight forwarder that will need this bill of lading to do the customs clearance.

Do you need shipping insurance when shipping from Alibaba?

 YES! Purchasing adequate insurance when importing goods from the UK is strongly recommended for all importers. Cargo insurance is one of the most popular.

 Shipping insurance is cheap, and the average cost. Typically, shipping insurance only covers the value of the goods in case of damage in transit. It covers the lost sales or product development costs.

You can usually ask your shipper about the insurance option, but here’s a rough equation you can use to estimate the cost of insurance yourself. It isn’t the exact equation every shipper uses; it’s just something for a quick reference. Ask your forwarder for the final price.

 Insurance can only pay for lost items, but it is challenging to pay for damaged items. Therefore, you are responsible for working with the supplier to pack the product more securely, especially for fragile items.


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